Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Queen's Code: Relationships (video)

Relationship Expert Alison A. Armstrong, Host Elizabeth DiAlto (, 5/29/16, Episode #107); Kalyani, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Crystal Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

It's starting to feel like spring
(Elizabeth DiAlto) I’ve said this before: I don’t fan girl often over guests, but when I do it’s because someone’s work has literally changed my life. In today’s interview I chat with Alison Armstrong, author of The Queen’s Code (a book to help women that shook me up and rocked my world back in February), and several other courses and books that help men and women understand each other better and enjoy more satisfying partnerships. I asked her all the questions many have expressed about her work in comments, messages, and on group calls since I personally dove into her work and started sharing my own experiences. Ironically, we also got interrupted by men in my house during the interview. Watch what comes up when that happens, and enjoy!
ABOUT: Alison Armstrong is a sought-after speaker in the areas of gender differences, well-being, empowerment, sexuality, and relationships. She is the author of The Queen’s Code and creator of the widely acclaimed “Queen’s Code” workshop series, plus a host of other products and programs designed to foster understanding and further partnership between men and women.

In her own words, “I’m passionate about partnership. I want to know everything about this paradigm – this magic that can happen between people. What makes a partnership possible, what makes one brilliant, what destroys a partnership, what expands the power of partnership? Everything I study and distinguish is to give greater access to the phenomenon of partnership.

“This is why I’ve spent so much time on male/female and masculine/feminine dynamics. The misunderstandings and misinterpretations between testosterone-based and estrogen-based creatures (usually known as males and females, but not always) devastate lives, destroy families, and put our dreams of love and fulfillment out of reach. And that’s just in the personal, romantic domain. Apply these misconceptions to education, work and community, and the real consequences of fundamentally not understanding each other are exponentially worse.” Info: In this episode, Armstrong shares:
  1. Understanding men and the ways women turn princes into frogs (often devastatingly AND unknowingly)
  2. Clearing up how everything isn’t a woman’s responsibility even though it feels that way sometimes
  3. Women’s innate ability to inspire men AND non-manipulatively get what they want as a result.

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