Monday, March 16, 2020

No Panic Guide to the Coronavirus

Chief Content Officer Kristen Muller (,; Editors, Wisdom Quarterly

I don't know anything about coroner's virus! Jimmy Kimmel ambushed me in Hollywood.
I don't know what I'm doing, but I'll BS the US.
This week has been unlike anything we’ve experienced before. News about the coronavirus pandemic is evolving hourly.

Follow local Los Angeles COVID-19 coverage at, where the most recent developments [laundered, censored, government-approved and free of rumors and inconvenient truths] on the spread of the virus in Southern California, including a constantly updated "No Panic Guide for Living Through Coronavirus in L.A."

Trump's idiotic lying worsens virus scare
I'm lying. (Just kidding). I'm not!
LAist will continue to interview local and state health officials daily, including Director of L.A. County Public Health Dr. Barbara Ferrer. Want a question asked? Share it HERE. We are also providing a place for community members to share their experiences, through our local shows, our social media accounts, and our newly formed Facebook group: A No-Panic Support Group For Living Through Coronavirus in L.A.

Quarantine. Shelter in place. Jump online.
The top priority is keeping staff safe and healthy [not citizens]. While reporters are still out in the community, they are taking the precautions recommended by health experts. When possible they are talking to people by phone, and when they need to conduct in-person interviews, they are avoiding large groups and using microphones that allow them to stay the recommended 6 to 10-feet back. At headquarters, staff is restricting who can come into the building, with all nonessential staff working remotely.

How to make money from disaster with gov't
Because up-to-the-minute information is essential, stay posted but remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. Resources are dedicated to covering [Wuhan Flu, Bill Gates Disease, novel coronavirus, that Chinese things the US military brought to China] COVID-19, coverage of other important stories like the 2020 census.

Let's look for ways to celebrate the country and region’s resiliency.

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