Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vegan Thanksgiving (FREE potluck)

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Here, you st*pid savages, you must be hungry! Let us teach you how to survive (lol) before we ourselves starve to death from not following our own advice. More of us are coming.
This is the harvest season -- a time of feasting and celebrating Mother Earth and her bounty. There's Halloween, Samhain, the solstice, the Day of the Dead, and the meal to end all meals, bird-friendly Thanksgiving!

As we barrel through the bounty, wouldn't it feel nice that no one got killed? No one got hurt? No blood was shed at all? There's a delicious way to do it. If you don't know how, come share and learn:
(Bite Size Vegan) What's the true story surrounding the origin of Thanksgiving?

Don't be a jack...donkey. Go vegan (WQ).
Let’s look behind the wholesome image at the actual historical basis of our all-American holiday and the way we currently celebrate it. It is built on the genocide of a people we celebrate with an annual genocide of animals. Learn what really happens to turkeys raised and killed for Thanksgiving and the people violated and killed during the first ever Thanksgiving.

We like to work up an appetite with a hike before eating. The dogs love it! (WQ)

A peaceful, cruelty-free home is a happy home promoting peace for the holidays (WQ).

Thanksgiving Day LA:
Rancho Park Vegan Potluck Picnic
Delicious vegan vittles, savory soups, fresh greens, mouth watering desserts... (WQ)
Friendship is best! Sacrifice animals to eat?
This event is promoted far and wide and usually has hundreds of attendees, most of them without a MeetUp RSVP.

Invite your friends. Non-vegans are welcome and encouraged. For each member of your party, please bring a ready to serve vegan dish to share that will serve at least 8-10 people.
Morning in the park, evening with family
For example, if there are 2 people in your party, please bring 16-20 servings. "Vegan" means no meat, birds, fish, eggs, dairy (butter, milk, whey), or honey. It's cruelty-free, and that means no animal products at all.
Organic, chemical-free, GMO-free foods are encouraged. Cooked and raw vegan food are welcome. There will be a space designated for raw foods. Also, be conscious to place your dish in that area only if every ingredient in it is 100% raw. (Pasteurized foods, commercially canned or boxed food, and most jarred products are not raw).

Please bring the ingredient list to help people with allergies and sensitivities decide what to eat. Sorry, public park rules say no alcohol, not even vegan alcohol. To prevent paper, waste, and plastic pollution, please bring your own recyclable plates, bowls, cups, eating and serving utensils.

A vegan spread is delicious with traditional flavors (WQ)
We start gathering at 11:00 AM, have a beautiful opening circle at noon, then begin our shared feast right after that!

LOCATION: Enter Racho Park at the north entrance on Motor Avenue, the first entrance south of Pico Blvd. When you enter the park, there is a free parking area on the left. Drive past this parking area and follow the road to the next parking area, which is a few hundred feet down. Walk to the picnic tables across the grass, behind the baseball field. Posted "VEG" signs will point the way. There is another picnic area at the far end, close to the parking lot, which is not our picnic area).

You are welcome and encouraged to help coordinate the Vegan Picnic on Thanksgiving Day in Rancho Park. To participate in planning, send an email. More 

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