Monday, December 10, 2012

Birthday card for teen girls prompts outrage

Wisdom Quarterly; Huffington Post (UK); Rzoont
Get boobs, a man, gold, and gifts -- then you'll have value and feel fulfilled.
Hallmark! Greeting card company Hallmark has apologized for the distribution of a sexist birthday card that encourages teenage girls to snag rich husbands by using their bodies. The card was spotted by @CheesyHel at her local newsstand in Hertfordshire, England, last week while she was shopping for a card for her niece. In a statement, a spokesperson for Hallmark Cards said the company was "surprised and horrified" to discover that the card is still in circulation since it has not been produced for 15 years. [This was acceptable in 1997?] More

Were there a mountain made of solid gold, double that would not be enough to satisfy a single person. Know this about craving (trying to fill ourselves from the outside in) and live accordingly.

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