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A Buddhist Thanksgiving: Gratitude (video)

Amber Larson, Crystal Quintero, Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
The vegetable world directly feeds us and keeps us healthy when we eat close to the land.

(JB/BC/OG) Dr. DeWitt in depth on the movie "Forks Over Knives." A plant-based diet (a "live it") is critical to a healthy life! There are natural solutions to achieve great health if we educate ourselves on alternatives to toxic medicines, the Standard American Diet (SAD), and a medical system more interested in making money than curing anything. How about a video course with 21 videos, three manuals, and an online forum to reverse arthritis?

(The Cardigans) Nina Persson performing Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat" with the Filharmonikerna I Det Gröna orchestra live at DN Sommarkonsert 2011.

What is it like at the Scandinavian Larson house or the Latino Quintero home on Thanksgiving? More similar than one might think. We were both listening to "Good Food" on KCRW FM (Santa Monica) and "Pure Energy Radio" with Chef Steve Factor (Special Programming 2, 1:00 pm, KPFK FM) as we made vegetarian goodies in the kitchen -- blasphemy in both cultures. We need death on the table to make it an authentic cultural "feast."
FILM: Forks Over Knives
We should ask Laila Re what Afghan expats in Canada do for dinner on this day of gratitude. They have Thanksgiving in Canada, only it's different than the American origin story.

Instead, Marco Werman and "The World" ( gets that answer from two ex-Afghan translators now living in Virginia. And for added spice he also talks to Ritu Chatterjee about how this HARVEST FESTIVAL, which is what "Thanksgiving" really is and/or was for the first British colonial settlers/invaders.

Why would Puritanical British Christians displace Native Americans, ethnically cleanse most of them, and then go around saying they found this land empty and without people as if this were the new "Israel" and British war planners were conspiring with Jewish Zionists to invade Palestine? Just doing the Christian God's work of capitalist expansionism?

(Virgil Films) "Forks Over Knives" What has happened to us in the USA? Despite the most advanced medical technology in the world, we are sicker than ever by nearly every measure.

What about homemade soda? Try culturing.
Four hundred years ago this year, the mercenary John Smith and Pocahontas named Plymouth, Mass. (See Peter Firstbook's A Man Most Driven). The history of the USA is very twisted and layered over with myth and propaganda. Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz (An Indigenous History of America) shows us what happened over the last 200 years. But finding out about the 200 years before that will probably take a while longer.

Pocahontas collaborating with genocidal European invaders? It's more complex.
Smith, Pocahontas, and the founding of America (
A Buddhist Thanksgiving
Time to overeat like lives didn't matter?
So rather than sharing guacamole recipes and how to make potatoes delicious Scandinavian style, or music tips for great Latin Grammy winners and orchestrated classical European shopping themes, we ask the question, How can we bring gratitude back to Harvest Festival celebrations around the world?

On Gratitude (Kataññu Sutras)
Wisdom Quarterly translation bassed on Ven. Thanissaro (AN 2.31-32)

East meets West (
What did the Buddha teach? "Meditators, I will teach you the level of a person of no integrity and the level of a person of integrity. Listen, attend (give close attention), and I will explain."
"As you say, venerable sir," the monastics replied.
"Now who is an inferior person? It is a person who is without gratitude and without thankfulness. This ingratitude and lack of thankfulness is advocated by rude people. It is inferior.

"But a superior person is grateful and thankful. This gratitude and thankfulness is advocated by superior people."

Mother and Father
Repaying parents (Raghogarh Shravana Kumar)
{II,iv,2} "I tell you, monastics, there are two people who are not easy to repay. Who are these two? One's mother and father.

"Even if one were to carry one's mother on one shoulder and father on the other shoulder for 100 years, and were to look after them by anointing, massaging, bathing, and rubbing their limbs, and they were to defecate and urinate right there [on shoulders], still one would not in that way ever actually repay them.

