Sunday, March 22, 2020

Electric Funeral: WiFi flu sickness (video)

Arthur Firstenberg (Multerland, on WBAI NY via Paul DeRienzo (Oct. 14, 2019); Black Sabbath, "Electric Funeral"; Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

The Invisible Rainbow (2020)
Electricity has shaped the modern world. But how has it affected our health, environment, and climate? In the last 220 years, society has come to believe that electricity is safe and only a benefit for humanity and the planet.

Scientist Arthur Firstenberg disrupts this view by conveying the story of electricity in a way never presented before: Taking an environmental point of view, he details the harmful effects of this social building block on people and the planet. It has caused flu pandemics.

I can't give my phone! How would I take pix?
Firstenberg traces the history of electricity from early in the 18th century to now and makes a compelling case that many environmental problems and major diseases of industrialized societies ― cancer, autism, heart disease, diabetes ― are related to electrical (EMF) pollution [interacting with metals in the body from vaccines and chemtrail bombardment used by HAARP for geoengineering, weather modification, and spying].

The Health Threat of 5G: Arthur Firstenberg is an American scientist, health activist, journalist, expert on electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, founder of the Cellular Phone Task Force, author of Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmental Impact of the Wireless Revolution (1997).

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