Sunday, March 22, 2020

Life in Italy (Part II)

Sayalay Khema Cari (Thabarwa Center, Italy), Ellie Askew, Dhr. Seven (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly

Sayalay Khema Cari is a Western Buddhist nun born in Switzerland and raised in Italy. She ordained in Asia in the Burmese Theravada Buddhist tradition and recently returned to Italy at a new Thabarwa Center in a rural part of the country.

The God is the BRAIN: Reason's celestial folds
☀️ SAYALAY: I was asked how is the experience of current events from a Buddhist monastic's point of view.. It is a good question. My answer may not be popular. I share it with no intention of imposing it on anyone.

There's no difference between good sense and staying at home (social distancing). I encourage everyone to do it, but maybe my motivation and understanding is different.

One of the beautiful things happening here as a result of the scare are designs using the rainbow 🌈. They say, "Everything will be fine." It's nice and gives us all a sense of unity, encouraging one another.

​Although these are kind sentiment, they have other qualities embedded in them: They imply FEAR. First of all, if there is a need to reassure people, fear is the underlying energy of the message.

Second, they imply that everything is not fine now, which means we reject the present as it is -- this situation. And we attach to some other type of situation, one we like and would rather be in.

I know it's hard to accept, but if the present is "not fine," it won't be fine at any future time. That is not to say we should be happy -- after all, people are dying -- BUT there is something between rejecting and clinging.

Everything will be fine...for who? Up until now, things were fine? Was it "fine" to destroy Nature, which feeds us? Fine to let people die of hunger when food grows free in the trees? Fine that others die from overeating? Fine to be poisoning the water we drink?
  • [Fine to bombard the energy we all swim in as electric-bodies with 3G, 4G, and now 5G wifi radiation that, according to American Dr. Thomas Cowan, is causing this pandemic? Wuhan, China was the first city in the world to fully-deploy 5G wifi. If China's numbers of new cases has fallen to zero, they must have turned off the towers. They are likely concealing their numbers as usual. But every place with towers will get a surge of cases before it all quickly and mysteriously subsides only to come back worse, as psychic Sylvia Brown prognosticated long ago.]
Fine for the economy to allow [wage] slavery and [sexual] exploitation? Sure, it was fine for some. But if things were fine for some (humans) and not for some other (humans, animals, ecosystems, etc.) then that's not fine at all.

There's a defect in our thinking if we think it will be fine, because it implies duality in the conditional truth we usually live in. We set up a dichotomy: If there is a "fine," there must be a "not fine." Good and bad, profit and loss, dark and bright, fine and not fine... If there is me there must be others. Whatever we define as fine is not-fine because it is a point of view rather than an absolute.

No one wants to say anything is fine when people are dying and suffering on a massive scale. However, as I said, there is something between rejecting and clinging. We can accept reality as it is and see it for what it actually is rather than attaching meaning to it, seeing it only from our selfish point of view, then deciding how to feel about it based on that.

We all wish for the health and safety of ourselves and others. But doesn't Nature include sickness, aging, and death? Is Nature not fine? 🤔

What is in the middle between clinging to health, safety, and long life and rejecting death, aging, and illness?

Buddhists, with all due respect to doctors and their abilities, do not believe they can get beyond the laws of Nature. Believe in the law of karma -- that intentional actions yield results, that causes have effects, a few causes can have uncountable results.

I may stay home but not for same reasons as others. My motivations are different. Although I support the idea to do it and encourage other all to do it, I believe renunciation (the act of letting go) will yield good results, far better results than acting out of fear.

I believe the wish to help each others will yield good results, not the selfish wish to preserve Number One.

I believe doing good karma (beneficial physical, verbal, and mental actions) such as abstaining from harmful deeds ones, will yield welcome results not a miracle cure or (toxic) vaccine (with metallic adjuvants).

A short time ago two patients from the north were sent south as space is tight here. This is exactly the time to do good -- when we have the opportunity to benefits ourselves and others mentally, verbally, and physically. We can accept help and rejoice when others offer it.

This is my view, my understanding or at least part of it. I hope it offers another perspective on all that's happening. Italy is getting it worse than any other country now, except for America's military target Iran.

This is not about right and wrong. This is about widening our minds. Then everything can be fine. More

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