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Worldwide May Day marches: Cali, Russia...

With rise of Putin-ism and patriotism, former USSR restores May Day rally in Moscow (AP)
Topless FEMEN Int'l training at Paris HQ ends: We are returning to Ukraine and our countries to fight patriarchy with FEMEN! Be strong, sisters and brothers! We will win! (
MOSCOW, Russia - About 100,000 people have marched through Red Square to celebrate May Day, the first time the annual parade has been held on the vast cobblestoned square outside the Kremlin since the fall of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991.
May Day anti-US drone protest (
In keeping with Soviet-era traditions, Thursday's parade was organized by trade unions and honored the working person.

But it also celebrated Russia's annexation of Crimea and was seen as part of Pres. Vladimir Putin's efforts to stoke patriotic feelings. Marchers held up signs saying "Let's go to Crimea for vacation" and "Putin is right." Russian flags fluttered through the crowd. More

Los Angeles May Day 2014
"Capitalism divides - Mayday unites"
(NBC) Thousands of community advocates and immigrant rights supporters took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles today (Thursday, May 1st) and marched for worker rights and immigrant justice. Three different May Day marches were planned by three different groups. As a result of the marches, some downtown streets were closed Thursday, starting at 9:00 am. More + Video

Hitler survived WW II in Argentina (video)

Hitler's son Jean Marie Loret (
"The Hitler Clones" is a hilarious sketch from the classic HBO comedy show asking, What if? (lol) But we will never be able to say it enough, Truth is stranger than fiction. Tragedy trumps comedy in this case: Like 9/11, the American/Russian/British wars on Afghanistan, the US-MIC's invasion of Iraq, the joint US/Israel threats of invading Iran, the Oklahoma Bombing, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon... the world was deceived again.

Hitler and his food taster (
The amazing and verified fact is that the Fuhrer, the infamous Wall Street-sponsored German dictator and mass murderer, Adolf Hitler, along with Eva Braun, did not commit suicide in a bunker. The twin suicides were a cover. In fact, Hitler and Braun were taken out of Germany along with top Nazi and Gestapo assets as documented in Hitler's Life in Argentina by Harry Cooper.

Longtime researcher and author Harry Cooper was interviewed by Jeff Rense on July 19, 2013. He was on the radio again with investigative newsman George Knapp on Coast to Coast on April 26, 2014 with even more confirmation.

American clandestine forces knew it. World leaders spoke in public about it at the time. Argentina welcomed countless Nazi escapees (who likely also utilized neighboring Antarctica), who arrived by German U-Boat/submarine for two years following their "defeat" in WW II. Many therefore say the Nazis did not really lose the war. 

They won and continue to win, but this is not a neo-Nazi/White supremacist fantasy come true. 

Adolf Hitler (Hugo Jaeger/Getty Images)
At least 9,034 NAZI scientists were invited to live with impunity in the United States (Project Paperclip) that shielded them from war crimes charges associated with the Holocaust, help set up our public and secret space programs, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), our nuclear programs, our inter-ballistic missile programs, our empire, the end of civil liberties, and our attempted conquest of the world.
The CIA, NSC (National Security Council), NSA (National Security Association), DHS (Department of Homeland Security), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), like the Stasi and England's MI5, Russia's KGB, and Israel's Mossad are saturated in Nazi research and activity.

Where's the evidence?
Christian leaders can never do wrong
(C2C) Cooper revealed to Knapp on Saturday (April 26, 2014) that he has encountered many eyewitnesses who saw Hitler and Braun alive and well after the war. This includes a man from Mar del Plata, Argentina, who admitted to seeing the former German dictator on three separate occasions.

Moreover, a former naval intelligence/NSA agent admitted to Cooper that the American intelligence community knew that Hitler did not die in Germany. The CIA and FBI, for example, knew that Hitler was living in Argentina from 1945 on, according to Cooper. 

