Thursday, September 16, 2021

What is Jewish "Yom Kippur"? (video)

Religion for Breakfast, Sept. 12, 2021; Sheldon S., CC Liu, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
He's right. It says so right here in our sacred book. - Have you read the Kalama Sutra? - What?

What is Yom Kippur?
(Religion for Breakfast, Sept. 12, 2021) [It's like ancient Jews knew about karma, Mahayana redemption, and Hinduism 101 or that Old Time Sacrificial Ritual Magic religion of the Vedic Brahmin priests, if you ask us at WQ.]

Mittens Romney goes Jewish to be US president
What in the heck is the Day of Atonement for Jews and some Christians, the Yom Kippur? Watch @Esoterica's video on Yom Kippur. Special thanks to Jennifer Greenberg for co-writing this episode. Thanks also to Gavi Lazan for providing critical feedback and images. Follow his work @Unpacked, a channel dedicated to Jewish life and culture. And thanks also to Azi Schwartz for providing all of the B-roll footage from Park Avenue Synagogue. Follow his channel @Azi Schwartz.

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