Friday, October 24, 2008

Money woes: Naga versus Garuda

Stock market panic 2008

Blame the Nagas for their oversight. Blame the "Federal Reserve," a private bank, and its system of debt. Blame Fed chairmans Greenspan or Bernanke. Blame the Garudas for their negligence. Or explore the meaning of the information handed down as "mythology." It serves a purpose history would not allow.

Garuda (Supanna) swooping down on terrestrial creatures
Greenspan testifying under Naga-Garuda symbol

Nagas (serpents, reptilians) are semi-human "overlords" in Buddhist cosmology. They are kept in check by Garudas (aka Supannas, pterodactyls, giant eagles, semi-human birds). Their contests play out unseen by ordinary eyes. But in very real terms, there are contests with worldwide ramifications being played out on Wall Street, a natural resort built by Nagas, who rule by money more than force.

Nagas (semi-human Reptilians), more serpent than human

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