"If one were to establish mother and father in absolute sovereignty over this entire planet abounding in the seven treasures, still one would not in that way ever repay one's parents. And why is that? It is because mother and father do much for their children. They care for them, nourish them, introduce them to this world. But anyone who
  • rouses oen's doubt-ridden mother and father, settles and establishes them in confidence (saddha, conviction, faith in the Dharma),
  • rouses one's unvirtuous mother and father, settles and establishes them in virtue (sila),
  • rouses one's stingy mother and father, settles and establishes them in generosity (dana),
  • rouses one's foolish mother and father, settles and establishes them in wisdom (panna)
to this extent one actually repays one's mother and father." More: MN 110; SN 7.14; AN 4.73; Iti 106
Cup of Java, Aratani Theatre, Nov. 29, 2014 ( via

Death eating on Thanks Living? (video)

Amber Larson, Seth Auberon, Editors, Wisdom Quarterly  HAPPY THANKSGIVING
Eat well. We are what we eat: "All You Can Eat" (Sean Norvet/

(Cristina/Rodney on the Roq 1) "Is That All There Is?" Peggy Lee cover better than original.

Discourse on the "Son's Flesh"
Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson, Crystal Quintero (eds.), "Similes for the Four Nutriments"
Big Buddha high in the Himalayas of Thimphu, Bhutan (D.A. Scott/dascayman/flickr)
Life of the Buddha (
SAVATTHI, ancient India - "There are, O meditators, four nutriments [Note 7] for the sustenance of beings already born and for the support of beings seeking birth [8]. What are the four? Firstly, edible food, coarse and fine [9], secondly, sense-impression [10], thirdly, volition [11], and fourthly, consciousness [12].

"How, O meditators, should the nutriment edible food be considered?

"Suppose a couple, husband and wife, have set out on a journey through through the desert, carrying only limited provisions. They have with them their only son, dearly beloved. Now, while these two traveled through the desert, their limited stock of provisions ran out and came to an end, but there was still a stretch of desert not yet crossed. Then the two thought: 'Our small stock of provisions has run out and come to an end, yet there is still a stretch of desert that is not yet crossed. Should we not kill our only son, our dearly beloved, prepare dried and roasted meat, and eating our son's flesh, we may cross in that way the remaining part of the desert, lest all three of us perish?'
"And these two, husband and wife, kill their only son, so dearly beloved by them, prepared dried and roasted meat, and, eating their son's flesh, crossed in that way the remaining part of the desert. And while eating their son's flesh, they were beating their breast and crying: 'Where are you, our only and beloved son? Where are you, our only and beloved son?'
Eating Meat?
Gilded Buddha, Thailand (hezbunch/
"What do you think, O meditators? Will they eat that flesh for the pleasure of it, for enjoyment, for self-beautification's sake, for (the body's) embellishment?" [13]

"Certainly not, O venerable sir."

"Will they not instead eat that food merely for the sake of crossing the desert?"
"So it is, O venerable sir."
"In the same manner, I say, O meditators, should edible food be considered. If, O meditators, the nutriment 'edible food' is comprehended, the lust for the five sense-objects is (thereby) comprehended.

And if lust for the five sense-objects is comprehended, there is no fetter enchained by which a noble disciple might come to this world again [14].
"And how, O meditators, should the nutriment sense-impression be considered? Suppose, O meditators, there is a skinned cow that stands close to a wall. Then the creatures living in the wall will nibble at the cow. And if the skinned cow stands near a tree, then the creatures living in the tree will nibble at it. If it stands in the water, the creatures living in the water will nibble at it. If it stands in the open air, the creatures living in the air will nibble at it. Wherever that skinned cow stands, the creatures living there will nibble at it.
"In that manner, I say, O medtiators, should the nutriment sense-impression be considered. If the nutriment sense-impression is comprehended, the three kinds of feeling [pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral sensation] [15] are thereby comprehended. And if the three kinds of feeling are comprehended, there is, I say, no further work left to do for the noble [enlightened] disciple. [16]
"And how, O meditators, should the nutriment volition be considered? Suppose, O meditators, there is a pit of burning embers, filled to cover a person's height, with embers so hot that they are glowing without flames or smoke.

"Now a person comes that way, one who loves life and does not wish to die, who wishes for happiness and is repulsed by suffering. Then two strong men would seize both that person's arms and drag that person to the pit of burning embers.

"Then, O meditators, far away from the pit would recoil that person's will, far away from it that person's  longing, far away that person's inclination. And why? It is because the person knows: 'If I fall into that pit of burning embers, I shall meet with death or deadly pain.'
"In that manner, I say, O meditators, should the nutriment volition be considered. If the nutriment volition is comprehended, the three kinds of craving [for sensuality, for continued existence, for annihilation] [17] are thereby comprehended. And if the three kinds of craving are comprehended, there is, I say, no further work left to do for the noble disciple.
"And how, O medtitators, should the nutriment consciousness be considered? Suppose, O meditators, people have seized a criminal, a robber, and brought that person before the king saying: 'This is a criminal, a robber, O majesty! Mete out to the punishment you see fit!'

