Friday, May 29, 2009

Why? Why are things the way they are?

(Gamerofall) - This a single segment of "The Ring of Power" which documents various "conspiracies" and secrets of American imperialism: banking, war, and wonder. This documentary searches for the truth behind appearances. The world we see -- the consensual reality -- is manufactured. We have long been asleep, so truths are difficult to process.

But once the entire picture is glimpsed, the mind will not allow one to believe the lies any longer. One begins to recognize what has been going on. More than the symbolism all around in movies, news stories, "myths," there is an actual "awakening" process.

Discomfiting at first, eventually one is healthier and saner and able to understand what is going on. The price of oil, the rise and fall of empires, deteriorating banks, the endless drumbeat of war...only add evidence to fill in the big picture. Investigate, inquire, question reality. The mundane truth of how the world works is at hand.

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