Friday, November 27, 2015

Speaking to Sasquatch (Bigfoot tribe)

Pat Macpherson, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; investigator Mike Paterson, Sasquatch Nephatia, telepath Kathleen Odom, inter-species communicator Jann Weiss ("Sasquatch and Us")

Mike Paterson of "Sasquatch Ontario" is interviewed in this episode. Afterwards, trance medium channel Kathleen Odom reads a transcript of the telepathic communication session that she facilitated between the American man Mike and the Sasquatch Nephatia, with whom he regularly interacts.
Strikingly, the words received by Kathleen concerning the name of a Sasquatch youngster were vocally confirmed several days later in the field by Nephatia and recorded by Mike.

The gov't would tell us if they were real.
The episode concludes with a tribute to noted inter-species communicator, author, and lecturer Jann Weiss, who died last December. Her consciousness continues to be warmly felt. 

See Jann's complete, unedited interview from the 2012 documentary "Sasquatch and Us."
( Retired U.S. Forest Ranger Charles Branson knows Sasquatch is real
  • SPEAKING OF SASQUATCH (FirAndCedar) is a monthly webcast that offers a counterpoint to the popular media's often sensational and inaccurate representations of Sasquatch. It is a forum for the Sasquatch people to address hairless humans directly by way of trance mediums and sensitives. Comment on Facebook. Contact Kathleen Odom at Webcast reported by filmmaker Christopher Munch ("Letters From the Big Man"). © 2014 Antarctic Pictures LLC • All Rights Reserved.
When seeing is still not believing
Mysterious Encounters with Autumn Williams featuring Bob Gimlin

"Mysterious Encounters" (hosted by scientist Autumn Williams, founder of was the first Bigfoot TV series, which ran for 13 episodes in 2003-04 on OLN. Producer Doug Hajicek, Co-producer Matt Moneymaker.

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