"Then the king would tell them: 'Go, and in the morning strike this person with a hundred spears!' And they strike him in the morning with a hundred spears. At noon the king would ask his men: 'How is that person?' — 'That person is still alive, your majesty.' — 'Then go and strike that person again at noontime with a hundred spears!' So they did, and in the evening the king asks them again: 'How now' — 'Still alive.' — 'Then go and in the evening strike that person again with a hundred spears!' And so they do.
"What do you think, O meditators? Will that person, struck with three hundred spears during a day, suffer pain and torment owing to that?"
"Even if one were to be struck only by a single spear, one would suffer pain and torment owing to it. How much more if one is being struck by three hundred spears!"
"In that manner, I say, O meditators, should the nutriment 'consciousness' be considered. If the nutriment consciousness is comprehended, mind-and-matter are thereby comprehended. And if mind and body are comprehended, there is, I say, no further work left to do for the noble disciple." — SN 12.63 

(Ven Buddhaghosa's Saarattha-ppakasini, the Commentary to the Samyutta-Nikaya)
Golden Buddha (Herward J Bunch/flickr)
In explaining the "need arisen" (atthuppatti), that is, the particular reason for the Buddha giving this discourse, the commentator says that, at that time, the monastic community (the Buddhist monks, nuns, and novices) received abundant support by way of alms food and other requisites. Considering this, the Buddha asked himself:
"Will the monastics be able to eat almsfood and still keep to that mindfulness and clear comprehension that lays hold (of the true nature) of nutriment? Will they be detached and free of desire and greediness?"

And he saw that there were some offspring of good families, recently ordained, who ate almsfood without due reflection. Seeing this he thought: "When I practiced the perfections (parami) for four incalculable periods and 100,000 kalpas (ages, either normal lifespan or aeons), I did not do so for the sake of monastic requisites -- such as robes, alms food, and so on -- but for the sake of the highest fruition, of sainthood (arhatship, enlightenment), did I practice them. Also these monastics who went forth under me did not go forth for the sake of these requisites, but for the sake of attaining sainthood did they go forth. And now they take the unessential for the essential, the worthless for what is worthy!"

Such concern arose in him and he further thought: "If it were possible to declare a fifth grave offense (parajika), monastics partaking of food without due reflection should be made a fifth grave offense. It is, however, not possible to do so, because food is constantly used by beings.

"But I shall speak to them in such a way that they will consider (such thoughtlessness) as if it were a fifth grave offense. I shall place before them a 'mirror of the Dharma' for their self-control and restraint so that contemplating it again and again, the monastics of times to come will make use of the four requisites only after due reflection." [This is why he gave the ghoulish and strange simile of the son's flesh. Eat with care and reverence, with consideration and for the sake of enlightenment.] More

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Veggie Thanksgiving around Los Angeles

Thanksgiving is a family feasting holiday celebrated in the United States, centered historically (and unfortunately) around a large dead bird.

Vegans and vegetarians sometimes work to introduce loved ones to compassionate veggie options as they meet the challenge to survive a carnivore-centric holiday socially with family and friends.

HappyCow is an easy way to find a restaurant full of like-minded people, or to pick up food and bring it to the Thanksgiving table.
green earth vegan pumpkin pieLos Angeles is not the only place featured on HappyCow this Thanksgiving, but it gives one an idea of all the abundant food available.
Green Earth Vegan, Pasadena
Delicious vegan pumpkin cheesecake from Green Earth Vegan is a holiday feast! Thanksgiving meals will be served from Nov. 26-30, 2014. Call for details.
Real Food Daily, Multiple Locations
RFD has several locations, including Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Pasadena, and one at LAX Airport Terminal 4 (first vegan restaurant at a major airport). Visit RFD’s website and download the PDF with the 21st annual “Thanksgiving To Go” details.
SunCafe, Studio City
SunCafe is actually closed on Thanksgiving Day. You can pre-order one of their COOKED VEGAN or RAW Thanksgiving To-Go Boxes instead. Call SunCafe at (818) 927-4100 to place orders. 