It's easier to joke about heavy subjects
But the most compelling evidence confirming Hitler's escape to South American comes from an agent named Don Angel; he wrote a 114-page, single-spaced letter detailing his experiences in the infamous bunker with Hitler and Braun. He witnessed the couple being forcibly drugged under orders of Reich leader Martin Bormann, a double brought in (shown in photographs and immolated the way Osama bin Laden's alleged corpse was dumped into the deep blue sea), and the cover story deployed. Listen

(WQ) Hitler was taken by sub to Antarctica/New Swabia (Neuschwabenland, "New Schwaben Land"), according to the agent, although Cooper insists it Hitler arrived directly in Argentina, where he lived out his life dying in the 1960s and Braun into the 2000s. So what? Who cares? Hitler was a figurehead. What matters is what became of the Nazis. And that's why everyone should care. Their legacy continues, particularly in the US:
  • (German "mind control"), Thomas Marshall, Neil Sanders, psychological warfare, gang stalking, community watch, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, Black Ops, mind control, Phoenix Project, Monarch Program cults (nonlethal microwave and radio frequency attacks), false flag operations, purposeful childhood trauma, LSD research, Contra, MK-Ultra (and its 149 sub-projects that took place at 80 institutions including 44 American universities, 15 private companies, 12 hospitals, and three prisons -- according to former CIA Director Admiral. Stan Fields Turner in 1977 Senate hearings (Min. 15:01), Patriot Act, Agenda 21, microwave weapons, eavesdropping, organized crime, FEMA, New World Order, targeted individual, directed conversation, trauma-based mind control programming, Manchurian Candidate, triggered suicide, multiple personality disorder, mobbing, gaslighting, disinformation, CoIntelPro, trigger phrase conditioning, sex slavery, "Drug War," PsyOp "controller," hypnotism, population reduction, drones, future Earth, PSYCHOTRONICS, brainwashing, use of electromagnetic waves, remote control behavior, satellite, smart meters, non ionizing radiation, subconscious attacks... all had their origins in the U.S. based on inherited and continued Nazi activity.

Love, Sex, and Death (video)

Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Jeff Walker, the "Carneous Cacoffiny" of Carcass; Nancy Updike (, 4-25-14)

Oh the Occupy hippies of Claremont (B/W)
April, of course, is National Poetry Month in the US. Happy birthday, Shakespeare/Edward de Vere. And Wisdom Quarterly did an in house call for submissions. The rules were easy: "Repurpose something fun that tells a higher truth." Lately, we have been listening to a lot of grindcore, an extreme genre of death metal from Earache Records most people cannot swallow.
"Do it, do it, do it, you know you want to"
Three British vegans invented it (because vegans rock harder), and it changed American music. It was Occupy Los Angeles close to the end, before the literally "jackbooted thugs" of the LAPD Riot Squad stormed the peaceful encampment to cheering LA Times reporters sitting in the sidelines, after the "American Spring" was subvert by police state spies. And if Aleksa, the "face of the movement," can be a Cradle of Filth fan and a great kisser, why wouldn't Wisdom Quarterly have been listening to Carcass?

Then MARA [the personification of death in Buddhism] said to me:
Selena G. listens to more than Justin B. (wwtdd)
"Strike up
The discordant underture,
This carnal cacophony,
Perversely penned,
Transposed and decomposed
On strings fashioned from human twine."
I ask why,
But Mara carries on:
"Lovingly wound and fretted upon my bow,
Garishly incinerated.
All the dead resonate
In final death-throes."
I was vibrant as I thrashed
In movements scripted for the dead...
Orchestral horrors Mara vehemently conducts.

My corpus concertos were cordial.
I was disinterred and detuned,
All six feet below
In harmony with the deceased.

D.I.Y. (
In our pre-teens we walk around every day with the knowledge that our body is about to change. We don’t know exactly when or how. All we know is that it will happen and we will come out the other end a different person. This American Life hears from kids who are reluctantly facing puberty...any minute now.  Producer Nancy Updike takes some personal questions about death and dying to a place where they are happening all the time, the hospice. LISTEN

Golden King Tut the teen pharaoh (
Mara explained:

"My inspiration is your disintegration.
You're my latest masterpiece!
The score creeps your flesh."
All my notes seeped from sinewy frets.
"But, no, don't hold your breath," Mara added,
"As you wait for your God, or The Void, or the
Abyss of Nothingness."

Mara knew, Mara knew, and said:

We live our lives in blue bras and wretchedness.
"Your usefulness is not through.
Your productivity will resume
In sordid, soiled handicrafts."
It was my afterlife's handicap.
The corrupt crescendos
Leaving me out on a limbo
And down on my knees.
I could not rest in my piece, rest in my piece.
Christian terrorists in Egypt (
With deadly dynamics
I'm dead, buried, and barred,
My remains dampened and fingered,
My mortal coil barbed.
The death-bells are peeling
Ringing out as I flake
Shrieking out their recitals
In celebration of my wake.
Egypt my Egypt (
Enter my funereality
My world two metres under
A curious habitat
A muddy trench to plunder.
Pass on to ethereality
Churned out under the sextant's blade.

