Thursday, November 26, 2015

Healing sounds for relaxed meditation (audio)

Tibetan Healing Sounds #2, 11 Hours of Tibetan Buddhist bowls for meditation and healing

"Families are like fudge...mostly sweet with a few nuts." (
Now if I could only concentrate! (Mishel Breen)
Sometimes family can drive one mad and make one yearn for a simpler life -- like living the life of a severe ascetic in the Himalayas, preferably in a cave without air conditioning, and only silent companions to cheer one on by example during the interminable hours of meditation, pacing, studying, and chanting living on meager food of roots, berries, shilajit, and rice seasoned only with pink Himalayan salt, struggling for enlightenment with the help of the Mountain and a distant guru who's living the good life in Dharamsala or Lhasa... On the other hand, maybe family life isn't so bad. But a person can dream and listen to the sweet, uplifting sound of singing bowls, ancient mantras, and a chorus of scriptures intoned for maximum impact on the psyche.
Tibetan Healing Sounds: Singing Bowls and natural sounds, gold for meditation and relaxation

The [Wells'] Dysfunctional Family Tree (Dan Collins/

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