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When it's time to die and you're next (audio)

The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah (2012), a complete collection of talks translated into English, recorded by Abbot Ajahn Amaro, Amaravati, England.
This body is hurtling toward destruction.
Now determine in your mind to listen with respect to the Dhamma (the Dharma, the Buddha's Teaching). During the time that I am speaking, be as attentive to my words as if it were the Buddha himself sitting in front of you.

Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable, compose your mind, and make it one-pointed. Humbly allow the Triple Gem of wisdom, truth, and purity to abide in your heart as a way of showing respect to the Fully Enlightened One.

"We practice to learn letting go." - Ajahn Chah
Today I have brought nothing material of any substance to offer you, only Dhamma, the teachings of the Buddha. Listen well. You should understand that even the Buddha himself, with his great store of accumulated virtue [good karma], could not avoid physical death.

When he reached old age he relinquished his body and let go of its heavy burden. Now you, too, must learn to be satisfied with the many years you've already depended on your body. You should feel that it's enough.

You can compare it to household utensils you've had for a long time — your cups, saucers, plates, and so on. When you first had them they were clean and shining, but now after using them for so long, they're starting to wear out. Some are already broken, some have disappeared, and those that are left are deteriorating. They have no stable form, and it's their nature to be like that.

Your body is the same way: It's been continually changing right from the day you were born, through childhood and youth, until now it's reached old age. You must accept that. The Buddha said that conditions (sankharas), whether they are internal conditions, bodily conditions, or external conditions, are not-self (impersonal), their nature is to change. Contemplate this truth until you see it clearly.

One day, black and blue, this body is a log.
This very lump of flesh that lies here in decline is sacca-dhamma, the truth. The truth of this body is sacca-dhamma, and it is the unchanging teaching of the Buddha. The Buddha taught us to look at the body, to contemplate it and come to terms with its nature.

We must be able to be at peace with the body, whatever state it is in. The Buddha taught that we should ensure that it's only the body that is locked up in jail and not let the mind be imprisoned along with it.

Now as your body begins to run down and deteriorate with age, don't resist that, but don't let your mind deteriorate with it. Keep the mind separate. Give energy to the mind by realizing the truth of the way things are.

The Buddha taught that this is the nature of the body. It can't be any other way: Having been born, it gets old and sick, and then it dies. This is a great truth you are presently encountering. Look at the body with wisdom and realize it.

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, England
Even if your house is flooded or burnt to the ground, whatever the danger that threatens it, let it concern only the house. If there's a flood, don't let it flood your mind. If there's a fire, don't let it burn your heart. Let it be merely the house, which is external to you, that is flooded and burnt. Allow the mind to let go of attachments.

The time is ripe. You've been alive a long time. More

Fruits of a moral and immoral life (sutra)

German Sister Vajira and Francis Story (trans.), portion of the Maha Parinibbana Sutra: "Last Days of the Buddha" (DN 16); Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
The Buddha reclining into final nirvana, ancient stone statue Sri Lanka
23. Thereupon the Blessed One addressed devotees in [the city of] Pataligama [the capital of Magadha, ancient Pataliputra, modern Patna, India]: "Householders, the immoral person by falling away from virtue encounters five perils:
  1. great loss of wealth through heedlessness;
  2. a bad reputation;
  3. a timid and troubled demeanor in the company of others, be it nobles, Brahmins, householders, or wandering ascetics;
  4. death in bewilderment; and
  5. at the breaking up of the body after death, rebirth in a realm of misery, in an unhappy state, in a nether world, [even] in a hell.
24. "Householders, five benefits accrue to a virtuous person through the practice of morality:
  • great increase of wealth through diligence;
  • a good reputation;
  • a confident deportment free of timidity in the company of others, be it nobles, Brahmins, householders, or wandering ascetics;
  • a serene death; and
  • at the breaking up of the body after death, rebirth in a happy state, [even] in a heavenly world."
This will be for your good for a long time.
25. And the Blessed One spent much of the night instructing devotees in Pataligama in the Dharma, rousing, edifying, and gladdening them, after which he said, "The night is far advanced, householders, and you may go at your convenience.