We live our lives in wretchedness,
And death is no escape.
And Death is no escape.

Another good poem was based on Boxxy and Carlie Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," the bestest song in the history of music...except for Katy Perry's pre-girl kissing Christian rock. But it's X-rated, so let's just remind readers who "Boxxy" is, the most beautiful girl on the WW Web.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Music Fest

Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; AXS TV
(JazzFest) The 2014 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival runs from April 25-May 4, 2014.

Bigger than Coachella (Indio), bigger than the California Music Fest (Ventura)? At least bigger than Stagecoach (Indio). More traditional than Bonnaroo (Nashville) or Wanderlust (Lake Tahoe)? A lot tamer than Burning Man (Nevada desert), the yoga hippie fests the readers of LA Yoga Magazine attend (Joshua Tree, California), the traveling West Coast Festival, and the twin Made in America concerts by Jay Z and Beyonce.

The original "Jazz Fest" started in 1970 and continues to this day: "Jazz Fest" is a showcase if the most important names in music locally and nationally. Celebrating four and a half decades of musical and cultural memories, the musical fest stands alone in presenting high caliber artists in varied genres like rock, traditional and contemporary jazz, blues, Cajun gospel, blues, R&B, country, zydeco, and much more.

Arcade Fire, Phish, Vampire Weekend, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Sixto Rodriguez, Santana, Eric Clapton, Christina Aguilera, Robin Thicke, The String Cheese Incident, Aaron Neville, Branford Marsalis, John Hiatt, John Fogerty, Foster the People, Better Than Ezra, Chaka Khan, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Alabama Shakes, Al Jarreau, Soul Rebels, Public Enemy, and more. - - 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The NBA, BLM slave owners (cartoon)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly  (SPORTS COMMENTARY)
A woman scorned: Is she a gold digger who set up her Jewish billionaire boyfriend?
"Rancher Bundy and His Cows" (Tom Tomorrow/
I can't believe what you did to me. - I can.
Racism is alive and well in America. First the federal government's BLM (Bureau of Land Management), which is eager to get its share of the 25,000,000 gunshot rounds the U.S. government's DHS has requested, used heavy handed tactics on a rural bumpkin who stepped in the poop, then a cosmopolitan white supremacist came down with Foot in Mouth disease.
Armed property owner reports trespasser, gets charged with felony assaultEver since 2012 things are being revealed. Last week revealed a racist cattle exploiter and cow killer ("rancher") thinking out loud about how Blacks might not be better off as slaves instead of dependent on government subsidies. Listen to his egregious statements:

Massive Raid By Federal agents, Rangers and F.B.I. On Bundy Ranch Imminent?Cowboy Cliven Bundy apologized but refused to retract the statements. Why? Because "if a man can't say things like that, then Martin Luther [King Jr.] has failed!"
Militia Mobilization Under Way For *OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING*Now, Commissioner Silver has slammed Sterling, the Jewish "owner" of a "team" of Black men who do what he says...but are not slaves. Don't call them "slaves," not even "wage slaves," because that would be racist. And if there's one thing the mainstream media will not tolerate is racism, when it feels like it.
(TMZ) Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neil, and Doc Rivers react. LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling told his "girlfriend" he does NOT want her bringing Black people to his games... including Magic Johnson. It's ALL on tape.
Wisdom Quarterly/KFI AM, April 29, 2014
"The one editorial cartoon about Donald Sterling you have to see" says The Washington Post's Missy Khamvongsa: Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Mike Luckovich sums up the Sterling debacle pretty succinctly. More
"Don't bring Black people to Clippers games"
From NY, the commissioner has spoken: The NBA is banning Los Angeles Clippers billionaire owner Donald Sterling from the Clippers' organization for life after racist comments attributed to him went public.

He is also being fined $2.5 million.  The penalties come just hours before the Clippers are set to host the Golden State Warriors in Game Five of their playoff series in Los Angeles.

An audio recording of an exchanges, or exchanges, with his "delicate" half-Latina and half-Black "girlfriend" was leaked over the weekend.

