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How Christianity SPREAD so far (film)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly; Americans United for Separation of Church and State, O.C. Chapter ( JUDEO-CHRISTIAN IMPERIALISM
Garuda and Naga on Mex flag and his palace
(History) Using war to create one world-religion: Saint, Roman Emperor "Constantine the Great" (Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus, 272-337 AD) converted many to Christianity by killing those who refused. Co-Emperor Licinius issued the Edict of Milan in 313, proclaiming religious tolerance for the empire. Constantine vanquished Licinius during a civil war and went on killing. He replaced the capital of Byzantium with Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey), later the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire for over 1,000 years.
SEE IT: Sat., April 12, 2014 1:30 pm, Irvine: Constantine's Sword (@ IRWD Community Mtg Rm, 15500 Sand Canyon Ave.) uncovers the roots of war and uncovers the ongoing evangelical infiltration of the U.S. military.
Nazi insignia embraced by Catholic Church
The story revealed in "Constantine's Sword" is shocking. It reveals the Holy Roman Catholic Church's involvement in Germany's attempted take over of the world.

Within two weeks of Adolf Hitler coming to full power in March 1933, the Vatican's Foreign Minister Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (Vatican Secretary of State, who went on to become Pope Pious XII) sent the new Fuhrer warm greetings.
Bringing Catastrophe to Palestinians like...
Treaty negotiations began between the Church's Pacelli, Secretary of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs Giuseppe Pizzardo, Cardinal Eugenio, and Germany 's Vice Chancellor under Hitler Franz von Papen.

By July they signed the Reichskonkordat (Vatican-Nazi treaty), and the Vatican became the first foreign power to enter into a bilateral treaty with Hitler. 

Was the murderer "Saint Constantine" really a saint?

The accord included a secret provision that the Church defend Jews who converted to Catholicism, but it indicated that it would have nothing to say about Nazi assaults against Jews who remained Jews.
Jesus' robe, the Messiah's Magic Tunic, in Trier
A few days after signing the treaty for Hitler, former German Chancellor and Hitler's Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen represented the Fuhrer at the unveiling of Jesus's seamless tunic, the Holy Robe of Trier, which would not be shown again until 25 years later. The same robe that had come into the Gospels as proof that the Messiah had come. That robe had become the centre of the celebration of the church's treaty with Hitler.

Over the next three weeks more than two million pilgrims poured into Trier to see the robe, now the symbol of the Nazi alliance of church and state. Cardinal Pacelli went on to become Pope Pious the 12th. Whereas it may be unfair to call him "Hitler's Pope," it is fair to call him "Hitler's Cardinal (who became a pope)."

Vatican documents reveal Hitler's Pope: Pius XII (John Cornwell)

"Constantine's Sword" is a historical documentary on the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Jews. Directed and produced by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Oren Jacoby, the film was inspired by former priest James P. Carroll's 2001 book Constantine's Sword.

It is the story of author and former Catholic priest James P. Carroll's journey to uncover the roots of war. Carroll, whose father Joseph Carroll was a famous U.S. Air Force general, implies that there has been a relationship between religiously-inspired violence and war.

This has been taking place beginning with the adoption of Christianity by the genocidal Holy Roman Emperor Constantine I in 312 AD.

Constantine was convinced that he had won a battle because he had followed the instructions of a vision to inscribe a sign of the cross (labarum) on the shields of his imperial Christian soldiers. In Carroll's view, this event marked the beginning of an unholy alliance between the military and the Church.

Carroll focuses on Catholic and evangelical anti-Judaism and invokes the cross as a symbol of the long history of xenophobic Christian violence against Jews and non-Christians, from the Crusades through the Roman Inquisition and the creation of the Jewish ghettoes, to the Holocaust (the "whole burnt," which some deny, not to be confused with the Israeli Catastrophe, which no one denies).

Carroll also charges that there is an ongoing evangelical infiltration of the U.S. military (Church supported military-industrial complex) and that this has had negative consequences for U.S. foreign policy.
The film's final chapter, "No War is Holy," concludes with views of military cemeteries as Aaron Neville sings "With God On Our Side." [Perhaps the film budget did not allow for "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition."]

(PPB) Christianity took Egyptian and Osiris symbolism, mythic stories, and iconography.

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