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To live and die in a police state (video)

(GoViral, March 1, 2015) Dramatic video captures LAPD gang beating and murder of citizen.
Thousands converged Sunday in Moscow to mourn assassinated veteran liberal politician Boris Nemtsov, whose killing on the streets of the capital has shaken Russia’s opposition. They carried flowers, portraits, and white signs that read, “I am not afraid” (AP).

Let's look at three police states: Russia, Israel, and...wait, there was one more. But the mainstream media, like the smiley face spin doctors at the massive Associated Press ( manipulate, massage, and distort the news so well it serves as propaganda. Readers don't know they're living under oppressive regimes. Until the guns come out, until the pat downs at the airport get carried away, until the courts become involved, until it's nearly too late to do anything about it.

The story should read something like this before the magic fairy dust of AP editors is applied and police are cast as the helpless responders rather than the agents that cause this and similar situations then use an excuse like "He touched my gun, so we had to fill him full of lead, because I gotta get home tonight":

Angel and angel, hooray for our side!
Three (or more) LAPD officers conspired to beat, abuse (torture by stun gun and batons), and murder a homeless and helpless citizen in LA's impoverished and freezing cold Skid Row.

First they harass, accuse of some neighborhood crime as their pretext for the search of his person and seizure of his property and abuse of his body and civil rights. As the LAPD gang jump him, they are not satisfied with his level of surrender as three fully armed and deadly trained paramilitary soldiers take on a weak and tired street urchin. Back is present and more is on the way, but never mind that, he "resisted" our beating and flinched when electrocuted repeatedly by our shock pistol (euphemistically called a stun gun) and its disorienting and traumatic jolts.

(Democracy Now) DN welcomes Prof. Noam Chomsky to discuss Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's lecture to Congress by invitation of the Republicans. LAPD kill man after gang beating and electrocuting him.

Allegiance to the military-industrial complex
Three Los Angeles police officers shot and killed [should read "shot to kill" because they do not give any kind of warning or wounding shots but intend to murder when they discharge their firearms just as they have practiced to kill so many times before on the firing range] a man on the city's Skid Row as they wrestled with him on the ground, a confrontation captured on video that millions viewed online.

(The Clouds) There were many more murderers and co-conspirators on the scene doing the gang beating, electrocuting, torturing, intimidating, and depriving the citizen of his civil liberties as extended video reveals. The surprising thing is not that this happened but that this is business-as-usual. "Rogue cops!" Not "rogue cops." This is how they're trained and what they tell and encourage each other to do, and their chain of command gives them the go ahead and free passes again and again.

Christian cathedral, Kremlin (AP)
Authorities say the man was shot [notice that the man was shot, not that the police shot the man? Why? The agency is placed on the man, the cause of all this, and implicitly already sets up the police as victims, mere responders to the situation, never the agents, the causes, the abusers who take their abuse all the way to judge, jury, and executioners] after [allegedly] grabbing for an officer's gun. [Now why would they leave the "allegedly" out when it does not serve the narrative the objective media is presenting before any investigation has gone on. The video does not show any such thing, but it does show their brutality, which they the LAPD escalate to murder. They chose to then proceeded to shoot a man to death, well knowing they will never be prosecuted for any violation.]

Authorities say [authorities? oh, perpetrators who murdered the man then excused their murderous actions by using a well tested pretext to justify their fear for their life which then makes it okay and within policy to kill] the man was shot [again the man was shot, not the "authorities shot the man they say was"] grabbing for an officer's gun.

[And he was shot only after allegedly grabbing in the direction of a pistol when he was being jumped, electrocuted, beaten, punched, held down, intimidated, given multiple and conflicting and therefore impossible orders to follow. Until one lives as a discriminated against group in a society, one will never understand what it means to be unable to do what one is ordered because whether you try your best to do it or not, you lose. Those not in such a position will necessarily say, "He should have just... like I would have done" and one immediately, without realizing it, sides and defends murderers who depend on this "benefit of the doubt" to continue tormenting and killing whomever they think needs it.]

People carry huge banner reading, "Those bullets [are] for everyone of us. Heroes never die!" as they march in memory of assassinated opposition leader Boris Nemtsov near the Kremlin, in Moscow, central Russia (AP).
After the shooting [after the grabbing and after we killed him], police are seen drawing their batons and warning an angry crowd to step back. [Ah, this proves they should have killed him because of what other people, bystanders and eyewitnesses, did in reaction to their abuses and vulgar displays of naked brutality.] Several [not like they can be counted by replaying the video] shouted at the officers, accusing them of going too far.

