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US lacks its Mexican historical sites

Associated Press (; Crystal Quintero, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
A makeshift memorial to Hispanic Civil War Union soldiers who fought in the Battle of Glorieta Pass in Northern New Mexico outside Santa Fe. It's a typical representation for many sites linked to U.S. Latino history: It's shabby, largely unknown and always at risk of disappearing if it weren't for a handful of history aficionados. The lack of historical markers and preserved historical sites connected to Latino civil rights worries scholars who feel the scarcity is affecting how Americans see Hispanics in U.S. history.

US lacks Latinx historical sites and landmarks, scholars say
GLORIETA PASS, New Mexico - A makeshift memorial to "Hispanic" [largely Mexican] Civil War Union soldiers in an isolated part northern New Mexico is a typical representation of sites linked to U.S. "Latinx" history: It's shabby, largely unknown, and at risk of disappearing.
Dr. Hector Perez GarciaAcross the U.S. many sites historically connected to key moments in "Latin" civil rights lie forgotten, decaying, or in danger of quietly dissolving into the past without acknowledgment. 
Scholars and advocates say a lack of preservation, resistance to recognition, and even natural disasters make it hard for sites to gain traction among the general public, which affects how Americans see Latinos in U.S. history.
The birthplace of farmworker union leader Cesar Chavez sits abandoned in Yuma, Arizona. The Corpus Christi, Texas, office of Dr. Hector P. Garcia, where the Mexican-American civil rights movement was sparked, is gone.

And no markers exist where pioneering educator George I. Sanchez captured images of New Mexico poverty for his 1940 groundbreaking book Forgotten People.
"People need to see history, they need to touch it, they need to feel it, they need to experience it," said Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, a journalism professor at the University of Texas who has worked to preserve Latinx historical sites. "When something is preserved, it's a daily reminder of our history."
Democrats new strategy at mid-terms
Many states have historical markers and sites dedicated to Latinx history but they usually center around the Spanish exploration [European exploitation] era, colonial times and Old West settlement periods, scholars and advocates say.

Those are "safe" sites because they downplay the racism and segregation Latinos had to overcome, said Luis Sandoval, a nonprofit consultant in Yuma who is pushing for the region to honor Chavez' legacy. More

Best Democracy Money Can Buy

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Blurred Lines: Sex, Power, Consent (audio)

(Fresh Air, 10/11/18); Crystal Q., Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
How notions of Sex, Power, and Consent are changing in college

Blurred Lines author Vanessa Grigoriadis says female college students were once told to protect themselves from sexual assault by learning self-defense. Now, the focus is on changing men's behavior.
TERRY GROSS (Transcript): The Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation raised the question again, How do we decide who to believe when a woman says she was sexually assaulted by someone she knows behind a closed door and the man denies it? That's an issue universities have been grappling with.
Guest Vanessa Grigoriadis is the author of Blurred Lines: Sex, Power, and Consent on Campus. Over the course of three years, she interviewed 120 students from 20 universities, spoke with nearly 80 administrators and experts, and read dozens of case reports.

How far will felony lying get a judge?
She says that while writing the book, she witnessed a historic moment when survivors moved from the shadows to the spotlight, first on campus, and then nationwide with the #MeToo movement. Grigoriadis is a contributing editor at The New York Times Magazine and Vanity Fair and has won a National Magazine Award.

It turns out, pretty far. What entitlement.
You know, you write in your book that there's a new understanding of what rape and sexual assault means that started on college campuses, but with the #MeToo movement, it spread beyond campuses.

What did the Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation tell you about how far that new understanding has spread? I guess what I'm asking you is this, If the Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee had gone to college campuses, what... More

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Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead);; Crystal Quintero, Xochitl (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Spanish culture invaded Mexico
Ontario, California – On exhibit from today October 11, 2018 to Saturday, November 10, 2018, the Ontario Museum of History & Art presents its annual Día de los Muertos ("Day of the Dead") exhibit.

The museum has been honoring Day of the Dead traditions with large-scale exhibitions and events for two decades. Día de los Muertos: Everyday Heroes showcases vibrant pieces of art honoring the deceased.

To live and love Life, one must not fear Death.
Día de los Muertos emphasizes remembrance of past lives and a celebration of the continuity of life. It is a tradition with roots extending to Mexico's oldest pre-Columbus civilizations.

Explore Día de los Muertos through the artwork of local artists at this annual exhibit showcasing contemporary work in painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, ofrendas ("offerings," altars), and the participants from a citywide ornament contest. Admission is FREE. For more information, call (909) 395-2510. (NOTE: Museum is closed on Nov. 11).

