Saturday, July 28, 2018

Good Karma: Rains Retreat Ceremony (July 28)

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The offering of dana to baby monks, novices, in Theravada Thailand (Bugphai/
Rains Retreat Ceremony (Lankarama Institute)
The Lankarama Institute will invite 50 Buddhist monastics to enter the Rains Retreat period. This is an auspicious ceremony, a way of making good karma. We will offer requisites as a group to monastics, who will give blessings all night long as they chant parittas. Thanks to our Dharma partner Four Noble Truths, there is a pool organizing the offering. Requisites include Dharma books, CDs, medicinals, robes, food, and so on. One option is to bring items of whatever one wishes to offer or simply help organize them. Even being present at the giving is very wholesome good karma and a beautiful thing to see. Let's cultivate merit that serves as a supporting factor toward our realization of enlightenment and nirvana! The ceremony continues all night long. In the morning we make the great offering and enjoy a vegetarian lunch of Sri Lankan island cuisine. All are welcome to stay overnight or drop in for any portion of it. More:

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