Monday, March 9, 2020

Get coronavirus on purpose for money?

hVIVO Clinical Trials (; Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Take part in a FluCamp study and be compensated for your time risk? How about £1,100-4,500 British pounds?

Viruses affect immune systems in a variety of ways – some of which we don’t yet understand. Clinical studies are effective in researching how the body behaves when it encounters viruses, such as the common cold, in healthy people and those who suffer from conditions like asthma.

Having a better understanding allows FluCamp to work out more effective and efficient treatments [not cures because they are not as profitable as ongoing treatments] – and eventually even eradicate some of the most common viral illnesses altogether.

FluCamp can’t do it [or make money] without you. Volunteers are vital to the work at FluCamp. Thousands of people have already taken part in these ethically and regulatory approved clinical studies, with trials designed for those with and without asthma.

Chinese quarantine victims do not get paid.
These volunteers help FluCamp achieve great steps forward in understanding the common cold and flu viruses, and how they can be treated. Consider yourself generally healthy, ages 18 and over? Apply to join FluCamp and make a [profit and a] difference today. More
  • Ethically and regulatory approved
  • Safe and controlled clinical environment
  • An empowering experience
  • Be compensated from £100 per day
  • An average clinical trial lasts 11-14 days

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