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Dismantling Ukraine, CIA blunder or Russia?

Vlad Putin gives topless FEMEN protester the reptilian snake eyes as Germany's Merkel and others make a mad dash to get out of the way (

FEMEN coming to the USA
Who fomented the uprising in Ukraine -- the progressives of Kiev and the powerful women of the Maidan?

Or was it the CIA working behind the scenes hand in hand with Sen. John McCain, who was creeping around the country for weeks, while topless demonstrators were calling attention to the plight of westward-leaning cosmopolitans? 

Dirty girl, cover your dirty body! (FEMEN)
Then there was the U.S. Ambassador making statements about who would be installed once Pres. Yanukovich was deposed. It's true the wealthier city dwellers wanted to move into the Euro zone and out of the Soviet sphere, but not so most of the rural residents.

Pres. (Dictator) Putin and Russia caught on to the spread of N.A.T.O. and stood in the way. Not content to lose a strategic region, they took some of it back. No doubt they would gladly take all of it back and more. They must have a long-term plan: military aggression and overreach builds an empire like it did in the time of the czars.

The way to peace is proactive (
Who's side are we on to question the source of the Western-style freedom aspirations of Ukraine? We are progressive, cosmopolitan city dwellers, so it's easy for us to side with FEMEN and say GO EURO MAIDANS! 

But we cannot deny that this "revolution," like many recent uprisings, hasn't been what it seems. We think and are told by the mainstream media that it is grassroots and inspired by the "unintended consequences/benefits" of social media. Bull.

The attempt to depose Castro and the Cuban regime with ZunZumeo shows that these things are carefully plotted and implemented. Facebook, Twitter, and cellphones are not instruments of liberation -- but all part of the spying apparatus. Manipulated to stir up trouble for governments and police departments with predictable results. 

"Stop racism" (
If the CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS wanted people to get on the Internets and make trouble (Arab Spring, Occupy, Orange Revolution, Green Revolution, Saffron Revolution, Pink Revolution, Red Shirts vs. Yellow Shirts, Kill Kony Kampaign, and the next brainchild of some shy college nerd who never thought of him/herself as a revolutionary but was just trying to bring a little attention to some social justice cause), why do these clandestine operations look the other way or actively help police departments when they come down hard on participants? 

Occupy LA protest of racism and injustice, Spring St. (
Balaclava-clad protester (
Mass arrests, mass incarcerations, jail sentences, fines, probation, police records, suppression by attention because "We've got our eye on you!" And everyone is still walking around carrying their own shiny, sleek monitoring devices proudly sporting/supporting their corporate brands.
Nadia, Pussy Riot (
Brands are for cows, and branding is for slaves. Apple logo, anyone? An F for your Facebook cause? How about a "little bird" that quickly flies back to the police chief and whispers in his ear: "It was so-and-so talking, here's what they said, arrest them for saying it" [but develop a pretext first since our eavesdropping evidence can't be used without a warrant]. It's a whole new way to police, spy, control, and pit us against one another.

*Mocking* No, social media's the best! Look, I can save the warbler in my community and stop LAPD spying by liking this movement then spreading the message to all my Facebook friends and tweeting about it on my iPhone and ultralight Mac book, while I stand in line to buy a pair of Google Glass glasses to ogle for G-men. They sit in their cubicles, and I do the footwork then incriminate myself and my friends on email, top-secret SnapChat exchanges. Then I'm free to get a little sexting in on the side with all my UK friends.

NSA: We will end "privacy" until no one in America remembers what that ever meant.
It's not true. While the "instruments of change" can be anything from a strong voice and a point of view to a private meeting, we have to be aware when we are being monitored and manipulated. The solution is not to say, "Let them spy on me." 

Make out, not war (CP)
The answer is to resist and avoid being spied on or taking it as given then doing all the organizing we normally would. Listen to Snowden, listen to Manning, listen to Greenwald, Scahill, Poitras, and Assange -- and their are plenty of other voices in the wilderness. Listen but think. We know network news is lying and spinning all day long. Even good voices can be twisted and spun to work against themselves.

Greg Palast exposes US/NATO meddling in foreign countries

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