Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Controlling protesters with new tear gas (video)

Seven, Macpherson, PFC Sandoval (Wisdom Quarterly); ; Jesse Ventura
The globalists, the New World Order, the military-industrial complex (MIC), the nagas -- call it what we may, something is afoot. And it is made in the USA. We develop the anti-civilian tactics. DARPA, HAARP, DUMBs, universities, CIA labs, Monsanto Inc., "Area 51" type installations... We sell weapons to the world. We merge corporations (industry) with the Pentagon/CIA (military) in a way not seen since Hitler's Germany. One useful definition of "fascism" is the merging of state power and capitalism.

FEMA concentration camps, martial law, disinformation/propaganda

"Say it, don't spray it!" UC Davis Chancellor Katehi is told after US police use noxious chemicals against Occupy Movement students, sending them to the hospital with chemical burns and unable to breathe.

Everyone calls the other side "NAZIS," so the expression becomes nothing more than a little flung mud which is easy to wash off. But our MIC tests its munitions, secret weapons, and tactical innovations on other populations before employing them here. It helps Israeli nationalists oppress indigenous Palestinians. It flies drones over Pakistan and Somalia. It spies on Iraq, Iran, Korea, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Haiti, the Republic of Berkeley, and anyone else it may wish to later say is aligned in an "axis of evil."

The new gas used in Egypt burns, disorients, asphyxiates, and affects the nervous system in a strange way. It seems to serve as a chemical mind control agent, not merely an offensive caustic gas to disperse protesters like before. What has Combined Tactical Systems of Jamestown, Penn. created for the MIC?
What is the military-industrial complex? Now 84% of Pentagon officials go on to work in high paid jobs for private defense contractors (Letters and Politics, Nov. 22, 2011).

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