Monday, March 23, 2020

Jello: The Dead Kennedys were right (video)

Lead singer Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys
WWJD? What would Jello do? Jello Biafra is a genius, but too principled for most music lovers. The band the Dead Kennedys could have been big if they had agreed to change their name or comprised in many other ways.

Eventually, in the end, the other members had to make money from their hit songs.

Jello said no to selling out. He had his own label, Alternative Tentacles, to pay the bills. So they got someone else to stand in on tour (as the audience did most of the singing), and they hit the road.

My t-shirt says something to believe in.
The DKs foresaw many things that are happening now. They happened before but never so blatantly. Once in L.A. before a Democratic convention, they played a free concert in a downtown parking lot. The police raided it, shooting people with deadly projectiles (rubber bullets and beanbag rounds) as they ran away terrified.

It was mayhem started by the LAPD, as usual, overreacting as a "show of force." The mainstream media didn't report that side of riots because who dares question police authority in favor of punks or peaceful demonstrators? Certainly not the LA Times or local news stations. Therefore, officers knew they could get away with it -- the same way

(DKs) "California Uber Alles" (Pt. 1) from Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
  • they get away with rape
  • racist enforcement of select laws
  • plant evidence
  • beat black motorists (Rodney King and many before him)
  • lie on the witness stand
  • ignore counter-evidence.
(Alternative Tentacles) "Pandemic"? What would Jello do now? Let's ask

He's watching by cell phone.
It's not easy policing such a big city with such a small force, with a police to citizen ratio much smaller than a comparable city like New York. So city officials let them get away with it through the administrations of many police chiefs, paying out tens of millions in settlements to avoid lawsuits in the most egregious cases of crimes committed under color of law.

Now the City of Los Angeles has the lockdown it always dreamed of. This looks like the "power trip" our police force was always on. People aren't afraid of "the enemy" enough. Pres. Trump is doing an asinine job as commander and chief. Youthful partygoers, yearning for spring break, keep flaunting this epidemic scare. It's as if they intuit that it's BS and we're not being told what's really going on. So it looks like Martial Law is on the horizon under one pretense or another. "The people demand it."

(Dead Kennedys) "We've Got a Bigger Problem Now" (which is "California Uber Alles Part 2")

Mayor Garcetti: Love LA. Obey me. I'm leader.
Mayor Garcetti almost announced martial law on Sunday night. Mainstream media news reporters taunt him to impose fines at scofflaws, arrest kids at the beach, punish them, scare some sense into them, call them "selfish" for infecting no one by not staying six feet from each other. He'll crackdown soon.

Real rebellion is from the inside out.
It's the carrot and the stick. He's been promising carrots, so the dissatisfied need a stick. When there are more tests forced on everyone, who are as of today required to show government ID to be tested, the jump in reported cases will scare the living heck out of the population.

They'll demand citizens like themselves be punished for disobeying what is not an infection but an illness brought about by microwave radiation. See Dr. Thomas Cowan's 10 minute talk at the March 2020 Health and Human Rights Summit in Arizona (

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