Trafficking in USA, too (
In it Sterling is allegedly heard telling her not to associate publicly with African-Americans or bring them to Clippers games. [She seems to bait him into incriminating himself further and revealing his true colors. Many have jumped in to add this was mild in comparison to many things the 80-year-old has said in the past]. More

Who is Sterling? What's his past?
CC Liu (ed.) Wisdom Quarterly; KPCC/
  • He was born Donald Tokowitz in Chicago, Illinois, in 1934,
  • Only son of immigrant produce peddler (Sports Illustrated).
  • Left Chicago for Boyle Heights, now a Latino enclave in East Los Angeles but then a poor Jewish enclave (SI).
  • School: He graduated Cal State Los Angeles near Pasadena and Southwestern Univ. School of Law (SI).
  • He changed his last name to "Sterling" in his 20s because it “instilled confidence in people” (Dave Zirin, KPCC interview).
  • Practiced law in Boyle Heights then Beverly Hills (SI).
  • He became a real estate mogul, buying multiple apartment buildings in L.A. and Sterling Plaza.
  • He bought the Clippers in 1981 for $12.7 million (ESPN).
  • Net worth: $1.9 billion, ranks #328 in US (Forbes 2013).
How racist is Sterling's racism?, April 28, 2014 (edited by Wisdom Quarterly)
Racism is deplorable. Most Americans now will not stand for it. But many of us don't even realize we're doing it.! Yes, some are too sensitive, BUT most of us are too insensitive.

This is not the first time he is accused of race-based discrimination. Sterling was previously sued in a case that revealed that he ran the Clippers like a "Southern plantation owner." This is only the most recent example of Sterling’s well-documented hostility toward other races, particularly Blacks and Latinos. But this time the story and video went viral just as ballplayers and rights defenders wanted.

Do something: Free the Slaves!
In a racial discrimination suit, former General Manager Elgin Baylor charged that Sterling ran the Clippers with the “vision of a Southern plantation-type structure” asking him to create a team of “poor black boys from the South and a white head coach.”

When interviewing one prospective white coach, Sterling reportedly asked, “I wanna know why you think you can coach these n**gers.”

Despite complaints from [basketball] players, Sterling has made a disturbing habit of bringing women into the locker room and saying things like “look at these beautiful Black bodies.”

[Remember, White plantation owners used to rape and sell Black children, boys and girls, their mothers and fathers, all of whom were their legal property -- a little discussed consequence of European-style slavery in America.

Billionaire modern-"slave" owner Sterling is a ruthless, bigoted slumlord: In 2009, he settled a case with the Department of Justice after paying out the largest settlement ever obtained in a government housing discrimination suit:

He was accused of systematically denying rental opportunities to prospective Black and Hispanic tenants across his Southern California properties. In court documents, he stated that "Black tenants smell and attract vermin." More

More from Before It's News
Recent Stories

Cowboy-Indian Alliance: No tar sands! (video)

Ashley Wells, Xochil, Wisdom Quarterly; Amy Goodman (, April 28, '14)
Cowboy-Indian Alliance protests Keystone XL pipeline in DC after Obama Admin delay
Thousands of people rallied in Washington, D.C., on Saturday calling on Pres. Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. 

The protest was organized by the Cowboy Indian Alliance, a group of ranchers, farmers, and tribal communities from along the pipeline route who have set up the "Reject and Protect" encampment near the White House. The rally came a week after the Obama administration announced it had again delayed a decision on approval or rejection of the pipeline that would carry super-polluting tar sands oil from Alberta to the Gulf Coast. 

Neil Young protests Keystone XL pipeline
Gary Dorr of the Nez Perce Nation, an organizer of the Reject and Protect encampment, Art Tanderup, a Nebraska farmer and Cowboy Indian Alliance member who took part in the protest, and actress and activist Daryl Hannah, who has been arrested three times for protests against the Keystone XL discuss the continued resistance to the pipeline. More

Ralph Nader on TPP, GM Recall, Nuclear Power, and "Unstoppable" movement
Ralph Nader on "Unstoppable" movement
Ralph Nader has a new book, Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State. He points out the common concerns shared by a wide swath of the American public, regardless of political allegiances.

