Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's resolution: meditation (video)

Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, Crystal Quintero, Sheldon S., CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Roshi Jeff Albrizze (; Dharma Punx;
The purpose of sitting is to let the mind return to its natural state of luminosity. This is done by undoing, letting go but with persistent attention, checking out to check in. (DW)
Unleashing the power of you with meditation (or with your Sony camera with Gary Fong)
(Amelia Harvey) Tips for a daily meditation practice: How to Start 100 Days of Health

Begin with "group sitting" (AEA).
Here is our resolution. This year we are going to meditate. Not every so often or on group meditation days, but every day for at least 15 minutes a sit.

How in the world are we going to do it? Will power will not work. Cross our heart and hope to be spied on if we falter? No, there's a better way.

With the help of Zen meditation instructor Roshi Jeff "Lotus Peace" Albrizze (pictured), we can now commit to sitting for 100 days. What's that going to help?

Teacher Jeff Albrizze (WQ)
He will take all applicants and pair them, then the partners (who may or may not ever meet, as they wish) will be in daily contact to encourage each other and be accountable.

It's amazing how likely we are to sit when someone is watching, how likely we are to follow through when someone cares, how likely we are to help ourselves when someone helps us.

And better than that, we can help someone! It's a win-win, and it's FREE starting 2016.

(YBC) 8 hours of delta waves, deep relaxion with attention to the moment (at the breath)

Ask for help while taking responsibility.
Wisdom Quarterly has made a special arrangement with Roshi Albrizze, an American Buddhist teacher who trained at the Zen Center Los Angeles (ZCLA) but familiar with insight and serenity meditation:

Every person who contacts him will be paired with a "meditation partner." Fate (aka karma) will determine the pairings.

Dharma practice in Pasadena (PasaDharma)
Roshi will remain available for meditation advice, in-person instruction (Thursdays), and guidance if needed.

But participants can and should rely on their assigned partners for encouragement and motivation. Additional group sittings available most days of the week in Hollywood, Santa Monica, and across the country at Dharma Punx ( -- Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society.
  • Free 100-Day Meditation Challenge
  • Coordinator Roshi Jeff Albrizze
  • and MeetUp
  • Email:
  • Home: (626) 405-9283; cell: (626) 529-4074
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