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Singing Birds and Stinging Bees: SEX slavery

There are singing birds and stinging bees. Sex slavery = domestic human sex trafficking (EB)
It is doubtful that all people will understand. Wisdom Quarterly is sex-positive, that is, we believe in sex.
We are opposed to sexual misconduct, sex slavery, human trafficking, forced prostitution, and harming (himsa) in all its forms. Yet, we remain sex-positive. People generally paint things in black and white; it is our Judeo-Christian legacy.

FEMEN fights patriarchy and sexism
When I was raised I was taught I was a born sinner with depraved tendencies utterly incapable of behaving. Then I was told to "behave," to be "good," and more ludicrously to "smile." So every impulse proved the raisers (beyond parents these included uniformed authorities, in loco parentis school officials, relatives, and "go along to get along" neighbors) were right.  There was no Kalama Sutra then. I was no better than Alanis Morissette trying to swallow a Jagged Little Pill:

"You know how us Catholic girls can be./Hey, hey!/ We make up for so much time a little too late./ I never forgot it, confusing as it was,/ No fun with no guilt feelings,/ The sinners, the saviors, the loverless priests!/ I'll see you next Sunday.// CHORUS: We all had our reasons to be there!/ We all had a thing or two to learn!/ We all needed something to cling to,/ So we did!// I sang Alleluia in the choir./Oh, hallelu, hallelu, hallelu-yah!/ I confessed my darkest deeds to an envious man./ My brothers they never "went blind" for what they did,/ But I may as well have!/ In the name of the Father, the Skeptic, and the Son,/ I had one more stupid question./ CHORUS/ What I learned I rejected, but I believe again!/ I will suffer the consequence of this Inquisition!/ If I jump in this [holy water] fountain, will I be forgiven?/ We all had our reasons to be there./ We all had a thing or two to learn./ We all needed something to cling to,/ So we did. We all had delusions in our head./ We all had our minds made up for us!/ We had to believe in something,/ So we did.

Hey, sailors (
Sex is all bad. No, sex is all right. No, sex is a sin. Yes, it's all bad and bad is good, it's hot. The morass and mire of confusion never ends. We're raised to have this confusion and be exploited by by it. Look how prissy we are...and how sexy. Look how hypocritical we feel...and how pathetic we are.

Follow the supreme-way-of-living (spiritual celibacy of the brahmacarya with intensive meditation) or be tolerant, inclusive, and kind. Or maybe just shut up and listen. SWAAY once had everyone in L.A. upset about its billboards:

Sex Worker Billboards to Decriminalize Prostitution Roaming Streets of L.A.
( 11-2-11)
"Sex and Zen"
We might call them victims or exploited, but a pro-sex-worker group founded in L.A. wants us to know pros are in control of their own bodies.
And it's doing so with mobile billboards that are being driven around town this week. The group, SWAAY (Sex Work Activists, Allies, and You), went mobile after claiming that every billboard company in town turned it down. Here's what the ads say: 

Banned (rejected) billboards of L.A.
"Sex worker: a person who consensually exchanges his/her own sexual labor or sexual performance for compensation. Sex work is not the same as forced sex trafficking or sex slavery." Got that, Ashton Kutcher? SWAAY, which wants to decriminalize prostitution, is fuming over the rejection by L.A.'s major outdoor advertisers... More

We are stopping HUMAN TRAFFICKING!
Human trafficking protest in London (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images/file/
California officials are in Los Angeles today to discuss efforts to combat and eradicate human trafficking in statewide.
The event at the YWCA Greater Los Angeles at the Museum of Tolerance will also focus on best practices that can be implemented locally to address the crime, which generates an estimated $32 billion annually to global criminal enterprises. YWCA spokeswoman Cynthia Heard told the Associated Press that the groundbreaking event would... More
Palm Springs doesn't stop the party between Coachella weekends. Tachevah celebrated its second year as a free festival at The Spa Casino. Headliners Fitz and the Tantrums played with L.A.'s CLASSIXX, Coachella Valley's ONE11 and CIVX. Dancing at The Copa, listening to songs by piano man Martin Ross at Riviera and hanging at Ace Hotel & Hard Rock Hotel were all other hot spots happenings in this balmy desert area. <a href="">All photos by Michele McManmon.</a>
Topless protesters say no to rape, sexism, patriarchy (

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