Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Native American has oldest DNA in America

Genetics Digest (Taboola/mail); Xochitl, Crystal Q., Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

We arrived by boat before any land bridge.
We all wonder where we came from, as one Montana man did. Daryl "Dusty" Crawford, a member of the Native American Blackfeet tribe, had always been told at school that his ancestors came from Siberia, across a "land bridge."

However, his tribe members tell a different story. “We’ve always been here, since time immemorial,” says Shelly Eli, an instructor at Blackfeet Community College. “There [are] no oral stories that say we crossed a bridge or anything else.”

Dusty Crawford sought his own answers. Crawford traced his genetic timeline back 17,000 years — and he found out he is 83% Native American.

DNA discovery

Lies My Teacher Told Me
Crawford took an ancestry test at the urging of his brother, Willy, who passed away before Dusty could receive the results.

Crawford discovered something that would have shocked his late brother. With that DNA test, it was discovered that Crawford can trace his ancestry back 17,000 years.

Even more surprising than that, he found that his North American ancestry is OLDER than the land bridge that once connected Siberia to Alaska — a dubious story he’d been taught in school [more Lies My Teacher Told Me] was the place his ancestors came from.

Pacific Islanders not Siberians
Map before European invasion and colonialism
Instead, Crawford’s results suggest that his ancestors came not by bridge, but by boat — as his closest genetic ancestors come from the Pacific Islands, not Siberia.

The current theory is that Crawford’s ancestors — some of the first people to set foot in the Americas — came by boat to South America. They would have then worked their way north over many generations of travel.

An Indigenous Peoples' History
In fact, remains found in Peru contain DNA from the same haplogroup as Dusty Crawford — meaning that he can trace his lineage directly back down to Peru and back across the Pacific Ocean.

It’s an incredible story by the Great Falls Tribune (Kristen Inbody) picked up by USA Today and The Daily Beast.

CRI Genetics (sponsored in this instance by Taboola) claims their DNA tests are better because they are 100% privately owned and do not directly provide data to the government or Big Pharma companies, like certain competitors.* More

[*NOTE: This is deceptive because police, government, and Big Pharma can and do access test results all the time, which testing companies -- not test subjects -- own. CRI Genetics, like their competitors, are out to profit from tests as much as they can, so the results will eventually end up in the hands of authorities and corporations.]

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