Polenta Wellington with mushroom pate, spinach, and butternut squash puree
Polenta Wellington (SunCafe)
I recently met Chef Tal Ronnen and experienced his culinary expertise at MUSE Talks at MUSE School CA in Calabasas. For an amazing elite Thanksgiving experience, plan to visit Crossroads on Melrose.
Café Gratitude, Venice Beach
FREE Thanksgiving until food runs out! Want to volunteer to help them? Call Café Gratitude Venice Beach. Cafe Gratitude’s Venice location is serving butternut squash and sage lentil loaf, garlic mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, raw stuffing, persimmon and pomegranate salad, and pumpkin pie. FREE between 11:00 am-3:00 pm or until the food runs out. Call Café Gratitude Venice Beach to find out their Los Angeles holiday details and hours. 

Native Foods, Westwood
Check out “Native Foods Thanksgiving To Go” and their Native Wellington. What is a Native Wellington? “It is an elegant puff-pastry filled with savory Native Seitan [wheat gluten], steamed kale, and thinly sliced yams complete with Native stuffing made from whole wheat bread, a caramelized onion compote, and rosemary and thyme herbed mushrooms.”
Native Foods Thanksgiving Wellington
The Native Wellington (
There are many other amazing options and restaurants in Los Angeles featuring veggie menus, or that are open during the holidays with their everyday fabulous offerings. Please review the Los Angeles listings in HappyCow to find out more.
Want to Celebrate Animals? 
farm sanctuary turkey
"Turpentine" the Turkey (
Make room for one more at the table, a centerpiece photo of the turkey adopted and saved! Love birds? Feel compassion for the living?

Real wild turkeys are big, beautiful, colorful, and AWESOME. Invite one to the table this Thanksgiving by visiting Farm Sanctuary's adoption page.

Then share a photo of a rescued turkey on the table, rather than a cholesterol-laden carcass: Here is a lovely photo album of their turkeys to get in the spirit! Click here.
Gentle Barn also has a Thanksgiving event where you can feed pie to real turkeys on Thanksgiving day! Contact them for reservations! What a great event for children.

Want to exercise off that fat?
tofurky trotThe star of veggie Thanksgiving, and deserving of all appreciation, is Turtle Island Food’s Tofurky -- a vegan faux turkey. Tofurky has given many veggie people a wonderful transitional and traditional Thanksgiving alternative.

Like to trot, run, or walk? Want to work off a feast early? Then help Tofurky celebrate the annual Tofurky Trot in Pasadena! For more info. click here.

Pumpkin cheesecake with brown sugar
Finally, enjoy a super vegan recipe that’s perfect for holiday eating! It’s pumpkin cheesecake with Bourbon brown sugar cream featured in The HappyCow Cookbook.
Thanks and appreciation from HappyCow for all contributions. HappyCow’s mission is: "To make healthy food choices easy to find and more accessible." Thanks to help and support, veggie people have an international resource to rely on.

Killer cop Darren Wilson tied to KKK

Oh, I didn't kill'im cuz I'm a racist. I killed'im cuz he was a negro, I mean, becuz he was comin' at me. That's what I did, I mean, what he did. Promoting institutional racism, possible Klan member, likely murderer, certain killer, Ferguson officer Darren Wilson.

Ferguson: Police Mole Helping Anonymous Identify KKK Link...
( "Anonymous" hacktivists, looking to link Darren Wilson with KKK. ...trying to prove a link between Darren Wilson and the Ku Klux Klan.

( In the process of outing Ku Klux Klan members, Anonymous discovered connections between the Klan and the “We Support Darren Wilson”...

Anonymous: KKK members may have infiltrated Ferguson cop...
( Anonymous claims it has identified members of the KuKluxKlan at a support group rally for police officer DarrenWilson, who shot and killed a...

( EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Darren Wilson demonstrator face claims of KKK infiltration after "imperial wizard" apparently spotted by anti-police demonstrators.
  • [Supposed] Activist group "Anonymous" claim to have identified Frank Ancona, Imperial Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK.
  • He and two other KKK members appear to have been at pro-Darren Wilson protest in Ferguson, Missouri.
  • No suggestion organizers suspected any KKK involvement in protests.
  • Town is flashpoint as grand jury about to decide on whether to indict officer who killed teenager Michael Brown.
Racists roam freely in U.S. and local PDs.
Klu Klux Klan members may have infiltrated groups supporting Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, it can be disclosed

Supporters for Darren Wilson have removed a photograph from their Facebook page in which activist group Anonymous claim to identify three members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Anonymous seized two of the Ku Klux Klan’s twitter accounts yesterday [Nov. 19] after the Klan distributed fliers threatening the use of "lethal force" should violence erupt in the wake of Ferguson Grand Jury’s decision on whether to indict Wilson.