"So be it, venerable sir," said the devotees in Pataligama, who rose from their seats, respectfully saluted the Blessed One, and keeping their right sides towards him, departed.

And the Blessed One, soon after they departed, retired into privacy.

26. At that time the Chief Ministers Sunidha and Vassakara in [the kingdom of] Magadha were building a fortress in Pataligama to defend against the Vajjis. And [angelic] devas in large numbers, counted in the thousands, had taken possession of sites in Pataligama.

In the region where devas of great power prevailed, officials of great power were bent on constructing edifices. Where devas of medium power and lesser power prevailed, officials of medium and lesser power were bent on constructing edifices.

27. The Blessed One saw thousands of devas -- with his divine faculty, pure and transcending the capacity of humans -- where they had taken possession of sites in Pataligama. And rising before the night was spent, towards dawn, the Blessed One addressed Venerable Ananda: "Who is erecting a city at Pataligama?"

"Sunidha and Vassakara, venerable sir, the chief ministers of Magadha. They are building a fortress in Pataligama, in defense against the Vajjis."

28. "It is, Ananda, as if Sunidha and Vassakara had taken counsel with the devas of the Thirty-Three. For I beheld, Ananda, with the divine eye pure and transcending the capacity of humans, thousands of devas, that have taken possession of sites in Pataligama.

Be blessed by the fruits of a good long life. - Thank you.
"In the region where devas of great power prevail, officials of great power are bent on constructing edifices, and where devas of medium and lesser power prevail, officials of medium and lesser power are bent on constructing edifices. Truly, Ananda, as far as the Aryans extend and trade routes spread, this Pataliputta will be the foremost city, a trade-center [16].

"But Pataliputta, Ananda, will be assailed by three perils: fire, water, and dissent."

29. Then Sunidha and Vassakara came to the Blessed One, and after courteous greetings and the exchanging of many pleasant words, they stood respectfully to one side and addressed him:

"May Venerable Gautama please accept our invitation for tomorrow's alms meal, together with the community of monastics." The Blessed One consented by his silence.

30. Knowing the Blessed One's consent, Sunidha and Vassakara departed for their own abodes, where they had choice food, both hard and soft, prepared. And when it was time, they announced to the Blessed One: "It is time, Venerable Gautama; the meal is ready."

Thereupon the Blessed One got ready in the forenoon and, taking bowl and [outer] robe, he went together with the community of monastics to the abode of Sunidha and Vassakara, where he took the seat prepared for him.

Sunidha and Vassakara themselves attended on the community of monastics headed by the Buddha, serving them with choice food, hard and soft, [with their own hands]. When the Blessed One finished his meal and removed his hand from his bowl, taking low seats, they sat down to one side.

31. And the Blessed One thanked them with these stanzas:

Wherever one may dwell, the prudent person
Ministers to the virtuous and chaste;
And having to these worthy ones made gifts,
One shares the merits with local devas.
And so revered, in turn, they honor one and
Are gracious to that person even as a mother
Is towards her own child, her only son;
And one who thus enjoys the devas' good graces,
And is by them beloved, good fortune sees.
After this, the Blessed One rose
from his seat and departed. More

Cheech & Chong Roast: Stand up Comedy

Test Drive Onboard, Oct. 20, 2011; CC; Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Cheech & Chong are a Grammy Award–winning comedy duo consisting of Richard "Cheech" Marin and Tommy "Chong" Chong. The duo found commercial and cultural success in the 1970s and 1980s with their stand up routines, studio recordings, and feature films, which are based on the hippie and free love era, especially the American drug and counterculture movements, most notably their abuse of cannabis (Up in Smoke, The New York Times). Here they are roasted by some of the comedians they profoundly influenced. RIP lawyer and recovering addict stand up comedian Greg Giraldo and obese funnyman Ralphie May.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Coronavirus III: Last Week Tonight (comedy)

John Oliver (Last Week Tonight, March 29, 2020); Sheldon S., CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Coronavirus III: Last Week Tonight
We'll be done by Easter...June 1?
(HBO) As scary coronavirus continues to spread across the world, except for China and other strange placese, John Oliver discusses Pres. Trump’s inconsistent response to the pandemic, including his suggestion of an Easter deadline for sending America back to work and his reluctance to use the Defense Production Act.

