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Buddhism in America before Columbus (video)

Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; All History Buff (History Channel)
Polish Jew Christopher Columbus came to infect, rape, and enslave for Europe (AMN)
Long before Christians and Conquistadors
The Chinese made a map of the world
It's 455 and the Aztecs live in America as the Chinese begin to make their way to the "New World."

This was long before Chris(to) Columbus' merchant mission. In fact, no less than a dozen cultures have tales of these adventures woven into their histories, but they are noticeably absent in American history books. This documentary explores the possibility that Chinese Buddhists, Japanese, Polynesians, Norse, Welsh, Irish, Ancient Hebrews, and Solutreans [DNA evidence of Africans arriving 50,000 years ago not included] all made it to the Americas much earlier than the mass murderer Columbus. 

Afghan Buddhist monks discovered America shows American historian in 1885 (
Tibetans (China) brought pueblos to Natives
In 455 AD Buddhist missionaries -- Chinese Hwui Shen and Afghan Buddhist monks -- brought the world-religion of Buddhism to the Native Americans 1,037 years before Columbus, the Conquistadors and Cortes, and European Christian-Catholic missionaries in general.
Buddhist missionaries made it to Mexico via California (when California was part of Mexico) according to surviving records (see Minute 8:20). The Chumash (Native Americans from Los Angeles, the Channel islands, and Santa Barbara along the coast of Southern California) were even visited by the Polynesians (Min. 34:20). What hard evidence, apart from written histories, is there for all this?
Avoiding European invasion and genocid
Some maritime archaeological artifacts were found in our very own Los Angeles (Min. 11:20). By the time the Welsh set off for the New World, the magnificent Buddhist Khmer Empire of Cambodia was completing Angkor Wat (Min. 20:00), the greatest urban city of the time with a million suburban inhabitants made of stone in the jungle just like those in Mexico and Mesoamerica/Central America built by the Maya, Olmec, Toltec, Inca, and Aztec empires. 
But let's rebuild the ships, trace the routes, test the artifacts, and analyze blood evidence to finally learn the answer to one of the greatest mysteries of all time -- Who really discovered America?
Convert them like this, Columbus (Daily Mail)
Scholars now believe that Italian mass murderer Columbus was actually a Marrano, a "secret Jew," who feigned conversion to Catholicism. Historians say five clues to the explorer's faith can be found in his will. His famous voyage was funded not by the Queen of Spain, but by three prominent Jews -- and he first updated them on the progress of his quest. One new theory even suggests he may have been looking for a safe haven for Jews persecuted and driven out of Spain...

No, comments Lorenzo Damas: Search "Christopher Columbus History Turned Upside-Down by New Polish Biography." Historian Manuel Rosa has these links in his book “Kolumb: Historia Nieznana” (published May 8, 2012 in Poland), translated from the Spanish book “Colon: La Historia Nunca Contada. Jews weren't persecuted in Spain until later, and that will is a forgery.

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