[See, they (the crowd) are the agents, not the police; they are doing, and police are only responding to them. Police never do anything; they're the "victims" in all this, dontcha know? The trick the AP editors and all mainstream media outlets play is one of linguistics. Where is the emphasis placed? Where is the agency placed? Where are we being led? Whom are they defending? Again and again, they defend the power structure, right or wrong, good or bad, always defend and promote the power.]

The violence Sunday had echoes of the August police shooting [and murder] of 25-year-old Ezell Ford, whose death [his death, not their killing of him] in a struggle with Los Angeles officers brought demonstrations in the city. Ford was unarmed, but police said he was shot [he was shot not they shot him] only after [after, after, they are always on the back leg responding, never doing anything themselves, never deploying their killing tactics which they train for so much] [allegedly] reaching for an officer's gun.

[So the lesson here is I can kill you and have a right to kill you and not you or anyone can do anything about it IF 1) I'm an officer and 2) I say you were reaching for a gun, which at best could only mean you did something I interpreted or am now lying about to say that's what I thought because I know if I say that I won't get in trouble.]

In Sunday's incident [the crime belongs to the day of the week, not the officers who committed it], witnesses told the Los Angeles Times that the man is known on the street as "Africa" and that he had been there for four or five months amid the tents, sleeping bags, and trash of Skid Row, where many of the city's homeless stay.

Charlie Beck LAPD Chief Apologist (AP)
[Those witnesses and homeless sure are given agency, linguistically at least. They claim things and they, in a sense, choose to live amid the trash which means, you know, they're asking for it. And police are giving it to them all the way to the coroner's department. What about race? Many may miss the fact that the LAPD as an organization is institutionally racist, so its individual members behave in racist, biased, discriminatory ways even if they are nice and kind and open minded on their own. Moreover, AP readers will become more and more biased and racist as they read more and more spin on events such as this. The AP spins all stories not just in favor of the LAPD but also the military-industrial complex in general.] More
Hey, AP, what can you tell us about Russian Dictator/Oligarch Putin and U.S.-trained War Criminal/Israeli Dictator Netanyahu?

Assassination in Russia means end of the world
Boris Nemtsov, a former Russian deputy prime minister, and current opposition leader addresses demonstrators during a massive rally to oppose president Vladimir Putin's policies in Ukraine, in Moscow, Russia (AP).

Hitler bad, Putin
Last night on Coast to Coast Christian predictions were aired on how the state-sponsored assassination of Nemtsov will lead to Putin invading Ukraine and NATO (along with us the U.S.) being drawn in to what becomes a massive world war. Messianic savior returns. We all die. Christianity wins. God starts doling out the eternal punishments. Help, AP, help! Help us hate Russia and Vlad Putin and love Israel and Bibi Netanyahu. Help us cheerlead pre-emptive, imperial war on Iran, Palestine, and the rest of the geopolitical Middle East! *Sarcasm*

Woman lays flowers where Nemtsov, a charismatic Russian opposition leader and sharp critic of Pres. Putin, was assassinated on Friday, Feb. 27, 2015 near the Kremlin. She participated in a large demonstration on Sunday, March 1, 2015 as thousands converged to mourn the veteran liberal politician. Russians carried flowers, portraits, and white signs that read, “I am not afraid.”

What's in it for Israel?
Sheldon S., Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly

Friday, February 27, 2015

New sport: soaring with birds over Nepal!

Wisdom Quarterly; Siddharth Gupta, Travel/

A new sport is born!
On a Himalayan mountainside, more than a dozen paragliding pilots were preparing to take off and ride the thermals over Nepal.

But I didn’t come here to see traditional paragliding. I came to witness parahawking -- that is, paragliding alongside trained birds of prey.

The unlikely sport was founded in 2001 by Scott Mason (pictured), a British paraglider and bird lover who wound up caring for an injured black vulture during a visit to Nepal.

