Friday, August 29, 2008

Chinese Democracy: Axl, Dalai Lama

Guns n' Roses is not the only group promoting Chi-nese Democracy. The Tibet Campaign is radically agitating Beijing for change and being crushed by the totalitarian state. Protests have continued before and after the 2008 Olympics.

Similarly, nine new Guns n' Roses Chinese Democracy tracks were recently leaked on the blog AntiQuiet, which was subsequently shut down and its operator arrested by the FBI to face charges for airing the songs.

Like Axl Rose, the Dalai Lama has been walking a tightrope between diplomacy and radical activity (between private serenity and behind-the-scenes work) to bring about the desired goal. The latter has succumbed to exhaustion, while the former has remained in near seclusion. Is Axl Rose a monk? Is the Dalai Lama a rockstar? If the shoe fits...

And on the topic of aging stars:

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