Now, as part of Anon Cop Watch, the group has circulated numerous photographs "unhooding" Klan members.

Among them is one showing 13 members of the St Louis Klan. It is set shown alongside an image of a rally held in support of Darren Wilson rally in which, they claim, three Klan members feature prominently. More

( Anonymous claims to have found evidence linking Officer Darren Wilson directly to the Ku Klux Klan.

( Live Blog: Darren Wilson Won't Face Criminal Charges for Killing...front with the police and from the back with the Ku Klux Klan,” she says.

A Ku Klux Klan group claims it is around Ferguson and fundraising...
(, Aug. 20, 2014) The Ku Klux Klan launches a nationwide propaganda push. wrote that he had been told to send money directly to Darren Wilson.

Anonymous says they've linked Darren Wilson to KKK "Ghoul...
( ...Obviously, if Anonymous proves Darren Wilson was a member, it will be... KKK group - the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan...

KKK leader calls KKK fundraiser for Darren Wilson "a scam"
(, Aug. 19, 2014) A Missouri chapter of the Ku Klux Klan is working to raise money for Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed unarmed black...

(, Aug. 18, 2014) ... Last week, a so-called Imperial Wizard for the Ku Klux Klan sent an email soliciting funds for Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who...

Live from Ferguson, Missouri (video); Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
"H-ll no, the time is NOW, h-ll no, we will not bow! Justice here, justice now!"

Ferguson demonstrations for justice, protesting police racism (democracynow)
What would Malcolm X do? We know what MLK Jr. said. We see what police do. Coverage of police murder of Mike Brown and resulting protests in Ferguson, 1 3 4

  • As Ferguson awaits the grand jury’s decision in the Michael Brown shooting in Missouri, we speak to attorney Bryan Stevenson, author of the new book, "Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption." With growing focus on the failures of the criminal justice system, Stevenson has been fighting those injustices case by case. He is founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, a group based in Alabama that... Nov 20, 2014
  • 2014-1118_seg1_ferguson-3
    Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency in advance of the grand jury’s pending decision in the Michael Brown shooting case. On Monday, Nixon issued an executive order to activate the state’s National Guard in response to what he called "the possibility of expanded unrest." Nixon cited the protests in Ferguson and the St. Louis area since Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was killed by police officer Darren... Nov 18, 2014
  • 0814_seg-01_ferguson
    There are conflicting reports out of Ferguson, Missouri, over the fate of embattled police chief Thomas Jackson. Unnamed government officials told CNN that Jackson is expected to step down as part of efforts to reform the police department following an officer’s killing of unarmed black teen Michael Brown in August. But Chief Jackson and the city’s mayor say the reports are false. This comes as a grand jury weighs whether the... Oct 29, 2014 
  • Jesse_williams_ferguson
    When Democracy Now! was in St. Louis to report on Ferguson October, we spoke with Grey’s Anatomy actor and activist Jesse Williams, who joined thousands in calling for police accountability and justice for Michael Brown. Oct 13, 2014 | Web Exclusive
  • S1-ferguson3
    Since the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown two months ago, protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, have defied a militarized crackdown and taken to the streets to call for the arrest of police officer Darren Wilson, who shot him. Their efforts have made Ferguson the ground zero for the movement against police brutality and racial bias. Democracy Now! was there this weekend when thousands of people traveled to St. Louis to take part in... Oct 13, 2014
  • S2-ferguson-october
    Demonstrations over the police killing of an unarmed teenager in St. Louis, Missouri, continued for a second night ahead of a national weekend of action in nearby Ferguson over the police killing of Michael Brown two months ago. Organizers have invited the Brown family to take part. Dr. Cornel West and actor Harry Belafonte are also among those expected to attend the events, which include a mass march and a planned act of civil disobedience.... Oct 10, 2014
  • 0827_seg-03_ferguson-protests-v2
    In the wake of the police shooting of unarmed Michael Brown, activists in Ferguson, Missouri, are calling on people to join them this weekend — from October 10 to 13 — for a national protest against police racial bias and violence against black and Latino communities. Oct 07, 2014 | Web Exclusive
  • Fergusonprotests
    Protests continue in Ferguson, Missouri, calling for the arrest of Darren Wilson, the officer who killed the unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown. On Friday, officers dismantled an encampment where activists had been living in the weeks since Brown’s death. Some accused police of excessive force. More protests took place over the weekend, including one outside the Ferguson Police Department Sunday night. Two officers were... Sep 29, 2014 
  • Fergusonmilitarizationpolice
    President Obama has ordered a White House-led review of federal programs that fund and distribute military equipment to state and local police. Obama cited concern at how such equipment was used during the recent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following the police killing of Michael Brown. One of the BearCat armored trucks used during protests there was paid for with $360,000 in Homeland Security grants. According to Pentagon data published by... Aug 29, 2014
  • Fergusonprotestpoliceharassment
    As the police killing of Michael Brown has focused global attention on the racial divide in the counties in and surrounding St. Louis, Missouri, a new report may explain why residents’ mistrust of the police runs so deep. It shows how a large part of the revenue for these counties comes from fines paid by African-American residents who are disproportionately targeted for traffic stops and other low-level offenses. In Ferguson, the fines and...

