Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Travel Time...with Tori Amos (video)

Wisdom Quarterly
"Caught a Lite Sneeze" with commentary by Tori Amos

It is very difficult to conclusively show whether or not "time travel" is a possibility. It is, however, evident that it is a perceptual alteration of normal consciousness. We all experience it in that way -- time dilation, missing time, the infinite now, Rip Van Winkle-ism, "Time" by Pink Floyd, lucid dreaming, vivid hallucinating, shamanistic "soul" retrieval, fever, NDE, mind expansion, smelling an odor and being shot back in time...

What is time? If we play a cassette tape, enjoy it, then hit "rewind," are we in a sense traveling back in time? No. But to the mind, the heart, the seat of emotions and associations, it might be. Time travel is alleged to be a real phenomenon not yet invented. But those (we) from the future return now because things, in a sense and not to get caught up or sneeze lightly at the paradoxes this implies, have in some ways already happened. And there is a near infinite number of ways they can still happen. The universe is far more startling than we give it credit for. But some, like Tori, already tap into that without the physic, quantum mechanics, or cosmological theories.

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