The increasingly popular Día de los Muertos holiday is a vibrant celebration of life and loved ones celebrated on November 1st and 2nd each year. It is a long standing cultural celebration in Latin America with strong ties to indigenous Mexican culture. More

  • FREE: Remember Me Artist Reception
  • Saturday, 1:00-3:00 PM, Oct. 13th, 2018
  • Ontario Museum of History & Art
  • 225 South Euclid Ave., Ontario, CA 91762

Disney has SEX on the brain (video)

Amerikano; Family Guy via Fun and Stuff; CC Liu, Crystal Quintero (eds.),Wisdom Quarterly

(Fun and Stuff) The Disney Universe (Family Guy S08 E01 02)

Why is Disney trying to hide this secret? 
Want to become a YouTuber? Pick up Amerikano's YouTube Guide e-book at

Mysterious discoveries in Egypt (video)

Origins Explained, Oct. 8, 2018; Crystal Quintero, CC Liu, Xochitl (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Most Mysterious Discoveries Made in Egypt
Let's look at the most mysterious discoveries made in Egypt. This Top 10 list of recent bizarre archaeological discoveries from Egypt is baffling scientists. What are they?

10. Mystery Heads: Finding disembodied heads underground in an Ancient Egyptian tomb sounds like something from a horror movie. But don’t worry, they’re not real heads. As for what they were doing there, the jury’s still out. The heads are a bit of a mystery to this day. The first examples were discovered in 1894 and since then, over 30 have been located. They were nicknamed ‘reserve heads’ because… well, they looked like a bunch of spare heads!

9. The Giza Void: It’s amazing how even the oldest landmarks can still surprise you. In 2017 experts were very surprised when examining the legendary Great Pyramid of Giza on the West Bank of the Nile. As you may know, but just in case you don’t this ancient wonder of the world was built for Pharaoh Khufu and is the largest one of three.

8. Kites Mysterious: lines in the Egyptian deserts have been seen from the air for around a century. Everyone was wondering what they were! It turns out, they’re made up of little stone walls, not very high at all, in a kite-style formation. Some of them are as long as 40 miles. Even more mysterious was the fact that they lead toward a pit in the sand.

7. King Tut’s Mummy: One of the great mysteries of Ancient Egypt is the circumstances surrounding the death of King Tutankhamun. Howard Carter found his legendary tomb in 1922 and made him a historical superstar. What’s maybe not as well known is that King Tut died very young, while in his teens.

6. Black Boxes: If you thought the Great Pyramid of Giza sounded mysterious, wait till you hear about what was found in Memphis! In a cave network 12 miles away from Giza, 24 big black boxes were found. They weigh 100 tons each and are so unusual that some believe them to be alien artifacts!

5. Lost Labyrinth: In the vicinity of the Middle Egyptian city of Faiyum, 62 miles (100 km) southwest of Cairo, there is an area known as Faiyum Oasis. Supposedly, there lies what’s left of one of the most immense and talked-about structures of Ancient Egypt…the mysterious Lost Labyrinth.

4. That’s a Wrap: Though people don’t know a lot about Ancient Egypt, there are certain things everybody knows about, hopefully. Egypt is famous for its pyramids and also the mummies. Examples have been found of mummies that don’t look the way you’d expect. Take this one in the Louvre museum in Paris. It’s an exhibit in the long-established Department of Egyptian Antiquities, which is made up of an impressive 30 rooms showcasing all manner of finds.

3. The Dendera Light: While we believe the light bulb is a relatively modern invention, some commentators would dispute this. In fact they’d go so far as to say the Ancient Egyptians had access to a power source that gave them things like electric light way before it was officially invented!

2. Exploding Pyramid: So I just mentioned a possible power supply in ancient Egypt. But what if I told you about another theory on this subject that takes place on a MUCH bigger scale? It all revolves around that classic image we associate with the time…a pyramid.

1. The Building of the Pyramids: I know, we’ve talked a lot about pyramids but this is a video about Ancient Egypt! What did you expect? After many, many years, the question still is, how did the pyramids get built in the first place? The construction of these mighty structures is a matter of ongoing debate between pros and amateurs alike. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

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Indigenous Peoples Day 2018, Los Angeles

Xochitl, Dhr. Seven, Crystal Q. (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; RT; CBS Los Angeles, Oct. 8, 2018

LA celebrates first Indigenous Peoples Day
The Los Angeles City Council, heeding the direction of Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell, voted to replace the genocidal imperialist enslaver Cristobal Columbus Day with a holiday celebrating native populations last year. Chris Holmstrom reports.

