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Exploring Past Lives (video)

Ashley Wells, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly; Documentariz; OnlyTheParanormal

Past Lives in Europe and America
Scotland, seaside Europe (
Ever since he was 2-years-old and first started talking, Cameron Macauley has told of his life on Barra Island, Scotland. Cameron lives with his mother, Norma, in Glasgow. They have never been to Barra.

He speaks of a white house overlooking the sea and the beach. There he would play with his brothers and sisters. He speaks of airplanes that used to land on the beach and about his black and white dog.

Barra lies far off the western coast of Scotland, 220 miles from Glasgow. It can only be reached by a lengthy sea journey or an hour-long flight. It is a distant outpost of the British Isles and home to just over 1,000 people.

Cameron is now 5, and his story has never wavered, only increased in detail. He speaks incessantly of his family in Barra, Shane Robertson, who died when he was knocked down by a car.

He has become so preoccupied with Barra and missing his mother there so badly that he is now suffering from genuine distress.
And the gods? (
His present-day mother Norma considers herself openminded and would like to find out if there is any better explanation for Cameron's memories and beliefs. Her first stop is a visit to Dr. Chris French, a psychologist who edits The Skeptic magazine, which debunks all "paranormal" phenomena.

Not surprisingly, Dr. French discounts any talk of rebirth explaining that a child's overactive imagination might be fed by all kinds of programs on TV or easily accessible on the Web. Norma is not convinced by this dismissive rationalization; she believes that Cameron has never watched programs that could have provided Cameron with this information, much less than his conviction that he lived it.

Norma's next step is to visit Karen Majors, an educational psychologist whose specialty is children and their "fantasy lives." She considers Cameron's accounts to be very different from normal "imaginary" friends so commonly spoken of in childhood.

It has become clear to Norma that there are no easy answers to the questions brought up by Cameron's memories. Cameron has persistently asked to be taken to Barra. His mother has finally decided to make that journey.
7-year-old remember's life as Sakka's angel (deva) by the Buddhist stupa

Angelic deva (Ukenaut/flickr)
Documentary TV special on reincarnation and the experiences of human volunteers curious about past lives -- or at least the exploration of a "mysterious experience." Are they uncovering subconscious memories or merely imagining pasts for themselves to help process their present experiences? Past life regression through hypnosis is one investigative tool to examine this life. There is evidence for the phenomenon, a science of exploring life after life in various forms.
(Arthur C. Clarke) Rebirth on the predominantly Buddhist island of Sri Lanka

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