Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bigfoot on TV

Low-quality with link to full Press Conference announcing find

High-quality video (FOX TV News), no link to Press Conference

Bigfoot body in possession of men who say they will prove its existence to everyone's satisfaction. Cryptozoology is, however, an unrespected and very poorly funded science. Even as living fossils are discovered, every creature is met with more skepticism than can usually be overcome. Long ignored, some of the strongest evidence for Sasquatch has been recordings of ape-like howling in woods with no known primates.

Science could not explain these and yet were unwilling to investigate their origin. The mere whisper of "Bigfoot" is enough to send anyone running out of a desire to preserve one's reputation. It is, therefore, no surprise that science is slow to catch up to the reality we experience. And long before it does, it is beyond dismissive of any reports or evidence to the point of contempt. In light of well known hoaxes, this is understandable. But disproving any individual's finding in no way disproves the aggregate.

The dentition of this find suggests that it is primarily vegetarian just as most large mammals tend to be. However, "Bigfoot" is a ridiculed industry purporting what few want to believe beyond the make-believe stories of a "ridiculous" bogeyman and woodsman's tall tale. We close our eyes even to the physical reality around us (or have them closed by official disclosures and cover ups). How much the more, then, the non-physical reality?

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