(RT/Tyrel Ventura) Erased History of Native Americans before Europeans

Life Before Columbus
(Watching the Hawks RT #138) Real History of Thanksgiving and Black Lives Under Fire
On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace take a look at the media’s fear-mongering as the American holiday season ramps up at Halloween and Thanksgiving. Tabetha Wallace offers an exclusive look at The True Story Behind Thanksgiving. Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin sends the first ever re-usable rocket into orbit and back down to earth again. The team goes live to RT Correspondent Manuel Rapalo for the latest on the video of the police shooting of Laquan McDonald in Chicago. [The killer cop has now been found guilty of murder, and is awaiting sentencing after his conviction on multiple charges along with six fellow officers who lied to shield their fellow murderer in blue from the law]. Anya Parampil offers us the latest from the shootings at the Black Lives Matter protests in Minneapolis. A Syrian refugee offers warm meals to feed the homeless in Berlin so as to give back to the people who accepted him into their country.

Calming the Mind: Meditation (video)

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche (; Crystal Qunitero, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Kill 'em all: Last Chance To See (video)

Interesting Facts, 8/18/18; Last Chance to See; Crystal Q., CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

10 Most Insane Rare Animals You Won't Believe Exist
There are about 8.7 million discovered species of animals in the world with many more being discovered every day. Some of these animals are well known and we see a lot of them every day such as our domestic dogs and cats and other pets we keep as companions. But in that big list of species are animals that are so rare that some people have never seen them before, and some creatures are becoming extinct due to humans. It's surprising that some of these creatures exist at all because they are so strange. But here are the 10 rarest animals in the world for everyone's enjoyment. Let’s get started. 10. Hydromedusa Jellyfish – Deep in the Mariana Trench exists some amazing creatures never seen before by humans until recently. This jellyfish surprised marine biologists and you might notice that it looks somewhat like an alien spacecraft. 9. Sumatran Rhino – When you first see this creature, it really doesn’t resemble the rhino that everyone is familiar with such as the now extinct western black rhino, or the soon to be extinct white rhino with only two females left in the world. 8. Rafetus Turtle – Also known as the Yangtze giant softshell turtle... More
Last Chance to See
Bestselling author Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and zoologist Mark Carwardine take off around the world in search of exotic, endangered creatures.

Join them as they encounter the Animal Kingdom in its stunning bea.astonishing variety, and imminent peril:
  • the giant Komodo dragon of Indonesia
  • the helpless but lovable Kakapo of New Zealand
  • the blind river dolphins of China
  • the white rhinos of Zaire
  • the rare birds of Mauritius island in the Indian Ocean.
Hilarious and poignant -- as only Douglas Adams can be -- Last Chance to See is an entertaining and arresting odyssey through the Earth’s magnificent wildlife galaxy. 

Praise for Last Chance to See
“Lively, sharply satirical, brilliantly written...shows how human care can undo what human carelessness has wrought.”

—The Atlantic
“These authors don’t hesitate to present the alarming facts: More than 1,000 species of animals (and plants) become extinct every year....Perhaps Adams and Carwardine, with their witty science, will help prevent such misadventures in the future.” 
—Boston Sunday Herald
“Very funny and moving...The glimpses of rare fauna seem to have enlarged [Adams’s] thinking, enlivened his world; and so might the animals do for us all, if we were to help them live.”
—The Washington Post Book World
“[Adams] invites us to enter into a conspiracy of laughter and caring.”

Los Angeles Times
“Amusing...thought-provoking...Its details on the heroic efforts being made to save these animals are inspirational.”
The New York Times Book Review

True Story of The Philadelphia (video)

The History Channel via DocSpot 2018; Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment (documentary), March 3, 2018 upload 100% non-profit

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Science is fun: strange materials (video)

TOP 10 INFORMATION - TTI; Seth Auberon, Dhr. Seven, Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly

7 strange, cool materials that actually exist!
Symbolic encoding in sacred art
Here are seven of the strangest materials that actually exist. The material world, according to Buddhist physics, is composed of kalapas, the "particles of perception." These are actually the qualities of material, combinations of the various elements (maha-dhatu). But there materiality is treated in the ultimate sense to see it for what it really is rather than thinking that things are what they seem. And better than science, which seeks to demonstrate things to others, Buddhist physics is concerned with direct experience of the ultimate truth for the purpose of liberation from delusion, aversion, and attraction to things characterized by being impermanent, unsatisfactory, and (strangest of all) impersonal.

But dense mercury and light table salt make no sense together.

