Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Bernie wins overall, establishment for Biden, Super Tuesday results; Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Early results show Bernie Sanders in the delegate-count lead. Warren out of contention.

Warren has to come to grips: The party bosses may like her but not the people. Tulsi smiles.
March 3, 2020 was Super Tuesday in 14 states with 1,357 delegates to apportion. These primaries play a big role in determining which Democrat will challenge Don Trump for the 2020 presidency. For once, California will make a big difference early on. The Golden State went for Bernie Sanders over establishment candidate and moronic buffoon Biden, who continues to stammer and exhibit signs of dementia.

Sanders wins California, Biden sweeps the South
A resurgent Joe Biden completed a sweep of the South and pulled off a major upset in Massachusetts, beating both Elizabeth Warren in her home state and Bernie Sanders in his neighborhood. But Sanders won California, the biggest delegate prize of the evening.
  • Late-deciding voters largely supporting Biden
  • Key Congressional primaries also on the line
  • Track the delegates in 2020 race
DNC fails again: Long lines at Fairfax High.
LOS ANGELES, California - At Fairfax High School near West Hollywood, people at the front of a line have been waiting for 90 minutes to vote. "Part of the reason is because five of the new digital [ballot marking] machines broke down," said Deborah Rankin, a clerk at the voting center. They haven't been able to replace them because other polling places have been experiencing the same issues. She added that there were more voters going to fewer polling places. "Many people told me they were waiting until today to vote because they wanted to make sure their vote wasn’t wasted on their primaries with people dropping out,” she said. (Reporting by Arlene Washington). More

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