Berkeley, Mexico, Ferguson, SEX Work (audio)

Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, Seth Auberon, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly; Margaret Prescod (; Sarah Lazare (; Sam Levin
"You raise fees, we raise hell"! UC Berkeley students in front of Sproul Hall protest unprecedented tuition hikes by former Obama Cabinet Sec'y of Homeland Security now President of UC System, lesbian bully Janet Napolitano.
Study: severe racial disparities in U.S.
On Nov. 24, 2014 a Missouri grand jury declined to indict white policeman Darren Wilson, who [apparently murdered an unarmed teenager when he] shot and killed Michael Brown.

Protests broke out in Ferguson, Missouri, where Brown was killed as well as cities across the U.S. including Los Angeles, New York, the capital Washington DC, Chicago, Oakland, and others.  

Hunger strike at Sci Camp Hill
The Sojourner Truth radio show spends the hour getting reaction to the verdict, discussing whether justice is possible, and what the next steps could be. Guests: Regional Organizer for Project South Ash-Lee Henderson, Executive Director Rashad Robinson (, Executive Director Center for Constitutional Rights Vince Warren, Civil rights icon Dave Dennis, and Executive Director of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law Barbara Arnwine. AUDIO 

"We Want Them Back Alive": Tens of Thousands March Through Mexico City Demanding Justice
Peaceful demonstrators march in Mexico, demand justice for the 43 missing.
Seven weeks after the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students, the largest demonstration yet to take place was brought about by students, teachers, poor farmers, and workers. And it reveals growing national outrage.

Tens of thousands poured into the streets of Mexico City Thursday in the largest expression of public outrage since 43 students from the town of Ayotzinapa in Guerrero state were disappeared, and likely massacred, seven weeks ago. 

Part of a national day of action to protest the state's response to -- and the Iguala mayor's alleged role in -- the killings, the protest escalates the already acute political crisis seizing the Mexican government, which was heightened by recent revelations that the first lady, in the midst of the turmoil, is building a lavish mansion.

The protesters spanned generations and included teachers, students, workers, poor farmers, and the unemployed. Many held candles and pictures of the disappeared as cries of, "It was the state!" and "Get out Peña!" swept through the demonstration. At numerous points, marchers counted to 43 in unison, followed by a shout of "Justicia!"

Demonstrators demanded, “They took them alive, we want them back alive!” -- a reference to the country's Dirty Wars of the 1960s and 70s in which leftists were hunted down and disappeared by the government.

The protest marked the 104 year anniversary of the launch of the Mexican revolution and was timed to coincide with a nationwide strike.

"Mexicans are ready to explode," said Homero Aridjis, an activist, poet, and participant in the march. "Corruption has touched bottom, people are poor, suffering violence. They are fed up and desperate."
SEX Workers
Sam Levin (
Victims of police violence, sex workers
For nearly 50 years, the California Victim Compensation Program has provided financial aid to victims of violent crime in order to help them pay their medical bills, and to pay for mental health services, crime-scene cleanup, and other costs, including the loss of income. Although the state has doled out more than $2.3 billion to victims through this program, until recently sex workers were not among the recipients. That changed last December after intense protests -- including testimony from sex workers who spoke of facing horrific violence on the job -- prompted the board that oversees the program to repeal the regulation that banned prostitutes from receiving aid. Yet, while sex worker activists and civil rights groups across the country celebrated that decision, the state has taken steps in recent months that would effectively reverse last December's ruling...
Black life matters. Black life matters. Black life matters.