But science is the secular "religion" of the day. Contact for more information. One strange material is an ultra hydrophobic (water-resistant) material called Gentoo, a next generation, corrosion-resistant, easy-cleaning coating. More

"Beavis & Butt-Head" (documentary)

Mike Judge (MTV); Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval, Crystal Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
(Next of Ken, March 9, 2018) 33 moments from "Beavis & Butt-Head" that will always be funny"
I am Cornholio. I need TP for my bunghole! " In this episode of Next of Ken, let's count down 33 moments from an MTV show that is definitely an acquired taste. However, it spawned two spinoff shows, "King of the Hill" and "Daria," all three of which achieved amazing success (

(Unimportant Entertainment, July 1, 2018) Beavis and Butt-Head is an American adult animated sitcom created and designed by Mike Judge for MTV. The series originated from "Frog Baseball," a horrific 1992 short film by Judge that originally aired on Liquid Television.

After seeing the short MTV signed Judge to develop the concept. The series first ran from March 8, 1993 to November 28, 1997. It was later renewed for an eighth season, which aired from October 27 to December 29, 2011. In 1996, the series was adapted into the animated feature film Beavis and Butt-Head Do America.

The show centers on two socially incompetent teenage delinquents, Beavis and Butt-Head (both voiced by Mike Judge), who attend school at Highland High in Highland, Texas. They have no apparent adult supervision at home, are dim-witted, under-educated, and barely literate. Both lack any empathy or moral scruples, even regarding each other.

They will usually deem things they encounter as "cool" if they are associated with heavy metal, violence, sex, destruction, or the macabre. While they have no experience with girls, the two share an obsession with sex. They tend to chuckle whenever they hear words or phrases that can even remotely be interpreted as sexual or scatological.

Each episode features frequent interstitial scenes in which they critique music videos using commentary improvised by Judge (in Season 8 they also commented on clips from other MTV shows such as The Jersey Shore and True Life, plus shows from other Viacom-owned networks such as Spike).

The remainder of the episodes depict the duo embarking on some kind of scheme or adventure.Their teachers at Highland High are often at a loss as to how to deal with them. And in many episodes they skip school altogether. Their actions sometimes result in serious consequences, but often for others, for which they themselves show no remorse.

News of the Day

Journey to the West: Monkey King

Wu Cheng'e, Timothy Richard, Daniel Kane; 1A; CC Liu, Crystal Q., Wisdom Quarterly

China's most popular traditional novel, Journey to the West is the thrilling story of the Monkey King and his epic quest, with his trusted companions, to redeem himself. They face fantastic foes, demons, and monsters during their amazing adventures traveling to the "Western paradise."

No matter what obstacle was put before him, the clever, wily Monkey King always got what he wanted—unimaginable strength, eternal life, even his own position in the Celestial Realm with the devas.

More than anything else, however, the Monkey King loved mischief and rule-breaking and was sure he was the most powerful creature in the world.

But after defeat and punishment for his tricks, the Monkey King found himself wanting some things he never expected: to be disciplined and good enough to help the monk Hsuan Zhang on his mission to bring Buddhist Scriptures—and enlightenment—to China.

Readers of all ages will thrill to Timothy Richard's retelling of the Monkey King's exploits—whether in the Dragon King's underwater castle, the Halls of the Dead, or the palace of the Buddha himself—and find themselves captivated as the Monkey King joins Hsuan Zhang and their companions the Dragon Horse, the Monk Sand, and the equally mischievous Pig on the dangerous trek West.

Despite the tale's ancient origins, Journey to the West proves as fresh and engaging an adventure as anything written today. More

Dharma Meditation Initiative: 7:00 PM, Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018

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How to fly (video)

XTreme Video; HBO; Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven, Crystal Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Dude, what's this samadhi y'all are talking about? That sounds rad.
(XTreme Video) Five Mind-Blowing Wingsuit Fly-Bys
"A fly-by is a flight past a point, especially the close approach of a spacecraft to a planet for observation." In this case it refers to proximity flying, one of the most engaged disciplines to emerge out of BASE Jumping. Witness the most incredible wingsuit fly-by ever done and check out the original videos and athletes in the description...
WingSuiting is the deadliest sport in the world: Real Sports (HBO)
Leaping off mountains wearing only a wingsuit may be thrilling, but it's also incredibly dangerous with 1:20 dying in the process. Yet, those flyers who are pushing the bounds of safety show no signs of slowing down. Connect with HBO Online Find HBO on or follow on and

