Sunday, March 1, 2020

Bernie drums out Petey, Amy, Joey next

Petey Buttigieg; NBC News, 3/1/20; Seth Auberon (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly UPDATED
You're next Lizzy. That's it. - No, please, Bernie, I didn't mean it! - Hi, I'm Tom Steyer.

Pete Buttigieg’s quitting speech after losing bid
Is that Larry David or the real McCoy?
Openly gay millennial presidential candidate Buttigieg quit the race suspended his 2020 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination during a speech in South Bend, Indiana.

He is unable to tolerate the heat as Bernie Sanders makes incredible gains and comes closer to fulfilling his apparent destiny to be the first Jewish U.S. president the way Joe Lieberman tried with failure Al Gore.
Hey, Tulsi, wanna be VP? - What about me?
Joey Biden may be the establishment-Democrat choice for the nomination, but the people's choice is Bernie. Will Warren be shoved down our throats? Will Klobuchar get out of the way already? Will Tulsi Gabbard be selected as vice president in a Bernie Tulsi ticket? Whatever happens, Biden must be kept out. It comes down to a choice between Bloomberg or Bernie.

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