Thursday, September 1, 2011

World's Greatest Religious Monument (video)

Wisdom Quarterly
"Digging for the Truth: Angkor Wat: Eighth Wonder of the World" (History's Channel) - Angkor Wat is actually the world's largest religious monument.

(, June 6, 2011) Let's face the reality. Worldwide Cambodian communities are not blind to Hun Sen's autocracy or ignorant of what it is doing to Cambodia, plundering the nation. Cambodia needs leader not a tyrant or another Khmer Rouge military dictatorship. Of course the music, so popular in Asia, is not helping the awareness campaign. Bear with it, for there is an important message about what the [western] powers that be allowed or encouraged in Asia -- from Vietnam in the southeast to Afghanistan in the northwest.

Once great Cambodia (Khmer Empire) suffers under a new dictator

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