Thursday, November 26, 2015

HIKE: #OptOutside on Buy Nothing Day (video)

Xochitl, Wisdom Quarterly; Tim Martinez (Arroyo Sage);

Los Angeles and Orange County hikers gather to learn about the Foothills of the Angeles Forest above Pasadena with Tim Martinez of the Arroyo & Foothills Conservancy (WQ).
Rubio Canyon (Photo -
Fresh water pooling along the creek in Rubio Canyon (

The Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy and REI are teaming up for a FREE #OptOutside hike on Black Friday (Nov. 27, 2015).
Learn the medicinal, practical, and food uses of native plants and  explore the historic trail through Rubio Canyon Nature Preserve in the Los Angeles foothills above Pasadena.
The trail into Rubio Canyon follows the right-of-way for the former Mount Lowe Railway, taking hikers on a shaded walk that leads to a series of waterfalls.

Save the fish and their LA habitat (ASF).
The trail passes the site of the Rubio Pavilion Hotel and the beginning of the historic Rubio Incline -- a funicular that transported residents of the San Gabriel Valley to popular mountain resorts over 100 years ago. Bring water and dress appropriately. More
Previous class taught by Tim Martinez, the Arroyo Sage

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