Friday, December 7, 2018

Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World (video)

Brittany Hughes, Seven Wonders; Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Massive ancient stupa in Sri Lanka (wiki)
This kind note comes from Ms. Tharuka Lanka Geeganage: My feeling is that this documentary does not reach the point of introducing Theravada Buddhism. If a person new to Buddhism were to watch it, s/he would think it's a fancy and colorful religion in most cases. Yet the largest [Shakyian/Scythian] Buddhist burial mound, or stupa, in the world -- which houses a large collection of the historical Buddha's remains -- is situated in the ancient city of Anuradhapura. It is called "Ruwanvali Great Stupa," and it should be counted as the second wonder. I suggest that, if further details are needed on this, Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka, who are trained to have in-depth knowledge on Theravada Buddhism and the historical Buddha (Prince Siddhartha Gautama) be sought out and consulted to have this wonder included.

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