Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happiness Formulas

Imitation love is anything we substitute for the unconditional love lacking in our lives. This usually takes the form of power, pleasure, safety, and praise. Our addiction to imitation love keeps us alone and unhappy. Learn more from Dr. Greg Baer, M.D., a nationally recognized relationship expert at What is imitation love? On the other hand, anger is a very common condition, so common that we have come to accept it as almost normal. More>>

What is "imitation love"?

Happiness Formulas (FREE eBook)
(PRNewswire) To celebrate the "Summer of Happiness 2010," the Institute of Subjective Well-Being released a free eBook today, summarizing scientific research about happiness, how to measure and improve it. It describes several formulas for subjective well-being and advocates why understanding happiness requires a paradigm shift.

Perfectionists: Researchers say they die sooner
(CBS) Maybe anti-perfectionist Homer Simpson will have the last laugh, if psychiatrists who are studying the positive and deleterious of perfectionism are right. It seems that being highly critical of yourself and others may cause such high levels of stress and anxiety that you are at a higher risk of early death than people who take it easy. "D'oh!"

Slackers, take heart!
Don’t work too hard! Perfectionists have an increased risk of premature death, according to research reported in (via

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