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Questioning the Corona "plandemic"

Internet Theory, 3/27/20 edited by Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
South Korea already has a novel coronavirus detection kit ready to ship.
Scary virus illustration: make it look "evil."
The Internet in Asia asks a very provocative question. How and why did this virus' transmission begin?

Other bioweapon viruses created in labs and/or hospitals -- SARS, MERS, Ebola, N1H1, Zika, Bird, Swine, MRSA, AIDS, HIV... -- have strange origin stories. Why not this one? "Devil to human" transmission? Let's see.

It's so scary and scientific with genetics.
The coronavirus travelled the entire world from Wuhan, China, but it did not reach Beijing and Shanghai? Can anyone explain that by the current WHO/CDS theory?

It looks logical. After all, the Chinese stock market did not crash. But American and European markets did.

Was some CIA-like Chinese covert agency out to destroy other markets and be ready to capture them in every way as prices plunged? How might one country dominate the world quickly?

  • 1. Create a super virus and its antidote.
  • 2. Spread the virus like Americans spread syphilis and other test biological weapons.
  • 3. Demonstrate efficiency, building hospitals in just a few days since you would already be prepared, with project plans, equipment orders, labor hired, water and sewage networks, prefabricated building materials stocked in volume.
  • 4. Cause chaos in the world, starting with Europe.
  • 5. Quickly bring down the economy of dozens of countries.
  • 6. Stop factory production lines in other countries.
  • 7. Cause stock markets to dip and crash then buy companies at bargain prices.
  • 8. Quickly control the epidemic in your own country since you are prepared.
  • 9. Lower the price of commodities, including the price of oil, which you buy on a large scale.
  • 10. Quickly get back to producing while the world is at a standstill, and buy what you negotiated cheaply in the crisis and sell at a greater profit what is lacking in countries with paralyzed industries.
Wake Up, America! CIA and China have plans.
Read the CIA-approved 1999 book allegedly by Chinese Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America. It's all there.

This is worth pondering. Just think about this. Why is it that Russia and North Korea are totally free of COVID-19? [Though now they're smart enough to claim they have an outbreak to deal with like the whole rest of the world and an autocratic lockdown.] It is because they are staunch allies of China? Not a single case reported from these two countries until lately.

On the other hand, neighboring South Korea and Asia as well as the United Kingdom, Europe's Italy and Spain are severely hit. Moreover, why is Wuhan suddenly free from the uncontrollable virus?

Help! I don't want to have the government flu.
[NOTE: One etiologist recently noticed the cancellation of 13,000,000 (13 million) cell phone accounts in China, suggesting that many Chinese had died of the virus while the Chinse government conceals the truth.]

China will say its drastic initial measures were very stern, and Wuhan was locked down to contain the spread of the virus to other areas. [But photos and videos exist of large congregations of unpanicked people and enjoying the sun, with no apparent worry about social distancing or transmission.]

It seems sure they are using the antidote. Why was Beijing not hit? Why was it only Wuhan, the site of the start of the spread whether brought in by the US military, as China claims, or accidentally released from one of Wuhan's many biological labs, or purposely tested on its own population?

It is kind of interesting to ponder, right? Well, it makes no sense but Wuhan is open for business right now. One day your government is burning people alive in body bags, the next day you're back to work with nothing to worry about.

