Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What PSYCHICS saw: COVID-19 (video)

Be Inspired, March 24, 2020; Ashley Wells, Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; CNN; ET
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Was it created in U.S. or Wuhan labs? Coronavirus COVID-19 predictions
You will obey and not question civil authorities!
It can't all be psychic intuition, as Dean Koontz just researched the most likely scenario (or was fed it by someone high up). Did Nostradamus write a quatrain about it? Did Fatima whisper? Did the Tibetan Oracle tell the current Dalai Lama?

O, Mystic Masters, tell us what is really real.
Another psychic went on Coast to Coast (3/24/20) to tell two-face host Noory that she saw a disease being "unleashed." She emphasized that exact word. At that time swine flu had been launched as a sort of test run to terrify the world. But she foresaw something much bigger around 2020.

Cardi B and other laughable items from sensational entertainment media

But Sylvia Browne, who published her prediction in a book, described this flu in detail and said it would suddenly disappear, as it's doing. Governments must be shutting off their 5G, a primary cause of this illness. But she says it will return ten years later.

Controlled media (CNN) mocks 2020 "predictions" that barely came true.
These sound like planned deployments of new and virulent bioweapons more than natural disease processes etiologists know about. Flu pandemics have radio, radar, and microwave radiation bombardment like 4G and 5G wifi as their basis. See Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD, science-activist Arthur Firstenberg, Dr. Devra Davis, psychic Rudolf Steiner, and for ample evidence the mainstream media will not be talking about.

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