Japan, U.S. expand nuclear power programs
Both the Left and Right oppose mass government surveillance, nebulous business free trade agreements, our unreformed criminal justice system, and finally punishing the criminal behavior of bankers and Wall Street traders destroying the economy. Nader, who is a longtime consumer activist, also discusses the U.S. push for the sweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, General Motors’ new bid to escape liability for its deadly ignition defect, the revived nuclear era under Obama, and challenging U.S. militarism through the defense budget. More

Thai Buddhism going GAY Catholic? (video)

Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; The Woody TalkShow
The Monastic Disciplinary Code says pandakas (transsexual or transgender, often gay, individuals) may NOT fully ordain but might be novices as a school interprets its Vinaya.
(The Woody Show interview, April 2014 , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5English subtitles)
Openly gay Thai novice says it should be okay for gays to be monks
Gays are found worldwide but are rarely "out"
According to Theravada Buddhist texts -- from the explanatory stories found in the "Monastic Disciplinary Code" (Vinaya), as translated by Leonard Zwilling (published in Buddhism, Sexuality, and Gender, edited by Jose Ignacio Cabezon) -- homosexuality would NOT in keeping with the monastic code. Theravada is the Buddhist tradition followed by 95% of Thailand.

Just friends, Burma* (JLH)
Certainly homosexuals are loved and accepted in the lay Buddhist community. And many gays feel very welcome in traditional Asian Buddhist cultures, not the least of which is Thailand's very welcoming one with its third-gender kathoeys ("lady-boys").

But that acceptance does not extend to official full monastic ordination. Many gays certainly seem to be "monks" (bhikkhus), but they are actually novices (samaneras or "trainees," "probationers," "new recruits").
  • PHOTO: *Just friends? A curious thing about Asia, which many closeted gays must find comforting, is that males hold hands and touch one another the way females do in Western society, and no one thinks of it as "gay" or odd or at all sexual. The two novices or monks shown here at Burma's Shwedagon Pagoda  may hold on to one another, and no one in that society would think this was indicative of homosexuality or even an effeminate thing. But as Western tourists we can hardly think it indicates anything else. Females in Asia are not as demonstrably touchy-feely as in the West, but there is some innocent sisterly affection.
Novices are generally young males under 20 who take temporary ordination in fulfillment of their Southeast Asian (Thai, Burmese, Cambodian, Laotian) Theravada religio-cultural obligations.
Genrally, ALL Thai males (gay or not) are expected to ordain temporarily in the capacity of a samanera (female samaneri) for at least a week. [Everything said of gay males here would equally apply to females seeking FULL ordination (whether heteroflexible, bisexual, ambisexual, pansexual, lesbian, or experimental), which is distinct from the Ten Precept status (Thai Mae Chee) most females were traditionally restricted to in Theravada countries. Female can now be fully ordained thanks to newer generations of nuns who successfully reinstituted the tradition.]
Gender is socially constructed yet very real
Some might do it for a shorter duration, others for a summer vacation (or a traditional three-month "Rains Retreat" period). Of these, it is expected that only a tiny fraction would choose the lifelong celibate, ascetic, formal monastic lifestyle. But few people would be able to tell a novice from a monk (bhikkhu). Usually, age is the giveaway. Most novices are from 7-20 years of age (taking into consideration that in Asia one is born a 1-year-old, the novitiate state is mostly for teens); however, one may temporarily take robes at any age as a novice with the cooperation of a temple and its abbot.
  • Buddhism and Sexual Orientation 
  • What the Buddha Never Taught: A "Behind the Robes" Account of Life in a Thai Forest Monastery (20th Anniversary Edition) is a funny and enlightening behind-the-scenes account of life in a Thai forest monastery by Tim Ward. 
  • What the Buddha Never Taught is a wonderful true-life story by a journalist who wanted to see what it was like to live at Wat Pah Nanachat, the International Forest Monastery open to Westerners in Northeast Thailand. We visited it, asked around, and found it to be just as Ward described even years later. He did not find a nest of homosexuality, but some novices are gay and forced to temporarily ordain as if they were Catholic boys in Rome. Ward tries to explain Thai culture, which as Westerners we are forced to think is so sexual and "anything goes." But apart from the Bangkok Red Light District strip clubs (like Pat Pong) and misleading massage parlors (which actually do massage and are not fronts for prostitution since prostitution can be found everywhere else).
No doubt homosexuality exists in the Thai Sanghas, both in the larger more lax Mahanikaya and the more extreme royal Dhammayut schools. The latter has grown famous for its restoration of the ancient Forest Tradition, but some criticize it as illegitimate because it was founded by a Thai king who wanted to ordain, and kings have no business and no authority to found Buddhist schools. They, however, do have the money and authority to fund them. So while Dhammayut is only one-tenth the size of the Mahanikaya, it enjoys prestige, reverence, fame, and financial influence far beyond its size. Most renowned Western monks who studied in Thailand did so in the Forest Tradition, which is often associated with the famous Thai teacher Ajahn Chah.

