Friday, October 15, 2010

Are UFOs real in Buddhism? (video)

New York UFO sighting mystery solved?
An elementary school teacher may be inadvertently connected to the puzzling objects. Cover stories are always available to creative investigators. - Coincidental anniversary - Latest China sighting

While the latest New York City sighting may indeed be nothing more than balloons, people foolishly conclude that all sightings also have mundane explanations. Why? It is because we categorically refuse to open up to the possibility that there could be any such thing as alien visitations or past extraterrestrial contact.

"If it were true, the government could never keep it secret." So here are more leaks.

History, mythology, and spiritual cosmologies across cultures the world over attest to the reality of extraterrestrial contact. Visitations have been happening for millennia. Spiritual (non-physical) contact is always available. Not all aliens visit to help or protect, but some do. Governments attempt to shoot down spacecraft from the closest realm (the Catumaharajika space sphere in Buddhist cosmology) to reverse-engineer alien technology. Fortunately, there are higher order intelligences (devas) attempting to help, shield, and cultivate humanity.

But there are also threats to it in league with some governments since at least the time of Sumeria and the ancient Vedas that left detailed, unambiguous written records of what was going on on the this planet, the origins of modern humans, and life in other worlds. All this being the case, it is nevertheless true that to speak of these things or seriously entertain even the possibility brands one "mentally unstable" as does any serious discussion of gods, meditative states, or paranormal phenomena -- regardless of how much legitimate testimony or empirical evidence there is for it.

Wisdom Quarterly makes no apology for investigating and providing a platform for the investigation of the evidence. While the Judeo-Christian Bible is also full of such evidence, Judeo-Christian American culture is content to dismiss that evidence as inconsistent with a "quiet and peaceful life" in the Matrix. The Buddha did not limit himself to talking about this planet. He spoke of the entire "world system," which included many other worlds in space.

No one said the search for truth was a comfortable or stress-free endeavor. We are a species adapted for hypnotic sleep ignoring what is happening around us. That may be good for serenity's sake, but insight, understanding, and liberation require that we one day take notice of reality just as it is. The purpose of the Dharma is to awaken (enlighten) us. Its purpose is not to make us passive and accepting of what greedy, angry, and deluded governments, individuals, and other degenerate-entities (e.g., maras, nagas, asuras, yakkhas, some lowly devas) may wish to do on this planet.

No government is good or bad except that the people allow for it to be so. Governments can of course provide for the public good. Yet, they have always been examples of great deception, corruption, secrets, unquenchable thirst for power and influence. They are all too often willing to engage in continuous war and strife. We are the government. So should we accept that or examine it in ourselves?

(We are not really "the government." But if we say that to ourselves and promote the myth that we freely elect leaders who govern us -- and say that there is no shadow government tied to business-interests pulling the levers of power by manipulating polls, candidates, and elections -- then let's behave like intelligent actors. Let's fulfill our responsibility to be informed and to see to it that things are done in a manner consistent with our ethics).

"Beware the military-industrial complex"
(outgoing-US President Eisenhower).

Or go back to sleep. After all we are only human. Here's a sleepytime story about Barack Obama's sexy cousin Sarah Palin and her new "reality" show.

Steven Greer, Richard Hoagland: science, secrets, and space

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