Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Immortality, youth, life-extension (video)

Crystal Quintero, Ashley Well, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Veronica Grey (eternalyouthandimmortality.com); Dr. Janni Lloyd; Dr. Westerdahl (VSH); Dr. M. Martine; RT
Hebe (devi): ancient Greek Goddess of Youth. India had ambrosia, the soma of the devas.
Six simple tips for health, youth, and vitality: avoid chemical sunscreens (use zinc instead), sleep well (no pillow), use coffee (not to drink), the best kind of sex. 7th tip: alchemy water.

V. Surfer Lady Grey (surfinguniverse.com)
“You’re never too old to become younger,” says Mae West. Many people believe in our immortality as inherent. Science agrees that energy is never lost, so immortality is not really a matter of choice. It is simply a matter of acceptance, depending on how one defines it. Remaining eternally youthful, however, IS a choice. The following secrets can assist us in enjoying life. There are various ways to define “immortal.” Why would anyone want to live forever if it meant being aged -- old and feeble? Aging is not the same as getting older.

(VSH) Dr. Westerdahl, Ph.D. talks about the power of plant foods.

One is the passing of chronological time (getting older); the other is the breakdown of the body (agedness). It is possible for time to pass and the body, which is renewable, to stay youthful. What if we can look exactly the way we intend and feel, which is as good as possible? Would anyone want to prolong the life span? If so, here is how. Time will pass, but aging is a choice. Each time we buy into aging we are actually CHOOSING it. If we blow out 30 candles on a cake thinking, “Okay, now I'm 30″ with a set of expectations of what that means, we CREATE it. We could think, as we blow out candles, “Yay, I'm 23 for the 7th year in a row!” More
  • Grey runs a charitable organization, so what one pays for her book is actually a tax-deductible donation: Simply reference the California tax-exempt ID number 3074058 to claim the deduction for the amount donated, which makes it a FREE gift in a sense. It is part of her universal service. If you prefer to order a paperback version, please visit Amazon.com and search for “Eternal Youth Empire.”
Where's the HARD science?
(Rtd.rt.com/FB) How long can a human live? How can we extend life? What's the secret? Travel back in time and learn what crazy things ancients used to do to look younger. Nowadays, the answer to the everlasting question CAN be found! Meet the scientists, film directors, members of an Abkhazian long-livers choir, and find out the recipe of immortality only on RT.
(Steve Paikin) After studying centenarians all over the world, Dr. Martinez found that cultural and spiritual beliefs are more significant than genetics when it comes to health and longevity. How can this social psychological theory be put into practice?
Biocognition may hold the key if we must have everything presented to us in scientific terms with evidence based medicine. Heal the Wounds of Shame, Abandonment, Betrayal with Dr. MM

The key is orgasm-less sex, focusing on the base of the spine and using
that held energy to rejuvenate the body, a core tantric practice.

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