Thursday, November 12, 2015

GIANTS are real! (shocking video footage)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; audio: Steven Quayle ( on Coast to Coast AM with images and clips compiled by Fisherofmen2
Histories and monuments are replete with stories of Buddhist asuras, ancient Greek titans, Christian Nephilim. Moreover, skeletons, mummies, and artifacts secreted away by the Smithsonian that contradict popular theories of life on Earth.

During what the Bible calls the "Days of Noah" fallen "angels" -- a class of devas called asuras (titans) were cast out of space and onto Earth. They went around having sex with earthling women, and later mixing their DNA with fish and other animals (including apes) to create chimeras.

Popular-science is revealing how this is possible (DNA splicing, genetic manipulation, cloning, transhumanism, genome mapping, etc.).

You're no giant, fatso (uberhumor)
But long before we know the how or why, we can know for certain that giants exist as the world's religions and histories report.

(European travelers to America saw and recorded their findings in historical writings, such as ship's logs. They were Sasquatch-type creatures with reddish hair and six fingers as well as enormous Native American humans alongside normal-sized ones).

Giant 600 lb. Sumo wrestler (
The recent worldwide cover up is bizarre, but newspapers a century ago were no shy about reporting large skeletal finds -- including all over the U.S. under giant burial mounds that still contain remains. But if one reports them, first the police will confiscate them, the Smithsonian will hide them, and modern Native American groups will claim them as ancestors, all spelling trouble for those who report their discoveries to the authorities.

Asian Buddhist traditions well know the titans and other fallen celestials (
Sumerians were well aware of chimeras and giants, as seen on this seal. See the Tale of Gilgamesh. A tomb found in Iraq in 2003 contained a giant skeleton (

The giant in this North Korean Army formation has never been explained (AP).
Egypt's walls are covered with depictions of giants interacting with ancient Egyptians.
Seals and cylinders show giants from space and their interactions with Earthlings.
Mountain lion death
Dead L.A. lion ate rat poisons
Zarathustra was a giant, as are these men with a 6-foot Westerner between them, from private British collection, used on cover of a book by Quayle (

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