Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Surviving the Apocalypse (video)

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
(Paranormal Interests) Bigfoot (Yeti, Yowie, Sasquatch, Almasty) and the Military

Stormfront US neo-Nazis (
There is apocalyptic literature in Buddhism, and although that "uncovering" is far off, it seems Judeo-Christians are intent on bringing it on to fulfill their prophetic interpretations. The CIA and other organizations frame key dates and events they engineer as "acts of God," as interpreted by some in the field of biblical studies. Now with "signs in the sky " like the tetrad of blood moon eclipses, the Western world is primed for any massive event the Powers That Be want to foist on us. Planes go missing out of the sky, bombs don't go off at 42 K runs but a police state is nevertheless set up to ensure they don't, boats capsize, people die, the NSA/CIA is exposed, planted bombs go off to terrorize, lone gunman shoot up their perceived foes, cryptid creatures come out of the woods.
"Free energy" heat engine machines already exist, invented with Nitinol (nickel/titanium)

VIDEO: Capitalism's Invisible Army and Gov't BAN free energy

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