Thursday, August 22, 2013

Buddhist Geeks S.F. Conference and more!

Seven, Wisdom Quarterly;
The 2013 Buddhist Geeks Conference came to a rolling stop in Boulder, Colorado. The geeks are now taking aim at the Bay Area city on the hill, San Francisco (April 11-13, 2014).

That should mean Jack Kornfield and the Spirit Rock community with its notable teachers from neighboring Marin will be making a trek across the bridge to share their light and enlightenment.

But geekdom has more to offer. There are Podcasts with Vincent Horn, lots from saint Daniel Ingram (, a Lab, a Newsletter, and a great Community.
Online: August 25-October 19, 2013
Moreover, there is an upcoming online Life Retreat, running from August 25th-October 19th, 2013 entitled "Awakening is a Team Sport." By harnessing the power of regular and personalized feedback from a teacher and the encouragement of a learning community, the Life Retreat is an intensive aimed at optimizing meditation practice in daily life. Think of enlightenment as a sport and being on a "meditation team" with a personal coach! More (Schedule)

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