In doing so, Mason learned that Asia’s vulture population was plummeting. An anti-inflammatory drug called Diclofenac that was being administered to sick livestock was also killing the vultures feeding on the animals’ carcasses. To raise awareness of the creatures’ plight, Mason founded, which offers people the chance to paraglide with the threatened birds. More

Michelle Zeidman fed Kevin -- a practice the bird had learned from Mason so that his passengers could see the raptors fly up close. Zeidman wore a pouch with buffalo meat and pulled out one piece at a time, keeping it hidden between her gloved thumb and forefinger. Mason blew a whistle, she extended her arm, and incredibly, the bird swooped in... (BBC)

Sanskrit language lives on (audio)

The West loves the Indo-European Sanskrit language. The cast of the Sanskrit play "The Cleverness of the Thief." Patricia Sauthoff is in center wearing white (Patricia Sauthoff).
IVC/India's Sanskrit affected Tibetan as well as many Vajrayana Buddhist practices.

Learning Sanskrit materials (Sauthof
Sanskrit has been lingering at the edges of Western culture for a while now. It’s an obscure language that not many people know, but a lot of people know about.

I started studying Sanskrit as a written language a few years ago. Back then, when I told people about it, they assumed I was a big "White Album"-era Beatles fan or into Transcendental Meditation. Now they just assume I spend a lot of time doing yoga.

Sanskrit's sacred sound goes well with yoga
I'm actually a Ph.D. candidate at The School of Oriental and African Studies in London. I study Sanskrit so I can do research and read ancient texts, not order lunch or hail a cab. But last year my studies took a turn for the practical when I decided to take a conversational Sanskrit course over the summer.
Sanskrit tattoos (
Sanskrit is an ancient language, but it’s actually pretty easy to hear it out in the world -- if you know where to look. India's 2001 census counted 14,000 Indians [most probably Hindu nationalists who do not realize the language did not originate in India but in neighboring lands of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization] who claimed it as their mother tongue.

There are Sanskrit language newscasts; I’ve seen Shakespeare and other plays performed in Sanskrit here in London; and there is a community of language learners and teachers from around the world who gather on Twitter to share their knowledge, ask for help, and meet others interested in communicating in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit serious in England, stand up in India?
(NDTV) Sanskrit is thriving among former British imperial colonialists: At St. James Junior School in London, the number of students wanting to learn it has grown by leaps and bounds.
(Jay Hind!) Gujarat Sanskrit Academy has started translating Hindi film dialogues into Sanskrit. Sumeet presents some favorites. It's hilarious with a double H (or lame with a double L). He's mostly speaking Hindi with English mixed in.
Some are in India, some are part of the Indian diaspora, and some -- like me -- are Westerners interested in learning something more about the language and culture of South Asia.
And it does look like interest in Sanskrit is growing. The study of Sanskrit is certainly surging in popularity, both in India and in the West. Students at Princeton Univerisity recently launched a petition to get Sanskrit back into the curriculum. And at my own school, the second-year Sanskrit course grew to 20 this year, up from just two the year before.
Sanskrit came from space like this crop circle.
It turns out spending a month speaking Sanskrit day-in and day-out is pretty surreal. Instead of reading philsophy books, I learned how to say things like telephone -- दूरभाष  dūrabhāṣā -- and bicycle -- द्विचक्रिका dvicakrikā. It reminds me that Sanskrit isn’t just a [dead] language of dusty books. And as anyone who has ever namaste-d knows, it’s a language that’s really fun to say out loud -- or even to sing.

India has 100 million+ Muslims, marry one.
There were 20 of us in the class, learning, speaking and singing six days a week for four weeks.

Several of my classmates were Indians living in Europe. Some were graduate students like myself, and others were professionals taking a break from work. There was even a Buddhist monk who out-chanted us all. More

Did the Buddha speak Sanskrit? No!

Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
The Buddha came from the Central Asia, which later became Bactria. See

The Buddha, wandering ascetic (WQ)
If the question were, Did Prince Siddhartha know Sanskrit, then the answer is that the very well-educated royal (from a foreign land west of India in what is now Central Asia, Afghanistan, once known as Scythia or the Middle Country between East and West) must have.

But Sanskrit was preserved and used not by ordinary people, but the Brahmin priest elites who promoted it, their interpretation of the Vedas, and the caste system which they placed themselves at the top of. Prince Siddhartha and his family clan, the Shakyans, were not Brahmins, were not priests, and were not much interested in spirituality. That as well as many administrative functions could be left to Brahmin intellectuals in their service. Kings ruled, and Brahmins were counselors, accountants, and chaplains in the royal (kshatriya) service.

