Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Internet has FREE's why (audio)

Guest Jon Ronson (The Butterfly Effect podcast), Host Tom Power (Q on, via, Sept. 12, 2017); Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
We want to be actresses in Hollywood.
Jon Ronson, in his podcast "The Butterfly Effect," talks about the effects of free online porn on the lives of those who make it in the Valley, in the City of North Hollywood, a sketchy part of Los Angeles far from the actual Hollywood.

Porno has been completely changed by one man who is becoming very rich while impoverishing everyone else. Trump would be proud. This pornographer went and bought up mom and pop business after buying Pornhub, the largest free porn distribution site in the world.

Eyeglasses? I don't watch porn. I write about it.
The effects on those who consume it -- many millenials and even younger viewers now suffering form erectile dysfunction and severe social awkwardness, inhibition, and perversion -- may be as profound as it is on young females who, having grown up viewing it free online, when they become teenagers, show up to try to get into the business. What do they find? They get work for a few weeks before a whole new set of younger, fresher faces show up to make their riches. Last week's girl is thrown out with the trash.
Incest? I grabbed her by the p... Right, Ivy?
The conveyor belt keeps turning, feeding the impersonal porn mill, leaving a trail of regret and an uneraseable record of nude pictures, videos, sex acts, drug use, slut shaming, and bad tattoos. But worse than that is the effect on consumers, who think they are getting something for free. One man is growing rich while everyone else is being diminished, like the people featured in the new HBO series "The Deuce."
O, Creator God, why did you create porn? - Huh, what? I don't know anything about that. But listen up, you two. You can go anywhere except near that tree. Do you understand me?

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