Is "corporate welfare" government socialism?
America and the aforementioned countries are financially devastated. Soon the American economy will collapse as planned by China -- and the current Trump administration will use it as a pretext to funnel $10 trillion dollars to corporations, telling us about $2 trillion as we celebrate our cut, $1,200 and extended unemployment and other "socialist" benefits. See the latest Jimmy Dore interviews (March 26, 2020). China knows it cannot defeat the American Empire militarily as the USA is at present. No country can.

The most powerful country in the world is thought to be the USA. So use a virus, the way that country (the USA) does to cripple the economy and paralyze that nation and its defense capabilities. It seems sure Nancy Pelosi has a part in this, perhaps to topple Trump or to support the corporate-benefitting "bailout" plan.

Lately Pres. Trump was always saying how great the American economy is, improving on all fronts. The only way to destroy that MAGA vision would be to create economic havoc. Pelosi was unable to bring down Trump through a softball impeachment effort ignoring most of his serious crimes and misdemeanors and only pushing two complaints the Republicans would never get behind.

So what if Pelosi and the Democrats went along with China's big plan to destroy Trump, releasing a virus? They need not collude to help one another. Wuhan's epidemic may just be a showcase to demonstrate China's new power. The US has allegedly been doing it. Why not other countries that develop genetic manipulation?

At the peak of the virus epidemic...

China's Pres. Xi Jinping only wore a simple RM1 facemask to visit the affected areas. As president he should have been covered from head to toe as a common sense precaution. But he was not.

Was he using a common body double, as most heads of state use (even the laughable Hillary Clinton lookalikes from when she was suffering from a disqualifying condition in 2016) or was he already inoculated to resist 5G harm [which weakens the immune system of humans and animals, making them much more susceptible to infections] and this virus in particular.

That would mean a cure was already in place before the virus was released.

Some may ask about Bill Gates
How will Bill Gates make money on C-19?
Multibillionaire Microsoft magnate Bill Gates predicted such an outbreak in 2015, so the Chinese agenda cannot be true. The answer is yes, Bill Gates did seem to know something as he predicted all of this, but he sense he just used logic and computer modeling. His prediction may be based on a genuine virus outbreak.

Now China is saying the virus was predicted well in advance. So its agenda plays well matching Gates' prediction. China's vision is to control the world economy by buying up stocks from countries facing the brink of severe economic collapse.

Cyrus Parsa tried to warn the world (C2C).
Later, China will announce that its medical researchers have found a cure to contain the virus. China will already have other countries' stocks in their arsenal, and these countries will soon be slaves to China, begging for a cure.

Think about it. The doctor who early on declared this virus a public menace was silenced by Chinese authorities. And now social media in the U.S. is on full censorship mode. Thou shalt not question. See the CDC and government COVID-19 sites for the only official truth permitted.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Trump's Megachurch cures coronavirus (video)

Dave Plotkin (Orlando Weekly, 3/29/20); Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
It is better to live in faith (saddha) than to cower in fear of bad spirits and germs.

Trump's Central Florida megachurch makes headlines again for packed Sunday services
Might be better to go Holy Roman Catholic and worship St. Corona Patron Saint of Epidemics
Expert: lockdowns won't halt this virus
Pres. Trump's pastors have a cure for coronavirus. One of them is holding curative services every Sunday.

Tampa megachurch held a packed service this Sunday, despite dire warnings by the CDC and other health officials to promote social physical distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
The "Main Event" service, hosted by pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, was broadcast live on YouTube for more safety-minded congregants to watch from home, but the church was clearly packed in person.

"Of course we've got the, what they call 'social distancing' in here in this room, and [toxic hand sanitizer at the entrance] there's people in other places and whatever," said Holy man Howard-Browne, to a room full of people standing much closer than six feet apart.

"Corona" is the cell expelling toxins - Steiner
"We believe in laying our hands on the sick and they shall recover."