Prosecutor manipulates Grand Jury; Hagel out

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Euronews, 11-25-14
Justice demands an indictment. Attorney Rob McCulloch fails (

"Riot is the language of the unheard" - MLK Jr.

Whites protest racist injustice in USA.
From Los Angeles and Oakland, California to New York, there have been widespread protests in the wake of the Ferguson ruling -- not an ordinary grand jury but a secret, one-sided trial orchestrated by a racist, biased, pro-police prosecutor to make it impossible for the hand selected grand jurors to reasonably return any other "verdict."

What should have gone to public trial was instead litigated behind closed doors where outrageously murderer Darren Wilson was allowed to give his side of why he chose to kill unarmed teenager Michael Brown, whereas all eyewitnesses were systematically discounted, discredited, and dismissed unless they confirmed Wilson's story.

Hands up, don't shoot, racist policeman.
The purpose of the grand jury system is to determine simply if there is enough of a reason to send someone to trial, not to secretly hold a one-sided trial. We were all deprived of justice, all deprived of a vigorous prosecution, or any kind of justice.

Therefore, justice goes to the street to demand reform. Out of 165,000 grand jury cases in one year, only 11 failed to bring back an indictment, according to Vince Warren (Democray Now!, Sojourner Truth, Nov. 25, 2014).

Right wing hypocrite
In Los Angeles, demonstrators expressed frustration and disappointment with the decision but few said they were surprised by the official ruling as they consider the life of a young black man is considered cheap.

Demonstrator Haki Daniels said: "I didn't really anticipate any different outcome. I mean, he was around my age, I'm 17. So it's a possibility that I could be shot and killed and there would be no justice to c… More (
Obama lied: US War on Afghanistan to continue
(, Nov. 24, 2014)

Mouthpiece for the Pentagon
Obama pressures Secretary of War Hagel to resign and step down or be fired then lies about it as U.S. president signs secret order to continue U.S. War on Afghanistan.

Did he jump ship, or was he pushed off? Officially, Chuck Hagel has "resigned" as U.S. Defense Secretary after less than two years on the job -- in a move confirmed by Pres. B.S. Obama at the White House.

The mainstream media is set up to perpetuate the status quo, the sexist, racist, capitalist ways things are, and there's nothing anyone can do about it...or is there? (Tom Tomorrow/
The disappointing U.S. president heaped fake praise on Hagel, a U.S. War on Vietnam veteran and former Republican senator. (After all, allegedly "liberal," "progressive," "socialist," Nobel Peace Laureate Pres. Obama selected a Republican to lead the Department of War via the Pentagon war rooms, and no one in the mainstream media made much of it).

"There is one thing I know about Chuck," Obama told a joint news conference between bouts of fake praise. "He does not make this or any decision lightly. This decision [to accept me telling him to step down] does not come easily to him. But I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to h… More

More torture for U.S. prisoners?
Defend prisoner whistleblowers. Defend the Dallas 6 (
Will there be blowback from the [Nov. 20, 2014] Daily News cover story about the use of excessive force in the Philadelphia prison system? "If they can't do the time, they shouldn't do the crime," some will say about my colleague Dana DiFilippo's tale of inmates who died under questionable circumstances or are alleged to have suffered injuries at the hands of prison officials. 
What else might ordinary people reflexively say?"Criminals crying over mistreatment? Too bad they didn't cry over mistreating their victims!" "It's a prison, not a resort. Criminals get what they deserve."
It is as if an inmate's sentence -- handed down by a biased judge or jury, after hearing both sides of a case -- somehow requires more mistreatment, neglect, terror, or death. As if an unquestioned perk of any correctional officer's job is to beat an inmate with impunity because if someone is stupid enough to get incarcerated, whatever happens is that person's fault [not his or her attacker's]. More, Nov. 24, 2014
No Justice No Peace
Uprising Radio guest expert Rahul Mahajan (sociologist, news analyst, and author of Full Spectrum Dominance: US Power in Iraq and Beyond) analyzes today’s news headlines: Pres. Obama has secretly extended the US invasion and illegal occupation of Afghanistan despite a public pledge to draw down troops (or at least convert them to "adviser" status). Previously, only about 10,000 troops were to remain per bilateral “status-of-forces” agreement signed by Afghanistan’s newly installed Pres. Ashraf Ghani. Now, according to a story based on unnamed officials, the... More
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