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Yogi Zen: How to live in cave eating air (video)

Ashley Wells, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Yogi Zen (Caveman Yogi/
(Nat'l Geographic) The pricetag for immortality? Let's just say it's gross for all the cleansing going on, but it is a common practice in Asia among ascetics even today.

7 Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin (
National Geographic did a special on Taboo USA called "Forever Young: The Fountain of Youth." Who is pursuing immortality, and what does that person have to say about it?

A film crew came out to my yoga ashram in the San Diego mountains and I shared with them the age-old secrets of youthification. The show did little to share with its audience all of the aspects of this practice.

What was first cultivated and refined in India and the Himalayan Buddhist kingdoms of
the north has gone worldwide and spread so that it can even be practiced in a cave
desert of Southern California. Here the revered Swami Rama shows the way.
I shared for three days and 12 hours! They filmed the truths I shares. I'm disappointed that the show did not set out to make the points I was sharing. They left out 95% of the yogic practices and teachings I shared.

Oh well. We cannot expect the mainstream media to think that anyone would want to know the truth.

For example, our own urine can be the only medicine we ever need -- as the Buddha directed monastics (although they were using cow urine that is now used in so many cosmetic products in the U.S. and elsewhere) as long as we accompany it with a proper diet or FASTING. 
So I would like to share more information for subscribers. I shall do more informative videos later.
    What is the key to meditation? Dog knows.
    Becoming breatharian (like vegetarian but replacing food with breath) is as easy as relaxing and giving up the old cocoon we have been clinging to our entire lives. It is brave to get off of the Wheel of Death and give up feeding a bottomless pit of sorrow.

    To feed ourselves is serving the wrong purpose of what we came here to become in this life. We were meant to be FREE and to explore this Garden Planet like children full of awe and wonder.

    Ganja smoke demonstration: Yogi Zen uses "third lung" we have without using.

    When one is enveloped by the light (nimitta)
    When we lose flexibility and become rigid, our diet is toxic to us. We become the walking dead. Yes, we have all slipped off of the wheel of perfection to delight in a deadly life of feeding a desire body that actively, moment by moment, continues to cycle through suffering because of ignorance.

    Meditation may be the only thing able to save this world and its citizens. We must all be taught and learn to go into our heart-space and connect to our consciousness and the universal consciousness.
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