Monday, May 30, 2016

What is "Memorial Day"? (video)

Pfc. Sandoval (, May 29, 2016), Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly

This Memorial Day Veterans For Peace is reminding the public that the human cost of war is more than U.S soldiers. It is also the people who are caught in the crossfire and, moreover, the people being shot at. Let us remember and honor all lives lost and continue to question the leaders who call for more and more war. Honoring and remembering some deaths while ignoring others not only perpetuates war, it also ignores the moral injuries of war, which is a significant cause of American veteran suicide.

Now back to our regularly scheduled wars...
(Brave New Films) This is the story of what happens to everyday American citizens and taxpayers when CORPORATIONS go to war. [Kiss your money goodbye, and say hello to war, death, and moral injury.] More

(Channel Criswell) Analysis of the Academy Award winning Best Picture "Apocalypse Now"

(RitzisZen) Documentary on the making of Oliver Stone's "Platoon" features full interviews with major cast members and their experiences in the Philippines preparing for the film about the U.S. War on Buddhist Vietnam (and Cambodia and Laos).

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