Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dummy TRUMP WINS, smashes corrupt Hillary!

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; The Associated Press
Stunning: dumb*ss Don Trump beats disgusting, corrupt, two-face, insider Hillary Clinton.
Loser Hillary reduced to ignominy by the buffoon and bad businessman Pres. Donald (AP).
Trump tells better jokes and is more honest than career politician/liar Clinton.
Drain the swamp, jail Hillary, and never mind about the hair. Install brilliant daughter Ivanka.
Hulky Trump had the karma (merit), and karma causes things (thismodernworld.com).
My hair's not 100% real.
The AP (the ultimate "mainstream media") calls it for Trump. Case closed. Is it good that Trump won? Yes, at least in one sense: Corrupt insider career politician/liar Hillary was defeated.

It would have been better to elect, not the lesser of two evils (yes, Trump is less evil than Hillary  Clinton, who is a Republican, war criminal, child rapist, occultist, and disgusting hypocrite) but someone good like Jill Stein after Bernie Sanders betrayed us and backed Hillary.

If Jill can't win outside of thkie two party monopoly, giving her 5% of the national votes would give us a viable third option in the future. Did we take that opportunity? We might have, but the corrupt duopoly didn't let that happen by vote manipulation and propaganda.

Donald Trump is NOT a Republican except in name. He is not a conservative, not an elite, not much of anything. He, like most of us in the US, is an Independent, but he had to join a party to even have a chance at winning.

Media supporting Clinton watch markets crash.
So what is he? He is fresh blood who can "drain the swamp," that is, push the establishment trash out of Washington DC, not that he will because civil servants and our clandestine spying agencies will bring him into line very soon...or they will drive him to Houston.
I won? Will I be installed anyway?
The presidency is a largely ceremonial position, with the most important job being reading the script and teleprompter as war-loving hypocrite Pres. B.S. [Barry Soetoro] Obama does so well. If Trump can't then Pence had better.

We were saved from the effeminate witch Kaine and the Kissinger-loving satanist (literally) "Democrat" Clinton. There must have been intervention, divine or otherwise. Maybe the FBI stepped up and made things right, maybe the CIA, or maybe it was just karma catching up with loser Hillary, who has never learned in 30 years of political crimes that America hates her.
    War criminals unite: US Secretaries of State Kissinger and Clinton, mentor and disciple
  • What does child molester/Clinton Campaign Chair Podesta know? He sends Clinton supporters home instead of calling on Hillary to give a delicious concession speech. Will it be back to court for another Gore-Bush Supreme Court decision or will Congress decide?
Hillary: Goodbye, America. I'll be taking Obama's legacy with me. Right, Michael?
What happened, boy? You said you and your black husband were going to cinch it for us!

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