Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Free cloud storage? It's data mining (video)

Wynn in Solon, Maine calls to save the day with something smart to say, as Thom goes off the rails reading his right wing media blogs.

Beyond the [Silicon] Valley
Smarmy sellout, sincere broadcaster, useful idiot, what is Thom Hartmann? His program is played on Pacifica Free Speech Radio (, 90.7 FM) mornings in LA, and he was on subversive RT. An extreme moderate and a big disappointment is what he seems like most of the time. But he has moments of clarity. His Book Club selections are well chosen. Today it's Beyond the Valley by Ramesh Srinavasan. Good going, Uncle. Thom is trying to stay on air from his luxurious home in Seattle, pretending he's saving the world, sometimes "daring" to criticize Trump. *Yawn* We need more Lee Camp (Redacted Tonight) and Samantha Bee (Full Frontal). Even Seth Meyers (Late Night) gets more edgy than this. Step it up or step aside, Hartmann, and stop compromising and embarrassing progressives at every turn.

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