Walking pose, Thailand (Nippon_newfie)
The ascetic Siddhartha did not leave home and travel to the East (to mahajanapadas like Magadha, Kasi, and Kosala) to become a temple priest. He went there to become a nomadic wandering ascetic from another anti-Vedic, anti-Brahminical shramana ("shaman," "wandering ascetic") school rising up to challenge the authority of the old and staid brahmana movement. Unless conversing, arguing, or publicly debating with Brahmins, there would be no reason for Siddhartha or, later, the Buddha to speak Sanskrit. Yet, the Brahmins were very interesting in undermining the Buddha-Dharma.

And even while he was alive and teaching, they tried to co-opt his teachings and methods. After his final nirvana, they went all out to subsume Buddhism under the banner of Vedic Brahmanism and much later the organized Hinduism. But the Buddha and so many Buddhist teachings had run exactly counter to old Vedic and Brahminical assumptions and long held sacred teachings. The Buddha was not a Hindu, not born a Hindu (there was no Hinduism yet in existence, and he was most certainly not a Brahmin or aligned with the Brahmins. But because the Brahmins eventually succeeded in co-opting Buddhism and the figure of the Buddha (as an incarnation of the god Vishnu), Chinese Buddhism and other Mahayana traditions think that Buddhism was originally taught in Sanskrit and originally was just a kind of revival of the ancient Vedic religion of the very ancient Indus Valley Civilization.

Indian Buddhaghosa writing in Sri Lanka
What did the Buddha speak? He would have spoken various related languages -- Magadhi, Pali-Sanskrit, Prakrit, and the popular tongues of the many lands and territories he visited. There is only one exclusively Buddhist language, and it is not Sanskrit but its cognate Pali (what we interpret as a super-simplified Sanskrit but spoken by many more people, like common Aramaic compared to priestly Hebrew). Some of the oldest Buddhist texts are recorded in the spoken Pali tongue, which does not have an alphabet. It uses other alphabets, such as Sinhalese (from the island off the southern tip of the subcontinent). Sri Lanka, where Sinhalese is spoken, is where the most famous Indian Buddhist scholar-monk and commentator Ven. Buddhaghosa went to learn, record, and compile two massive Buddhist meditation manuals, the early Path of Freedom (Vimuttimagga) and the more refined and expanded Path of Purification (Visuddhimagga), the former preserved by the Chinese, and the later preserved by South and Southeast Asian Buddhists.

Ancient Pali dictionary
The earliest Buddhist texts (palm leaf scrolls) yet discovered must have been recorded in a regional Buddhist language. Indeed, those texts are not in Sanskrit but in a local language called Gandhari from Central Asia -- what today we generally call the 'stans:

Ancient Gandhara (Afghanistan, at the foothills of the Himalayan range known as the Hindu Kush, and Pakistan), Uzbekistan, Tajykistan, Kazakhstan, Sistan, Balochistan, and so on.

Maverick Dr. Ranajit Pal realized that Siddhartha was not from Nepal but from Afghanistan, the ancient Shakya-land (Greek Scythia) with one of its capitals at Kapilavatthu (Kapilavastu, near Bamiyan). And what is often forgotten is that many of the Buddha's earliest disciples were Brahmins who certainly spoke Sanskrit and would have spoken and memorized the teachings in that scholarly idiom as well as the Buddha's Prakrit, a form of the Magadha language, Magadha being the state where the Buddha mostly lived.

His two chief male disciples, Ven. Sariputra and Ven. Maha Moggalana, were Brahmins. At least one of his chief female disciples, Ven. Khema and Ven. Uppalavana, may also have been. And more importantly the monk who turned the Buddha's Dharma (spiritual teachings) into a formal "religion," Ven. Maha Kassapa, was a Brahmin. Brahmins would have spread the Buddha-Dharma and with it remnants of their own earlier views, the language and concerns of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization and its ancient Knowledge Books (Vedas).

POT: legal in DC, Alaska, munchies, glut, risk

Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; LA Weekly
Now there's a glut of marijuana, and corporations are champing at the bit to get in and turn cannabis into the new top drug of our drug-loving society. Here Pioneer Production and Processing's Ashley Green trims flower in Arlington, Wash. Low prices, too much stock (AP).

Working down on the farm, "Green Acres," aka Pioneer Production and Processing (AP).