The most famous is the comedic British monk in Australia, Ajahn Brahm. Others include Jack Kornfield (author of Living Buddhist Masters, who brought attention to Ajahn Chah and other Buddhist saints in the jungles of South and Southeast Asia to the West, reissued as Living Dharma: Teachings of Twelve Buddhist Masters), Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein, Ajahn Sumedho and other former abbots of WPN, and so on.
In spite of what casual visitors may conclude, Thailand may be liberal and tolerant, but as a Buddhist society with 90-95% adherence to Theravada Buddhism, it is very conservative.

Buddhism, Sexuality, and Gender explores historical, textual, and social questions relating to the position and experience of women and gay people in the Buddhist world from India and Tibet to Sri Lanka, China, and Japan. It focuses on four key areas: Buddhist history, contemporary culture, Buddhist symbols, and homosexuality (including traditional Japanese pederasty or shudo akin to Roman and Greek practices presumably followed to this day by the closeted Catholic priesthood in the old Mithra temple complex now called the Vatican), and it covers Buddhism’s entire history, from its origins to the present day. The result of original and innovative research, the contributors offer new perspectives on the history of the attitudes toward, and of the self-perception of, women in both ancient and modern Buddhist societies. They explore key social issues such as abortion, examine the use of rhetoric and symbols in Buddhist texts and cultures, and discuss the neglected subject of Buddhism and homosexuality.
What leaders do -- be it Obama, Netanyahu, or the Pope -- followers will follow, regardless of the motives of the leaders doing it. Hugs are homeplate, and exemplars are on first base.
The question becomes a Roman Catholic one: Are non-practicing homosexuals acceptable for full ordination? That is a question that for all practical purposes has to be left to the abbots who would train and be responsible for them. This is where money enters the picture because Western homosexuals can, due to their affluence, find acceptance in poorer temples with few questions asked. Formally, one would be asked during the ordination process. But what will the abbot or the quorum of monks hear if they do not want to know?

Thai New Year (arztsamui)
"Are you a pandaka [pervert, transsexual, flamboyant homosexual, gender-bending transvestite, eunuch, lascivious person incapable of containing your tendency toward sex, self-soothing, masturbation, or sexual misconduct]?" Honestly speaking, one would probably have to say "probably not in the long run." But practically speaking, who would admit to not having self-control. Surely at the time of ordination, one would feel an imperative to rein it in, conceal from oneself, or conceal it from the gatekeepers to live in the close company of unmarried men. 

What's the big deal? - It is a big deal! (TM)
Karmically, this would be a horrible thing to do, but few people believe in the godlike abilities of karma (intentions with the power to bring forth mental and physical results in the future) or even give much consideration to their actions. How long have gay and bisexual men escaped the hetero-normative world into what they perceive to be the welcoming arms of a cloistered all-male community? Men are comfortable and comforting, and would anyone even know? They would know, and laypeople are unlikely to ask for if they know or figure it out, they would still be kowtowed by religious fears of so much as entertaining the question. Why do young novices and boys in the community end up being molested by some fraction of those who enter and remain in the Sangha as frauds?*
  • [*NOTE: This is not to suggest that homosexuality leads one to molest boys, but only to say an almost equally controversial thing: All males who molest boys are engaging in homosexuality, even if one maintains that they are straight or doing it for nonsexual reasons. A terrible thing that happens with molestation, incest, and sexual abuse is that no one talks about it, creating a perfect environment for it to fester and perpetuate itself. Let gays be gays and bis be bis, but let's never let children be molested or victimized because we have too many hang ups to deal with the stark reality of our own issues.]
Good thing this is only for a week (D_C)
Isn't it because gatekeepers are lax or condoning? They can hardly keep pleading ignorance to the practices and inclinations of someone under their 24 care and oversight. Much the same might be said for parents, but a monastic upbringing is much more structured and controlled than any but the most repressive households, and it is this way by design. Homosexuality in and of itself would not, in our opinion, be "sexual misconduct" (kamesu micchacara), but many Southeast Asian as well as Western societies surely see it that way.