"I know they're trying to beat me up for having the church operational, but we are not a non-essential service," said Howard-Browne to applause. "And, just so you know, we are totally covered by the law. And people say, 'what law are you covered by?' And I say the First Amendment to the Constitution."

Howard-Browne recently claimed that he will cure Florida of coronavirus, and that he was also able to cure Zika virus.

On Friday, Right Wing Watch posted a video of Howard-Browne with his wife and fellow pastor Adonica Howard-Browne, claiming he will continue to hold services because his church is the most sterile building in America, as it contains 13 machines that can instantaneously kill any virus, adding, "If they sneeze, it shoots it down at like 100 mph. It'll neutralize it in split seconds." More

iHeartRadio Living Room Concert (free)

Fox TV (youtube.com), March 27, 2020, iheart.com; Editors, Wisdom Quarterly

iHeart LIVING ROOM CONCERT FOR AMERICA: a commercial-free benefit
(Fox TV) Don't miss the iHEART LIVING ROOM CONCERT FOR AMERICA, streaming across the USA and hosted by Elton John, TONIGHT (Sunday, March 29, 9:00 ET/6:00 PT) only on Fox.
FOX presents THE IHEART LIVING ROOM CONCERT FOR AMERICA, a music event to provide entertainment relief and support for North Americans to help fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic flu and to celebrate the resilience and strength of the nation during this police state action. Hosted by Elton John, the event will feature performances by:
  • Billie Eilish
  • Dave Grohl
  • Camila Cabello
  • Alicia Keys
  • Mariah Carey
  • Backstreet Boys
  • Tim McGraw
  • Sam Smith
  • H.E.R.
  • Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day)
  • and more from their own homes.
Hosted by Elton John, this unique remote concert will feature some of music's biggest stars including Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boys, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Camila Cabello, Dave Grohl, H.E.R., Mariah Carey, Sam Smith, and Tim McGraw, as they perform (while social distancing and staying home) from their own living rooms. And the performances will be filmed with their own personal cell phone cameras and audio equipment to insure the safety of everyone involved.

The iHeartRadio Living Room Concert for America will also feature guest appearance from celebrities like Lady Gaga, Ciara, Demi Lovato, Lizzo, Russell Wilson, and more.

This will be filmed with their personal cell phones, cameras, and audio equipment, to ensure the health and safety of all involved. The concert will air in place of the iHeartRadio Music Awards in the show’s original broadcast timeslot: Sunday, March 29, from 9:00-10:00 PM ET/6:00-7:00 PM PT on FOX TV, the nice channel that brings us The Simpsons.

It will also be simulcast on iHeartMedia radio stations nationwide, as well as via the iHeartRadio app. The benefit special will be broadcast commercial-free.

In addition to featuring music, the hour-long concert will pay tribute to the front line health professionals, first responders, and local heroines and heroes who are putting their lives in harm’s way to help their neighbors and fight the spread of the viral scare.

It also will encourage viewers to support two of the many charitable organizations helping victims and first responders during the pandemic: Feeding America® and First Responders Children’s Foundation.

Corona Benefit Concert (free, Fox TV, 3/29)

Entertainment Weekly, March 26, 2020; Editors, Wisdom Quarterly

News Flash: Elton John to host Coronavirus Benefit Concert
The first major benefit concert to provide relief and support for Americans impacted by COVID-19 is happening tonight, Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 6:00 PM, PT (9:00 PM ET). It stars Elton John, Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Billie Joe Armstrong, lame talk by Lady Gaga, Lizzo vamping with Elton, some country act, and many more. And it's free on Fox TV.

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From Fear to Fearlessness: Pema Chodron

Pema Chodron, Global Well-Being, 4/3/17; Ananda (DBM), Ashley Wells (ed.) Wisdom Quarterly

The Noble Journey: From Fear to Fearlessness with Pema Chödrön
He's no longer our guru after his sex scandal.
(Global Well-Being) We always have a choice, Pema Chödrön teaches us, so we can let the circumstances of our lives harden us and make us increasingly afraid and resentful OR we can let them soften us and make us kinder.

