Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Fired: Kevin & Bean Show cancelled!

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Penultimate podcast: March 12, 2020: What's Happening? Mugs out despite coronavirus. Virologist Dr. Shannon Bennett. Praying away coronavirus. Dan Woike re: NBA season suspended Covid-19. Kid jokes for t-shirts. Coronavirus calls. Dr. Drew calls in as the voice of reason.
Kevin & Bean begin in LA radio and are a hit.
Dr. Drew Pinsky strikes again. He was fired from an AM station for public diagnosing failed presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was clearly suffering from a brain disease, with another doctor. He was soon fired, because the DNC's tentacles reach far and wide. He lost his KABC 790 AM show, throwing him off the public airwaves and forcing him onto an assortment of podcasts.

Dick Cheese, L, Jimmy Kimmel, M, Kevin, Bean
He's been a regular guest on the flagging, faltering, and ultimately failing "Kevin & Bean Show." Funny a-hole Bean Baxter was smart; he quit and moved to England to try to get into British radio. He'd been phoning it in (literally) for a long time. Kevin Ryder stayed behind with the show's first Jewish co-host, Jensen, and dimwitted Lisa May replacement ginger Allie. The show doesn't work and it hasn't for a while.

But when Dr. Drew came on and had the audacity to tell his truth saying people should calm down about the novel coronavirus COVID-19. BAM! Less than a week later the 30-year-old show was cancelled. Or maybe everyone got fired for being so pathetically not funny. Bean-less Kevin has been fired effective immediately, no warning, no goodbye, but a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that means no explanation coming any time soon.

Dr. Drew calls in as he does every Thursday to downplay worldwide coronavirus panic.

Humor was the heart of the show, giving birth to Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Corolla, Ralph Garman, Psycho Mike Catherwood, Dick Cheese... This is radio. DJs and particularly morning drive personalities serve at the pleasure of a heartless corporation and a program director (in this case Mike Kaplan) trying to save his behind. The show is cancelled.

Frank Kramer of the "Frosty, Heidi & Frank Show" over at KLOS 95.5 FM, Los Angeles, extended the same offer he did when Lisa May was heartless canned, followed by funnyman loser Ralph "Man of 100 Voices" Garman (who has his own struggling paywall podcast and bit work over at Family Guy). Kevin ignored the friendly hand, as did socially awkward Allie. But Jensen reached out and mentioned the NDA, thanking Frank for the offer, saying only, "Take our audience."

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