If you want to fly, according to Douglas Adams, simply throw yourself at the ground...and miss. Another good way is buy a ticket and get on a major airline. Look, if the great Evolution had wanted us to fly, it would have given us wings or at least a longer tail. What if there were a way to glide, to hang glide, to dive through the air like a flying squirrel? Go the way of Felix Baumgartner and just jump from space. If the drop doesn't kill you, a heart attack might. (That was likely faked and bogus but with the backing of big money, so who dares to question it? We're sure it's just what it seems because who couldn't go eight Gs, faint, and come back in time to pull the rip cord and land a parachute, right? Right). There is also the Buddhist way, true flying, sitting crosslegged in the air and levitating by an act of will after mastering and emerging from the absorptions (jhanas, dhyanas). Everyone knows "concentration" is the secret to magic. It's just that almost know one knows the real meaning of concentration. It is not hankering and straining. It is gaining a coherent state of mind called samadhi then learning to manipulate that by passing through the levels of absorption in a particular pattern.

There's an easier way! Ask the devas.

1 Second Meditation (video)

Rinpoche (via MF/FB); Dhr. Seven, Ananda (Dharma Meditation Initiative), Wisdom Quarterly

1 Second Meditation: Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche on HOW TO meditate anywhere, anytime
Helmet reveals brainwave patterns (Sage U).
"Trying" to learn how to meditate is hard. Just doing it is much simpler -- when it finally clicks! This is a short video on how to meditate anytime and anywhere.
The shortest meditation technique using mind and body is explained by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. First there's the Monkey Mind. Let's give it a job: watch the breath.
What is meditation? Meditation means dispassionate awareness, not getting caught, hung up, or hooked on what's happening. We just watch, are just aware. Whatever we do with awareness is meditation in a sense, explains Rinpoche.
Watching the breath or listening to birds can be "meditation." As long as these activities are free from any other distraction, the Monkey Mind (being pulled into the habit of discursive thinking), it is effective meditation.

Meditation is not some technique but a way of life. It stands for a cessation of the thought process. It describes a state of consciousness when the mind is suddenly free from scattered thoughts and various habitual patterns.

Rather than diffusion and confusion, there is clarity and concentration (being pulled into the object of awareness rather than distractions from it).
Rinpoche nails it by putting everything we need to know in plain English. Mingyur Rinpoche Meditation Mind and Body Part 2 can now be watched.
The key for shortest meditation technique is to watch the breath and silence the Monkey Mind by watching the breath, by becoming fascinated and one-pointed on the breath, which mirrors and is interdependent with the mind. Rinpoche helps people throughout the world through easy techniques and guided meditations like the ones given here.
Dharma Meditation Initiative, Los Angeles

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Secret reunion "Nirvana" show (video)

Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; CalJam 2018 (

(Bionic Buzz, Oct. 7, 2018) The new and improved "Nirvana" Reunion with Joan Jett as Kurt Cobain but, sadly, no Bean Cobain, San Manuel Amphitheater (aka Glen Helen Festival Grounds), "Smells Like Teen Spirit" CalJam 2018

(HENT - Nirvana Tributo Rio) Nirvana REUNION live at CalJam, Oct. 6, 2018, with guests John McAulay, Joan Jett, and Brody Dalle plus Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Pat Smear.

Led Zep Greta Van Fleet also plays
Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters headline CalJam 2018, but rumor has it everything is set for a big surprise -- three members of Nirvana. Kurt -- who was most likely murdered by [__________*] and did not commit suicide if one examines the ample evidence ignored by local authorities who shut down the investigation prematurely -- was a Buddhist. And he was in a great deal of psychic pain. He named his band Nirvana, which means "the end of all suffering."

Legend Iggy Pop also plays the show to show up dull Billy Idol

Masters Tenacious D is on the show!
So with Dave, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear on hand, all that's needed is a nice hologram or a Beck-type stand-in, maybe Eddie Vedder singing the old hits. CalJam is a big show just outside of L.A. up the 15 Freeway at the Glen Helen Pavilion festival grounds, site of all the big hard rock shows. It's a cool climate for it, with a sudden spell of fall weather. If everyone there is able to say they saw "Nirvana," don't act like everyone wasn't warned in advance. There are so many bands that it might be a good show anyway. Stay tuned because a bigger, better show featuring System of a Down is coming to town. Tickets

The lineup is known ( and now so are the set times, so prepare well.

*She's known to be very litigious and if we write her name, her lawyers are likely to get bent out of shape, and it might hurt her daughter's feelings, too, so figure it out.The principal private investigator's book pointed the finger right at her. This is not our "opinion." This is what the evidence says.