Friday, March 13, 2020

"Fearless Mountain" Monastery, California; Amber Larson, Pat Macpherson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

What are the white guys at Abhayagiri Forest Monastery up to? This Thai Theravada Buddhist monastery in Northern California is an important place. It's a landmark, offering ordination to young Caucasians (and maybe a few select others, particularly Thais) to live out the Thai forest tradition on U.S. soil in line with Ajahn Chah's teachings.

[UPDATE] Bhikkhu Bodhi reflection 
Cancelled. Abhayagiri previously announced that Bhikkhu Bodhi would be offering a Dhamma reflection on March 14th, 2020. However, he will be leaving Abhayagiri earlier than expected. Apologies for the disappointment. Abhayagiri will still hold its regular evening puja and share a Dharma talk on that Saturday but no live stream.
The Buddha's long search for enlightenment
This Dharma talk was recorded at the Buddhadāsa Indapañño Archives, Bangkok, Thailand. Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Nyaniko spent three weeks in Thailand, returning to Abhayagiri on Jan. 7. Ajahn Pasanno offered many teachings during that time. This video of a Dhamma talk and Q&A session in English is titled "Language of Dhamma." These teachings were offered in Bangkok on Dec. 21, 2019.

Winter Retreat begins on Jan. 2, 2020
The monastic community begins its annual three-month winter retreat. During this time the residents take time to engage in more formal meditation practice following a changing schedule of group and individual practice. During these three months no overnight guests are accepted. (For overnight visits after the retreat, please contact the monastery on April 1). However, day visitors and those wishing to visit the monastery to participate in the meal offering or bring offerings of requisites at the meal time are still welcome. Noble silence is being observed, so talking and conversations with monastics and retreat crew are very limited.

  • March 14, 2020: Saturday 7:00 pm Puja and Dhamma Talk
  • March 16, 2020: Half Moon Observance Day (Uposatha)
  • March 21, 2020: Saturday 7:00 pm Puja and Dhamma Talk
  • March 23, 2020: New Moon Observance Day
Reflection: Why Five [Hindrances]?
(Ajahn Thiradhammo, March 13) We could, of course, elaborate a list of more than Five Hindrances, as there is quite a variety of different mental distractions and disturbances. One sutra lists 44 qualities a monk should "efface" (MN 8); another mentions 16 qualities that make a monastic difficult to admonish (MN 15); and another quite similar list mentions the 16 qualities that defile the mind (MN 7, cf. A.I,299, etc.) The most common set is the Three Roots of Unskillful Action: greed (lust), aversion (anger), and delusion (confusion). But the most fundamental mental obstruction of all is ignorance...

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