Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving: Native American truth (video)

RT; Xochitl, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (beacon.org)
Native American dreaming of the lost past after British and earlier European invasions.

(RT) "The Truth Seeker" with James Bushell looks at the world's worst genocide, the "American Holocaust," hypocritically celebrated in the USA as "Thanksgiving"

We didn't know! The U.S. lied to us!
Still want to celebrate Thanksgiving? Native American history -- that is, pre-American colonialism -- tells a far different story than the lies our teachers told us.

Our American mis-education system is a cynical joke bent on distorting and covering up the truth at every turn. But as the Buddha taught that three things cannot remain hidden: the sun, the moon, and the TRUTH.

Lies My Teacher Told Me
Sadly, our mainstream media is a kind of "propaganda arm" for the U.S. government with its many tentacles and alphabet-agencies (e.g., NSA, NSC, CIA, FBI, ICE, DARPA, DHS, IRS...).

So we have to go outside of the country, to a Russian-sponsored news organization, to catch a glimpse of the truth our country keeps from us.

(Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz)
Given that this happened, is it any wonder we fund "Israel" and promote genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine?

Hooray for our side! We're so much better than other people over there here in the "land of the free." *Eye roll* (RT).
Who discovered America? Afghan and Chinese Buddhist missionaries
    While Jewish-Italian Catholic-convert Columbus did NOT discover America, he did invade and enslave a fully populated continent. Buddhists arrived earlier (E. P. Vining/archive.org).
    What could Native Americans have done to ward off murderous Christian enslavers, rapists, murderers, and disease-spreading Europeans coming to exploit another new land?
    US/Israel's genocide today:
    Video backs claims of US-backed Israeli military ("defense forces") criminal abuses
    "Criticism is NOT antisemitism."
    Israeli "police" stand guard after they rammed a Palestinian demonstrator during clashes outside Ramallah. Recent video has shown Israeli troops shooting a Palestinian lying in the street at close range, pepper-spraying medics, chasing and ramming a Palestinian with their jeep, and threatening refugee camp residents with tear gas “until you die” unless they stop throwing stones. The flurry of such footage comes at a time when growing numbers of Palestinians for the first time have the tools to document such incidents; half of Palestinian households have at least one smart phone, or 10-fold what it was five years ago, according to official statistics (AP).
    Humans stand against war crimes.
    Genocide? Genocide is such a horrible word? Can we call it something else instead? Ethnic cleansing? Settling the wild west? Doing the God of Love's will?

    RAMALLAH, West Bank [formerly Palestine] - Recent videos show Israeli troops shooting a wounded Palestinian at close range, pepper-spraying Palestinian medics, ramming a Palestinian with a jeep, and threatening refugee camp residents with tear gas "until you die" unless they stop throwing stones.

    The CIA teaches Israel tricks of war.
    Palestinians and Israeli human rights groups contend the images, many captured by amateur smartphone users, buttress long-standing allegations of excessive force -- particularly amid a wave of Palestinian stabbing attacks in which top Israeli politicians and security commanders have encouraged forces to shoot to kill suspected assailants.

    Police state agents of the Israeli [War] Forces (IDF) commit abuses, cover their tracks (AP).
    "There is a very clear message sent by those politicians and military commanders that this is how law enforcement should behave," said Sarit Michaeli of the Israeli group B'Tselem, which documents rights abuses.
    Israel's army and police defended the actions shown in the videos, with the exception of an officer who was suspended over the tear gas threat. "Our activities in all of the cases have been responses to Palestinian aggression," said Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, an Israeli military spokesman. Israel itself has released several videos showing its forces shooting stabbers.

    We are all drafted into the army, become militants, become complicit in war crimes (AP).
    Video footage is increasingly central in the competition over international opinion -- a contest Palestinians say they often lost in the past when it came down to their word against that of the Israeli military or Jewish settlers. More

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