Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Facebook CENSORING your content (video)

Timcast IRL, 2/27/20; Organic Prepper; Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Social media networks vow to censor "misinformation" about coronavirus (TOP).

Is Facebook run by FBI or CIA?
Facebook CENSORSHIP is terrifying and could make the effects of coronavirus worse. Using coronavirus fears as the pretext, Facebook is clamping down like the private arm of a police state -- industry supporting the military and public government -- on whatever it labels "misinformation." It has expressed its intention to BAN all content that they deem is "designed to create a sense of urgency" about the [epidemic] virus. Tim and Adam wonder if this is the worst approach, considering the potential for a growing [pandemic] outbreak.

[Facebook, according to one of its vice presidents on, is hiding behind a cadre of 55 hired "fact checkers" or contractors who know what their real job is. No free speech, only government-approved speech.]

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