In this talk, Pema provides the tools to deal with the problems and difficulties that life throws our way. This wisdom is always available to us, she explains, but we usually block it with habitual patterns rooted in fear.

Beyond that fear lies a state of openheartedness and tenderness. This talk is a guide on how to awaken our "basic goodness" or true nature and connect with others, to accept ourselves and others complete with our and their faults and imperfections, and to stay in the present moment by seeing through the strategies of the ego that cause us to resist life as it is. "The more neurosis, the more wisdom."

Pema Chodron
When Things Fall Apart
Beloved Buddhist teacher, author, American nun, and mother, Pema Chodron has inspired millions of people around the world who have been touched by her example and message of practicing peace in these turbulent times. The Pema Chodron Foundation is dedicated to preserving and sharing Pema’s inspiration and teachings in order that they might help us all awaken wisdom and compassion in ourselves and the world around us.

Gampo Abbey
Gampo Abbey is a Western Buddhist monastery in the Shambhala Tibetan-ish tradition in Nova Scotia, Canada. Founded by Guru Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1983, it is a lineage institution of Shambhala and a corporate division of the Shambhala Canada Society.

Under the spiritual direction of Chogyam's son and sex scandal plagued failed Guru Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the steppe down spiritual head of Shambhala International, Gampo Abbey is guided by Abbot Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche and principal teacher Acharya Pema Chödrön.

May we all be happy. May we all be well. May we all be safe. May we all live in peace and harmony with each other, ourselves, the earth and all that lives throughout time and space ♡ Namaste, Love, Gratitude, and Respect, Dick ♡

The Global Well-Being Synchronized Meditations Community is dedicated to benefiting the earth, all that lives, and all sentient beings, by organizing synchronized global meditations. Everyone and all traditions are welcome.

"All people are united in our pursuit of happiness and our desire to avoid suffering. This is the source of humanity’s greatest achievements. For that reason, we should begin to think and act on the basis of an identity rooted in the words 'we humans.'” HH the 14th Dalai Lama

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga (video)

The Key of Awesome; Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Sheldon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly Wiki edit

That's a pad not a penis (2011).
Lady Gaga, 34 (born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986), is an American singer, songwriter, and actor long rumored to have a penis.

She is known for reinventing herself like Buddhist David Bowie throughout her career, though seeming to ape fellow Italian Roman Catholic Madonna (born Maria Louise Ciccone, Le Monde in August 16, 1958), and for her show business versatility.

Starting from the age of 11, she attended a private all-girls Roman Catholic school called the Convent of the Sacred Heart [Note 7], where she likely became bi or realized she was born this way. Lady Gaga described her high school self as "very dedicated, very studious, very disciplined" but also "insecure" [8].

I'm not like Madonna! I'm ennuchique.She
She began performing as a teenager, singing at open mic nights and acting in school plays. She studied at Collaborative Arts Project 21, through NY University's Tisch School of the Arts, before she became a drop out to pursue a music career.

When Def Jam Recordings cancelled her contract, she worked as a songwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing, where Akon helped her sign a joint deal with Interscope Records and his own label KonLive Distribution in 2007.

She rose to prominence the following year with her debut album, the electropop record The Fame, and its chart-topping singles "Poker Face" and "Just Dance." The album was reissued as The Fame Monster (2009), which included the hit singles "Bad Romance," "Alejandro," and "Telephone." More

Joe Biden accused of sexual assault (video)

Jimmy Dore (jimmydorecomedy.com, 3/26/20); Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

Sabotaging a liberal agenda
This is how the Democratic party or DNC Corporation treats us. Against the liar and sexual predator Donny Trump, 73, they put up liar and sexual predator with dementia late onset cognitive decline Joey Biden, 77. What chance does this guppy have against the shark in the Swamp? And while we hoped Bernie Sanders, 78, were the real thing, it was the policies not his lip service.