Potheads in the U.S. are rejoicing today because our hypocritical capital went green. Not only have most Americans long believed in medical cannabis, many have been using it with no medicinal quality in mind.

Hemp can save the world. Recreational pot, not so much. That has not kept Americans from using, abusing, experimenting, and sometimes defending weed as harmless. It is mostly harmless, leading to laziness, lack of drive, and serving to blot out consciousness rather than expanding it. THC is not nearly so useful to users as CBD content, the more mind expanding and medicinal component of the plant, which has uncounted varieties, all called "weed."

Rosie wants medicine not recreation
Medical marijuana, particularly as green oil, was once in every American doctor's medical bag when visiting for house calls. Its many medical benefits were well known, including the ability of the properly prepared plant to cure cancer. Smoking it does not cure cancer.

Hemp can save the world, with so many historical and pre-petroleum/plastic uses that it is impossible to overestimate the benefits. Smoking it does not save the world.

What is the latest news? A scientific study released this week has determined that pot is the least harmful of popular drugs. Far worse than the dreaded "marijuana" are:
  • alcohol (rotted, distilled toxin)
  • heroin (chemically converted sap)
  • cocaine (chemically adulterated alkaloid)
  • cigarettes (sugar and chemical laced tobacco)
And that's how we do in Amsterdam, bro. Now available in Oakland and a school near you.
Dude, I'm so half-baked, huh huh huh.
The list does not mention Krokodil (pronounced "crocodile," the latest sensation in Russian flesh-eating intoxicants if meth is too mild for your liver to deal with).

Scientists have been busy. They also discovered the cause of munchies. They had an untested theory about cannabinoids in the brain. But now they've pinned it down.

Like pot? How about fried acrylamides?
So vegetarians, beware. Whatever you don't eat you might when high. Omnivores, human toilets have nothing to worry about except getting even fatter. Enjoy the Cheesy Poofs, Duff, and chocolate-flavored chocolate.

Alaska, the biggest state in the union we lovingly call the USA, has just made recreational marijuana legal. But it can only be carried in small amounts, and when grown at home or on the tundra, used at home. There are still many intoxication-related issues to be worked out, so all this law is likely to do is affect paranoia levels.

Mothers in Oregon like cannabis (AP).
Washington, D.C., home of the White House, Capitol, and that giant phallic tower that looks like a red-eyed Klansman just made recreational pot legal as well. D.C. is not really a state. "The Ring of Power" points out that it is a specially designated land that rules the country around it, the way a piece of London's financial district and the Vatican are specially designated lands with their own laws.

Finally, an old story (with pictures shown above) says there is a now a glut of weed in legal states, inventory that somehow finds its way to criminalized states just like Prohibition. Capitalists rejoice; Libertarians scratch their heads.

Hotei a.k.a. Budai (Vivek S K)
Okay, that's all for this episode of Better Know Your Pot. Remember, smoking cannabis is not a Buddhist practice, and that fat guy is not the Buddha. His name is Hotei (also Budai) and he's a monk who used to act like Santa Claus to kids.
These filthy THC-soaked hippies will amount to nothing...or become leaders of the insulated town that rules the United States, pot-loving D.C., home of the hypocritical Clintons.
Why I'm giving up weed
Art Tavana (, Feb. 18, 2015)
Colleen Green
DIY Queen Colleen Green is giving up weed — but not her stoner fan  base (
Do not light up, and don't hug statue.
Nobody rocks a pair of knockoff Wayfarers like Colleen Green. Onstage, they protect her sleepy eyes from the bright lights, placing a thin plastic veneer between the punk auteur and her followers: slackers with medical marijuana cards who relate to her anti-cool, grunge appeal.
"Colleen Green isn't a band; it's a person," she says, with the same directness she applies to running her DIY empire out of a bedroom in her brother's West L.A. apartment, where she lives rent-free. The 30-year-old Massachusetts native books her own shows, designs her own comical merch' (T-shirts doodled with stick figures and marijuana leaves), and uses a quirky drum machine as her only backing musician. And while it sounds like a weed-friendly pun, her real name is Colleen Green.

Since moving to L.A. in 2010, Green has become a regular at punk venues such as the Smell. With her drum machine and colorfully tagged guitar, she has amassed a cultish following, transforming her into L.A.'s stoner-punk fetish. More

Did you ever get the idea that DC and the media want us to take drugs and drink? (AP)